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Having problems with Euro and patch?..please read

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I've gotten several emails and answered some posts to people who have had some problems with the Euro tiles and the patched version of the game. First off let me say that the cause of most of these problems is due to my haste in trying to get it updated as soon as the patched was released. I was not very clear with instructions and when the zips were created I didn't think about anyone extracting them with the "use folder names checked". Sorry I never use this feature and simply drag the stuff where I want it to go. I kinda like to see the files go in :) Sorry. JerseyD has offered to make an installer for me and that should help. Thanks JD!

Anyway aside from making sure everything goes where it needs to go I would suggest you simply open winzip (or whatever you use), select all, and drag them into your .../terrain/deuces folder. The next thing that most be done, this is the biggest cause for problems, is you need to copy over your patched desert.cat file from your terrain/desert folder to your terrain/deuces folder. Delete your old deuces.cat and rename the new desert.cat to deuces.cat. I hope this helps anyone having problems and if you still need help, feel free to email me. I will answer them all.

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hi deuces,sorry to bother u.Loaded eurotile ver2 onto patched strike fighter.2 problems .couldnt find desert .cat file in terrain/desert.3 files in there where security catalog, configuration settings, desert_dogfight.

next problem u state extact all files except campaign.zip well there was no campaign.zip file showing anyway, :shock: is this correct.hope u can understand my ramblings.many thanks andy

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Not a bother Andy. When I refer to the desert.cat file, that is in fact the security catalog your seeing in the desert folder. That is the file you need to copy over and rename.

Second. the campaign.zip was omitted from the euro zip...because...well I won't lie, I forgot it. JerseyD made an installer for the files but I have not uploaded it yet. In the meantime you can get the terrain in the campaign by doing this.


Create a new folder in your strike fighters/campaign folder and call it Campaign2

Copy your campaign1.ini file from the Campaign1 folder to the Campaign2 folder

Rename the ini to campaign2

Edit these lines to read:



CampaignName=Deuces (Fictional) <<--this can be any name you want

DataFile=Campaign2_data.ini <<---make this change

CampaignMap=DEUCES <<--make this change






leave the rest alone and you should be ready to go


Hope this helps.

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Hi Deuces, thanks for your help.Still cant get euro to work.If i click on security catalog it displays this is an invalid catalog file.Is this normal.

After i have followed all your steps if i click on Deuces folder there are three items displayed.

Deuces {set of papers in a yellow band}

program files {briefcase}

readme{with an internet logo}

stuck please help,once again thankyou for your assistance

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This is how your directory structure should look. The deuces security catalog is the copied desert security catalog renamed.


Once you have it setup this way you will access the terrain in you dropdown menu in the game. If you still have problems, I will upload the self installer that JerseyD sent me when I get home tonight and you can use that.

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