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Strike Fighters 2 Screenshots Thread

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The sun was already up and it was shaping to be a beautiful summer morning in the Med when we were launched as the Alert 5. As we climbed to altitude the controller aboard the E-2C briefed us on the developing situation..


A Libyan Arab Airlines scheduled flight from Benghazi to Damascus had turned left instead of right on clearing Libyan airspace and was now heading west, apparently towards Malta. Was it a hijack, a defection or something else? Our orders were to close in on the airliner and try to find out.. 



After a few minutes the situation worsened. The airliner wasn't responding to Libyan ATC instructions to return to course or to turn south, back to Libya, and two MiG-25s had been launched in pursuit..



The Hawkeye was trying to put us in between the MiGs and the Airbus, but the Soviet built fighters had picked up speed and the angles were all wrong. Then suddenly we heard an urgent call from the controller on the E-2C. 'He's firing a missile!'



The Hawkeye controller was now broadcasting on Guard for the Airbus to take evasive action as the Libyan AA-6 began to track the airliner..


We were cleared to engage and I snapped out the orders, 'I'll take the lead. Two you engage the trailer'

We both called Fox 3 as our AIM-54s arced up to track on the Foxbats..


But there was a problem with our missile. 'Looks like we're being spoofed' called my RIO. 'I've lost lock and so has the missile.'



I switched to HEAT and went for a lock with my Sidewinders but we were still just out of range. In my headphones I could hear my wingman call Fox 3 and then Fox 1 in quick succession. Another Phoenix and then a Sparrow? Was he having trouble locking on too?

After interminable seconds I finally got a Sidewinder lock and called Fox 2, but way too soon there were not one but two explosions and smoke trails ahead..


My wingman had killed both MiGs with his AIM-54 shots!



Although his AIM-7 and my AIM-9 would hit the burning targets in the next few seconds they were both already out of the fight.

But what about the Airbus? Had it survived the Libyan missile attack?

I called the Hawkeye and rolled onto a course towards the airliner. He had radically changed course and altitude, causing the AA-6 to waste fuel and time trying to manoeuvre onto him until it lost lock when the launch aircraft was destroyed.

We picked up the airliner at low level south-east of Malta...




It didn't answer our calls, but made a single call to ATC at Luqa, Malta that it was commencing a straight in approach and ambulances should meet it as there were wounded aboard.

I crossed to the other side of the airliner to give it room as it commenced it's landing run into Luqa, which had already cleared all traffic in anticipation..



We watched it all the way down to the runway..




 Then it was back to the boat via a tanker and home in time for breakfast. Maybe we'd read what happened on the airliner in tomorrow's papers...

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Want to congratulate AllenJb42 but the very nice story pics.

Mandatory screenshot! 


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I love this setting, Denissoliveira great Mirages fighting each other over Libyan-Egyptian border in summer 1977... Wish this terrain had some roads! Or even better, a full revamp!



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1983, a Armeé de l'Air Transall lands at dusk at  forward air base somewhere in the Sahel. 

To be continued!


Soon is unloaded of all its cargo, and the boxes moved to a nearby makeshift hangar...


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