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      I have recently downloaded and installed several MIG 25 FOXBAT models from the Combat Ace site. Whilst I am generally well pleased with the models, all of them exhibit a line of shadow which appears to be protruding from the aircraft and then striking the ground where the actual shadow of the aircraft is. Is it possible to rectify this issue without turning off the shadow.  Any help or advice would be most welcome. 

    • By JosefK
      Thought it was time for me to start a forum thread on my Nihon Hitori 2020 campaign to update all on my progress.  Learned a lot so far as to the SF2 engine, much more to learn.  Also wanted to start a forum thread to explain my creative process and keep folks abreast of developments plus pose questions.
      Now the pretext of "Nihon Hitori 2020" (Japan Alone 2020 in Japanese) is a mid 2/2020 campaign where the 201 & 203 JASDF Squadrons of F-15Js hold the line against a red tide of Flankers attacking Japanese ships & Hokkaido airports until JASDF reinforcements arrive to start shoving the Russians off of the Kurils as payback... and then a few F-35As help F-2A reinforcements kick a** ending with an explosive air-sea battle against a Russian surface task force.  All within 24 hours, so the JMSDF emergency task force is racing up at 30 knots to have some AEGIS & aircraft-carrying destroyers formate with some older "escort destroyers" out of Ominato base and then sortie together to North Hokkaido from their Honshu bases while the shooting war only intensifies.  All without overt US assistance as the current US President is more than likely to tell Japan they're on their own - he's already shown a clear misunderstanding at best of his responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief, a clear contempt for NATO, a deep empathy for Russian President Vladimir Putin, there's some open contempt between the current Japanese Prime Minister & the US President as a previous mentorship seems to have fallen apart, and the current US President even openly thinks, "If the United States keeps on … its current path of weakness, [Japan is] going to want to have [nuclear weapons] anyway with or without me discussing it."
      With that backstory, here's how the first mission is going to likely go:

      There's still some things that need to be firmed up, but this is the general idea for mission 01.  Using WikiPedia for Order of Battle/ORBAT unless tipped off for a better source so Sukhoi Flanker plane color schemes and variants can and will change.
      When the second mission in sequence is firmed up and the third & fourth one (one of which will have JASDF F-35A), will announce that here also.
      Please follow this topic and ask me any questions or requests you got.  Goal is to drop this mission pak on or before 25 March 2019 - my birthday!
    • By Crusader
      A pic in the screenie thread reminde dme of a small range scale mod I made a while ago for the Smerch radar.
      Move the textures smerch_radar25.zip into the cockpit folder
      Edit the avionics ini, add/replace existing entries with the data below:

      This change makes the selected range scale visible,
      the selected scale is shown in the top center of the radar scope.
    • By MigBuster

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