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    • By MigBuster

      Okay so the Rolling Thunder campaign was never my favourite campaign from the series, in fact might be the most bland. The main reason for this was most probably the fact that there is no forward line of troops and tank columns to fight it out, and gain or lose ground after each mission.
      Rolling Thunder for real
      The campaign namesake this is based on was one of the most disastrous and misguided campaigns in the history of aerial warfare. What was hoped would be a few weeks of bombing missions to get North Vietnam back to the negotiating table to stop them trying to invade the South, turned into 3 or so years of bombing targets selected by Washington. Or to put it another way pussy footing around bombing things that did nothing more than improve North Vietnam's resolve to continue on its agenda and also allow it to build up its defenses with the help of the Soviet Union and China.
      So, 3 years of bombing targets – many times the same targets over and over, and never achieving the desired US strategy.

      Rolling Thunder in game
      In the Strike Fighters game engine this translates to what seems like a string of single missions and yes you don’t have much of an objective other than to try and not get shot down.
      However, unlike auto generated Single missions, Campaign missions are more content filled and almost always include strike packages and flights that help you do your job (If you at least meet your timings). Not only that all the units have their markings and decals as they should.
      Like history there are no SAMs until mid 1965 and the MiG regiments are limited in number. One great thing about TKs games is the use of "dates", so the game engine can just plonk in the correct objects (Guns/SAMs/MiGs) depending on the date you are flying. This also includes getting rebased and upgraded to better aircraft during the campaign.

      Vietnam Gold
      Like most things in Strike Fighters World, mods can really help and I am using the Vietnam Gold mod with a variety of my own changes. This comes with quite a fearsome atmosphere with a ton of guns shooting at you with purple stuff, red stuff and grey puffy stuff. A major benefit is a bigger variety of targets and not just the sodding comms building again.
      Feb 24 1966 and I am flying from Da Nang in an F-100D (1964 version) for the 416th “Silver Knights”. I don’t know what it is about the F-100D that I like because it is outclassed by pretty much all the MiGs.  
      The Lang Chi Electric Power plant is my target (a welcome addition from gold pack I think) – and I need to be on target for 09:10 on the dot.

      I am maxing out the M-117s here – there are plenty of them available. The SF2 Super Sabre also allows TERS to carry 4 on the inner pylons by default but with extra drag.

      How to get there hmmm. Those that played Wings Over Vietnam will know various routes into the North to minimise exposure to the SAMs, some of which had a 90% plus probability of kill if you were not flying at about 5ft off the ground. Luckily the SAMs in SF2 and this pack allow you to fly a bit more as they tended too back then!
      With a target near Yen Bai I can use the highlands as cover and cross in over South NVN where there are little to no SAMs.

      The Square box waypoint (the Initial Point /IP) is also the spawn point if you use Alt N, so can be moved around if you don’t have time to fly there.
      Waypoint 3 is fixed as a rendezvous with other flights. If SF2 had been developed, it would have been nice to change the waypoint details for the flights like in Falcon so you could move the fixed waypoint for all flights.
      Another thing that could have been improved was seeing your actual target area before flying. If you consider Jack Broughton spent all night memorising features etc before going on a mission you can understand the point of just marking the actual target with Padlock or a red dot!
      As you can see only 2 MiG regiments active with MiG-17F and MiG-21F-13.
      First Lt Eldon Atterbury is my wingy today. If you do take time to nurture the pilots their stats do improve (if they survive)

      Let's go then

      As we fly towards the target other flights are also on route to their targets.

      After a while several fights occur

      Due to meticulous planning we reach the target just fine and we roll in from above the cloud base

      I hit the target but get peppered by a lot of triple A

      Phew heading out but think my Wingy is a bit lost.

      Try to search, but no sign of him and no beeper! so off home alone

      Mystery solved, a MiG-21F-13 gunned him down and I had no idea that was in the area!  If only all Vietnam mysteries could be solved so easy!

      I then went on to fly A-4C/Es for the US Navy in which you get to take off from Carriers in the Gulf on Tonkin

      Mr SAM is always happy to see you

      This thud was just lucky!

      This thud was not so lucky

      What are all those blotches

      So still quite intense flying through all the anti air and check 6 for those MiGs as always!

