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    • By starfighter2
      Avia S-99/ S-199 Cockpit, may be used with later Bf-109 models as well - G...etc
      I hope that you will like the mod,
      Cheers, Starfighter2
    • By gerwin

      View File DLC 28: AVIA S-99/S-199 Flaps Fix
      Strike Fighters 2 - DLC 28: AVIA S-99/S-199 Flaps Fix
      Fix for the bugged flaps of the aircraft Avia S-99 and S-199.
      Fixes the meshes and adjust the data.ini for both planes.
      This is a patch for the file DLCData028.DLC of 121.878.708 bytes
      Found in your SF2\DLC folder.
      For safety backup your original DLCData028.DLC file.
      The distance LODs will not be fixed, so it is advisable to change the distance in S-99.ini and S-199.ini  like below:
      [LOD001] Filename=S-99.lod //Distance=120 Distance=300 Gerwin 4-7-2019
      Submitter gerwin Submitted 07/04/2019 Category Other  

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