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Strike Fighters 2 Screenshots Thread

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As QRA at RAF Coningsby we scrambled into a typically English overcast late Autumn morning...


Contact had been lost with an Austrian Airlines flight from Vienna to London, Heathrow. ATC was still tracking it and although it was on course it was in a shallow descent someway before it was due to lose altitude and commence approach. We were given permission to go supersonic and made our approach to the Airbus from the rear..


It started a turn, again keeping to it's assigned course, but still descending, and we rolled to turn with it before continuing to close..



My wingman was the first to notice. 'Something doesn't look right about the configuration Lead..'


'It's the doors!' I gasped. ' All of the doors are open..'


We made a slow pass, and sure enough all of the doors, passenger and cargo, had somehow opened. But how? A bomb? A mechanical fault? And what of the crew and passengers?


As we passed the cockpit I spotted a torch flashing in morse code. E-L-E-C S-T-O-R-M || M-L-T-P-L L-I-G-H-T-N-G S-T-R-K-S || L-O-S-T P-R-S-R || P-S-G-R-S C-R-W O-N O-X-Y || L-N-D-G L-H-R A-S-A-P||

I passed the message to base: They had flown through an electrical storm and had suffered multiple lightning strikes. The aircraft's electric systems had obviously been affected which had caused the doors to unlock and blow open. This had caused a decompression (hence the shallow descent, to try to minimise the effects) and crew and passengers were on oxygen. They were intending to land at London Heathrow still.

ATC took moments to digest this and the response was quick - get them to another airfield, but not Heathrow. The risk that this was a ruse for a terrorist attack was too great.  

Before I had a chance to reply to the airliner we dropped into the clouds and I called Two in closer as we stuck grimly to the Airbus, not wanting to lose sight of it in the descent..




As we dropped through the overcast I moved up and passed on the message to the airliner crew. Their response - N-C-D || L-H-R O-N-L-Y 

Querying base for orders we were told to to just stick with the Airbus and while investigations into the passengers and crew continued. If this was a terrorist attack or a madman in the pilot seat, would we be cleared to shoot down the airliner?

We were running out of time, the aircraft was still descending and we were now coming up on populated areas. A shootdown now could cause catastrophic damage on the ground..



And then we were out of time for a decision, as we came over Central London, with visibility still poor in the low cloud and rain squalls...






The Airbus lowered it's undercarriage slowly. They must be using some emergency method..


I closed to get a better look and signalled to the crew the wheels looked to be down OK.


I dropped back to watch as the airliner made it's final approach. Orders were still to remain on standby to shoot it down if necessary. What did they expect us to do at this late stage? Strafe it on the runway? 





And then it was down and stopped on the runway. We pulled clear as emergency vehicles swarmed around it and a fleet of air ambulances were cleared in to begin ferrying the most severely hurt to hospitals. We didn't see any of that as we headed back to base, treating Londoners to a flyby as we crossed the capital again, although whether they could see us in the murky weather is debateable..


And home to a rainy afternoon, Maybe there'll be something good to watch on the telly...



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ok, how'd you get the Airbus to fly doors open, presuming it to be AI?

mandatory screenie, or just another day at the DA labs


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6 hours ago, daddyairplanes said:

ok, how'd you get the Airbus to fly doors open, presuming it to be AI?



I have absolutely no idea!

I set up the mission to be a simple intercept of the Airbus (actually the 'real' mission was to intercept a Tu-95 on a recon run off the North Sea coast but I set up a couple of F-15Cs out of Lakenheath to take care of that). The story was that the airliner's navigation equipment had gone down and we would form up on it and lead it down through the clouds and onto the runway.

I was as surprised as anyone when I got in visual range, and the flyby to check over the airliner was real. I re-wrote the story in my head on the fly as I tracked the Airbus down and over London until it landed.

Funny thing is I've flown the mission a few more times since then because I thought I had set something wrong, maybe with the airliner dropping below stall speed, and it has been absolutely fine...






Maybe TK programmed in a secret setting - RandomCatastrophicMishap=TRUE


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On 6/16/2021 at 8:09 AM, guuruu said:

Amazing :yikes:.




do you have the link for this drone mod?

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After working all night long the armorers make a special package for one of the Jaguars of the base. A couple of odd missiles hang from the feline wings...


With the heavy loadout the Jag struggles to get airborne.


But soon is underway with his wingman with a more conventional loadout, as a backup...


The escort is nearby, one never knows what the Lybians can launch in the air, altough the early hours of the morning should find them with their pants down.


Once over enemy territory the flight proceed at a exhausting very low level with barely enough light to see anything.


But the training pay off and the flight arrives at the red line and find its target, missile underway!


Tense moments in Capitain Delacroix cockpit



The missile found its mark, and the Lybians get up and start firing with all they had. Fortunately the chaff spoils their AAA radars



The two Jags get back to friendly territory. Delacroix waits his wingman to land


And then land, to be hurrily directed to the small hangar, to get its lasting missile defused and put in a box again.





Later in the evening the same Transall departs back to France with the new missile tested in operational conditions and with a clear message sent to Gaddafi.






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