    • By yakarov79

      View File OH-6A Loaches in NAM
      Hughes OH-6A CAYUSE Ver 1.0 for SF2
      ver. 0.95
      This is a third party add on of the OH-6A CAYUSE using models* and cockpits created by me.
      *External model is build by my friend Tomek Wachowski and me, years ago for differnt purpose. Fortunately he found some early work files on his hard drive and brought to me. With some work i was able to bring it back to life. Technicaly it is 80% new model compared to original old one flying somewhere out there.
      The original flight model is standard as on many free to download helicopters.
      I have just modified it a bit.
      It is designed for and works only in SF2 series.
      Few thing still needs to be done here. But I decided to upload it already.
      This is freeware; it CANNOT be distrubuted unless permissions are granted by myself.
      The original readmes, if any, and all other pieces of the package MUST remain intact.
      The names of all contributors, modders, suppliers, etc =MUST= be listed in any new readmes.
      This package and any part of it may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions.
      See the original readme documentation, if any, for further allowances and restrictions
      Any persons wishing to make further modfications, contact me first.
      Any persons wishing to make further modfications, MUST remember to put everyone's name in it.
      Bribes and donations are accepted;
      Jarek Hereda
      This addon works only with my WeaponPACK (included in rar file). All of weapon stations are made as specific station code and will work only with this weapon pack.
      Standard commands for activating Loach features:
      OH-6A Loach:
      ARRESTING HOOK - jump from pilot station to gunner station.
      LANDING GEAR - Nose light deploy/retract at any speed. Don't forget to retract before shooting.
      A2Ground mode - M70E1 gunsight.
      In OH-6A Cayuse model XM70E1 gunsight will apear in cockpit and external model only when gun is loaded on weaponstation.
      OH-6A Cayuse only:
      ANIMATION 8 - front left door (ext and cockpit view)
      ANIMATION 9 - front right door (ext and cockpit view)
      ANIMATION 10 - rear door.
      This helicopteris build in two variants. First is ‚clean’ out of factory OH-6A Cayuse. Just small scout chopper. This is additional aircraft to main file here.
      OH-6A Cayuse as seen on many photos from Vietnam War. Known also as Loach.
      In this model you can switch to rear gunner positionand actualy really hit ground targets with M60. You just have to aim throug rear – front sight line. Like in real gun.
      It is not prefect but this game as you know is not supporting choppers, double cockpits and many many more things. So this time again it is just to have at least good feeling.
      Gunner is made as internal weapon not weapon station. This way is better. Gunner is set as SECONDARY GUN by default.
      You can really fly low and slow. And in Pink Team just mark targets for Cobra wingman.
      I am sugesting to fly low on 40-50% of throttle. around 45degree vector control, use pulse rudder to control left right, it is realy easy. With little practice you can even hoover. Without fake flaps and airbrakes.
      Important her to control is using rudder and vector thrust control.
      Fuel. Remeber it is small chopper. And it can carry only around 54 US Gals of fuel. I belive it is enough for around 2 hours of flight here maybe little more.
      All serial numbers are historicaly correct.
      Paint schemes and markings. I was trying to be acurate as much as possible in paint schemes and markins. Some skins for unit are generic because there were some little diferences within unit itself. Plus this schemes represents aircrafts used bu units during 2-3 year of service.
      OH-6A Cayuse standard olive green paint with two serial numbers.
      OH-6A Loach. Here i was trying to match my AH-1G Cobra.
      All serial numbers are historicaly correct.
      D Company 227th AHB
      11th ACR
      C Troop 1/9 Cavalry
      D Troop 1/4 Cavalry
      D Troop 3/4 Cavalry
      C Troop 16th Cavalry
      F Troop 4th Cavalry
      Story about Weapon systems.
      Internal. Gunner with M60 400 round of ammo.
      No flash by default. Because with cocpit movement on gunner station it apear somewhere on elbow. better when it is not there. It can be easy changed by setting entry on M60 in aircraftdata.ini to TRUE
      Additional Weapons.
      - Weapon Station 1
      XM27E1 – M134 Minigun
      M27 - as above redesignated an unfaired Minigun M134 since 1969.
      XM8 – M129 40mm automatic grenade launcher. Not seen in Vietnam.
      Plus some extra weapons that were spotted on photos from Vietnam War.
      - Weapon Stations 2 & 3
      Up to two single tubes for Mk40 FFAR rockets attached on skids, with different warhead rockets. M151, M156, M229, M255A1, M259, M257, M247.
      - Weapon Station 6
      Experimental quad launcher unit developed by Rock Island Arsenal attached inside cargo compartment. Similiar to system mounted later in exported versions of H-500 Series. Very rare, seen on few pictures from Vietnam War but it was there.
      Do not mix Weapon station 2 and 6 on loadouts menu. Meaning to be correct 2 or 1 single tube OR Quad launcher.
      - Weapon Station 7
      Most interesting is 7 tube XM158 launcher attached to XM27 susbsytem instead of 7.62mm minigun. Very rare field mod probably instaled only on one aircraft (no. 67-16321). I just used two versions with M151 and M156 warheads.
      - Weapon Stations 4 & 5
      Smoke grenades. DO NOT GIVE THEM TO WINGMAN.
      Just five colours of smoke grenades, Yellow, White, Green, Red, Violet. I am not sure if this will support available color smoke effects. So probably wil need to create new smoke effects or mod smoke grenades.
      - Weapon Station 8
      Exhaust modification in late Loaches. Starting 1972 when SA-7 was threatening US crews this mod was often instaled on scout choppers. Same purpose as on late G Cobra models. I will apear on aircraft by default starting 1973 due to loadout.ini file.
      - Weapon Stations 9, 10, 11, 12.
      Not to be used on OH-6A !
      Purpose of this is to play Pink Team on single mission with armed AH-1G Cobra.
      In single mission on loadout menu you can change wingman aircraft to any available AH-1G Cobra and arm it with designated weapons for Cobra. If you don't like this option you can easly disable this by puting \ mark in data.ini file in front of weapon station entry.
      Have fun. Enjoy.
      Report bugs. Mod it your way.
      Hope I did not miss anything here
      More to come in OH-6 category.
      Thanks to and reference:
      TM 9-1005-298-12 Operational Manual, Armament Subsytem, Helicopter, 7.62 Millimeter Machine Gun: High Rate, XM27E1 TM
      55-1520-214-10 Operators Manual Helicopter Observation OH-6A
      The McDonnell Douglas OH-6A Helicopter, Aero Series
      OH-6A Cayuse in Detail, Wings & Wheels Publications.
      GUNSLINGERS IN ACTIONS – Squadron Signal
      F Troop Yearbook 1971-1972
      and many more that I dont remember right now.
      Submitter yakarov79 Submitted 03/24/2015 Category Other  
    • By MigBuster

