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Heberth's F-22A Raptor 3d model

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I've been updating Heberth's Raptor mod with new skins, loadouts, sounds, etc. The model had been released in alpha stage here: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/66398-wip-mega-thread/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-645422

The aircraft's 3d model is very fine. I also added all released updates shared at the WIP thread, including russouk2004's new normal maps. However, the 3d model misses external pylons! Heberth said he would have released the .max files, but only Modders have access to the Modders Round Table. I would need the help of a 3d modeler to create those, either completing Heberth's shared .max files, or by creating the pylons separately, to be added via Fake Pilot method or as weapons. An FM guru would also be needed; it seems thrust vectoring is modelled, but the animations won't work on the engine nozzles.

Here below some screenshots of the work I've done; I added reworked decals from viper63a's Raptor pack (the one using the old, lower poly model by Dels), and I created a fictional YF-22 paint scheme for it.




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Fictional skins are in the works for this beautiful plane. Have a look at the following thread for some screens.


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Anyone have information on adapter suspended on BRU rack that carries two LAU-128 launchers on outboard external pylons. 

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