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What, 11000 aircraft produced over a quarter of a century and being the bane of Western air forces isn't 'real' enough for you, Paulo? :wink:

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MiG-21 is very real. dunno about the bane of western air forces after 1972 though........

squaring off the curves and applying a gray mattish paint job are not, except within the electron traffic.

i believe what Paulo is referring to is making something not in game but historical, like a CF-100 or a new A-6 pit or CH-54 (of a better quality than YAP).

the fanciful and arcadish is fine. but by observation most of our community likes to get it as close to historical accuracy as the game allows

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there's quiet enough fanciful and outlandish "what ifs.." around. Razor edging a 50+ year old design isn't going to make it any more stealthy or 5thGen-ish.

what is truly needed are rebuilds or replacements of those REAL historic aircraft that aren't available anymore.  And there's dozens.

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I agree that it could be great if someone would like to rebuild/refresh/build new real historic aircraft. But other thing is;  if a modder wants to do his own way models - let it be. There is a place for everything. But definitely, we like historic flyers here more. 

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in freeware that is very true. it is my understanding that yunped is displaying these to attract interest in a for pay aircraft however

i dont say that a focus on historical aircraft is better to be judgemental in that case. it's more a matter of knowing your targeted customer base.

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      El MiG-29M, representa la culminación en la modernización de los viejos MiG-29C. Presentada en la década del 80', como una alternativa a las nuevas versiones del F-16, integra mejora en aviónica, y sistema de radar, se define como un caza completamente polivalente.  La mejora de aviónica y radar aporta una serie de complemento al sistema de armas, nuevo armamento y mejor operación de la aeronave. 
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      The MiG-29M represents the culmination of the modernization of the old MiG-29C. Presented in the decade of the 80's, as an alternative to the new versions of the F16, integrates improvement in avionics, and radar system, is integrated as a fully versatile fighter. The improvement of avionics and radar provides a series of complements to the weapons system, new weapons and better operation of the aircraft.
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      Colocar la carpeta MiG-29M en StrikeFighters2/Objects/Aircraft.
      Place the MiG-29M folder in StrikeFighters2 / Objects / Aircraft.
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