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    • By trotski00
      This is another rework of the available A-1H  Skyraider skins, this time for USMC A-1's same details as the previous upload for the USN versions. 3 of which are generic USMC airframes, the bu numbers etc are also generic as not many A1's were in use with the Marines in Vietnam as most of the squadrons had re equipped with A4's by then.
      included are 
      VMA 212 generic
      VMA 225
      VMA 251 generic
      VMA 331
      VMA 333
      the reworked data.ini to stop the clipping issue
      All the Sounds needed
      Pilot ( a different one from the USN one )
      lo res screens if you need them
      as with the previous skins I have re-enabled the wingfold system,and the canopy so the usual shift-9 for the wings and shift-0 for the canopy
      Enjoy, fly safe, and give 'em hell.

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