      View File Thirdwire F-104A/C Pack 1
      Thirdwire F-104A and C pack 1
      Includes new Hi Res skins and revised flight models along with everything needed to fly them.
      F-104A (GE-3B engine & Internal Gun)
      USAF ADC & ANG, Jordan (RJAF), Pakistan (PAF), Taiwan (ROCAF)
      F-104A (GE-11A engine)
      Pakistan (PAF)
      F-104A (GE-19 engine)
      USAF ADC, Taiwan (ROCAF)
      Default is the initial high thrust rating - but an alternate data.ini is inluded for the reduced thrust GE-19 version.
      F-104C (GE-7A engine)
      USAF TAC (shooting star silver schemes)
      F-104C 1961 (GE-7A engine)
      Adds centerline AIM-9 catermaran under Project Grindstone (that was never used.)
      USAF TAC (Early Vietnam silver scheme)
      Submitter MigBuster Submitted 01/06/2015 Category F-104  
    • By New Guy

      View File Macross Zero F-14 (Shin Kudo's ver.)
      Macross Zero (Shin Kudo ver.) skin
      for Mirage Factory F-14B
      Tested on Wings Over Vietnam Oct '08 patch.
      View the readme for details. Have fun!
      Submitter New Guy Submitted 10/16/2012 Category F-14 Tomcat Skins  
    • By kurdistan1
      HI friends
      I really love DLC packages but I live in iran.in my country we never want to donate files or other products from web.my country has many embargo economic.for 3 years I waited to have credit card or other way to buy DLC029- DLC028 and DLC017.but  certainly iran have not ever this usefull web service.it is very funny because i pay at least 20 $ per month to have ADSL internet services but cant buy this little packages.now my friends its my question:
      HOW can i have these 3 packages?is there any way for me to enjoy from from AI planes of DLC029-DLC028 and beautifull mirage IIIO.please help me if you can.
      tnx kurdistan


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