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Blood for oil with HMS Vindictive

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I can't use HMS Vindictive in Blood for oil campaign because as soon as mission starts the plane explodes.

Can you tell me a campaign where i can use HMS Vindictive?



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I edited a few missions a while back to use the "Victorious" and RN F-4's... wouldn't take too much to get the RN F-14's and the vindictive involved.

Its available here under "RN Alpha Strike"



Whilst on the subject of fictive Royal Navy types does anyone know if Sundowner released his RAF and FAA skins for the A-7E?



Craig :cool:

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Can anyone tell me how i can use vindictive in the falklands campaign with wings over europe



in your Terrain folder go to "Malvinas","Malvinas.ini" and added this line :"CatFile=..\GermanyCE\GermanyCE.cat "


btw, are you the "MiGMan" from that Old games Review page?

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