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    • By KJakker
      I thought people here might find this interesting.
    • By ironroad
      Anyone here familiar with Window's Movie Maker or Power Director?
      Forgive me if you feel this may be out of place as I would have posted this in the DCS forum, but I figured it was more of a rendering program-related question and not the sim itself.
      I'm trying to stop my DCS/FC3 videos from being so pixelated and degraded after I render them and upload them my Youtube channel.

      See my most recent releases here


      I'm using NVIDIA Shadowplay to do all of my capturing. The kicker is the raw files look pretty clean and only get degraded but so much. However, when I render the captured clips the degrade even more (slightly more pixelation but barley noticeable)and then when I upload the files to Boobtube it looks like I'm trying to get a rabbit ears VHF station during a snow storm.

      I have tired different program, Windows Live Movie Maker and Cyberlink's Power Director, and have rendered files in WMA, AVI, MPEG-2, AVC, and XAVC S at full HD at 1980x1080 and 30p or higher, but I still get the same pixelated effect.

      Sony Vegas (trial) showed a lot of promise and gave me the cleanest rendered files and those videos subsequently came out the cleanest on Youtube as well..

      FYI: I run DCS at 1980x1080, all full settings (visible visible range is turned down some and civ traffic is off). My captures usually range between 30 and 65 FPS depending on the number of aircraft/objects active.

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