As in ShowAnyWeapon=TRUE entry for the avionics ini. It is a modifier for the LCOS and CCIP symbol types.   A HUD section can be added to the avionics ini with just the LCOS (for NAV and AA mode) and CCIP (for AG mode) symbols. With ShowAnyWeapon=TRUE added the aircraft has a CCIP (rolltabs if not set to hide on AG) in AG mode with the sight displayed for all other AG weapon types as well. When the last rocket or bomb is released the sight resets to 0 elevation (doesnt go poof as with a default CCIP) And a complete LCOS sight with rangebar and rolltabs is displayed for all AA weapons in AA mode.   Example file using the F-4E_78   Updates for the TMF F-4E ARN-101 aircraft (which should use exactly this sight setup) come next.