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    • By MigBuster

      Still in development, expected release date: May 2020 (subject to change).
      Strike Fighters 2 Win10 Edition is the latest version of Strike Fighters 2, a jet air-combat game set in the 1960's, updated to run on Windows 10 PC!
      Player flyable aircraft include some of the most legendary fighters from the early jet age, including F-100 Super Sabre, F-105 Thunderchief, A-4 Skyhawk, F-4 Phantom II, and F-8 Crusader.
      Campaigns feature 1960's high-flying combat action over fictional Middle Eastern sands. Join the United States Air Force, Navy, Marines, or a special operations Mercenary unit, and engage in blood-draining, G-pulling, action-packed dogfights against the enemy MiGs!
      Additional aircraft, maps, and campaigns will be available as DLC in-app purchases.
      Owners of Strike Fighters 2 Complete Edition will receive the Win10 Edition and its DLCs for FREE as they become available.
      I recently had a few problems with my existing computer and I have decided to upgrade to Windows 10 whilst I am having the repairs done.
      Might I ask you guys here at Combat Ace if First Eagles 1(First Generation ) runs  okay on Windows 10. 
      Thanks in advance for any advice or information you can offer.
    • By VonS

      View File SF2 (1937 - 1941) Prop FM Tweaks
      Hello SF2 flyers,
      For several late 1930s and early WW2 prop aircraft, tweaks have been applied to the data inis, ranging from lift values for wings and wing tips to the engine section, prop rpms, flight control section, gears section, flaps, also empty weight, inertia values, ceilings, engine sounds, rudder reversal effect fix, aileron/elevator/rudder sensitivity and movement, etc., depending on the type tweaked. Tweaks are not as extensive as for my FE2 work - but I've tried to get them into the "90% realistic enough" category for SF2 since these higher performing types are difficult to precision peg to within a km or two of historical stats., in contrast to the slower-moving FE2 types.
      Many thanks to the original FM modders for these prop types, including Baffmeister, Wrench, Cocas, MontyCZ, Charles of A-Team, Coupi, Paulopanz, and others I may not have mentioned here. The data inis are for SF2 installs only, tested at hard FM settings (no guarantees that the AI can land them nicely, although they fly them just fine). Please read the included "Read Me" file for more thorough information and also to access the links to the aircraft that have been tweaked.
      Happy flying,
      Von S 
      DISCLAIMER: All Von S mods, for FE2, SF2, also WOFFue, are subject to the CombatAce "freeware" terms of agreement. Mods may be shared with others, included on other media devices, also modded further, providing that original documentation and/or credit is included, and providing that the mods remain free to use. Von S mods shall not be sold, resold, etc., and Von S takes no responsibility for injuries or fixations that may result from flying heavily tweaked FMs or from attempts to enjoy real flying without aid or instruction from a qualified flight instructor. 
      Submitter VonS Submitted 06/06/2019 Category ini File Edits  
    • By 76.IAP-Blackbird
      Update 4.002  
      Dear Friends,

      Our team is glad to announce that we finished another update 4.002. In this version, all Tank Crew owners get the SU-122 assault gun. In addition, everyone gets many improvements - some of them our community asked for a long time. After additional work on the aircraft visibility modeling against the clouds is improved. We also added automatic dive-recovery controls to four bombers from Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Moscow. The login time has been drastically decreased, it will now happen up to ten times faster than before. Tank and aircraft turrets aiming will be more convenient and there are many other minor improvements. Let's go into detail about the automatic dive-recovery controls:

      When the dive system is engaged, the plane enters a dive when the air brakes are extended and will recover from the dive either by pressing the bomb drop button or when the air brakes are retracted. The dive system controls are separate: the trimmer tab on the right elevator is controlled by the dive system while the pilot controls the trimmer tab on the left elevator. Therefore the pilot input and dive system input of the trimmers are independent, and when the dive system is in operation, there is no indication of a trimmer position change in the technochat.

      When the dive system is engaged, the plane enters a dive when the air brakes are extended or when the dive button (LCtrl + D by default) is pressed. The plane will recover from the dive either by pressing the bomb drop button or by pressing the dive button (LCtrl + D by default). The dive system will return to the neutral position of the elevator trim, while the full range of trimmer travel from the pilot’s input is preserved. Therefore the pilot input and dive system input of the trimmers are independent, and when the dive system is in operation, there is no indication of a trimmer position change in the technochat. Also, the elevator trim is automatically shifted when the stabilizer is moved to the landing position (when flaps are released to the landing position). This also shifts the trim back to the neutral position.

      Pe-2 (both series)
      When the dive system is engaged, the plane enters a dive when the air brakes are extended (pass through the 45° position) and will recover from the dive when you press the bomb drop button or the dive recovery button to exit the dive (LCtrl + D by default). The dive system controls the elevator trim -for correct operation, the trimmer must be in the range between -4.5 ° to + 4.5 ° before turning on the dive system. If the trimmer is outside this range or if the airplane is trimmed manually while the dive system is in operation or if the air brakes are retracted the dive system will disengage.

      Ju-87 and Ju-88
      Contact altimeters are installed on these aircraft. The RShift + K and RCtrl + K commands (by default) set the bomb release (contact) altitude. When the dive system is engaged, the buzzer will sound 250 m above the contact altitude. Buzzer turns off when the contact altitude is reached or when the dive system is disengaged. The pressure setting is adjusted by the same command as on the main altimeter (with a short pause after setting the pressure on the main altimeter). The contact altimeter is not connected with the dive system, it is a separate device that just gives an audio signal at a contact height.

      Main features
      1. SU-122 assault gun made by Ural heavy machinery factory in 1943 is now available for all Tank Crew owners;
      2. Guns and MGs aiming using the mouse has been improved;
      3. Turret aiming in VR is improved (you don't need to physically turn while aiming);
      4. The issue with planes visually disappearing against the clouds at short distances has been minimized;
      5. Planes visual pixelization against the clouds at medium distances has been greatly reduced;
      6. Winter textures for all Bodenplatte buildings added;
      7. Winter textures for all Bodenplatte vehicles added;
      8. Speed and reliability of the online login have been greatly improved;
      9. GMC CCKW fuel truck added;
      10. Thanks to the new tech developed for Tank Crew, B-25D, P-47D and P-51D have correct British or US pilots depending on the country specified in the mission file;
      11. Dive and recovery control automatics added to Ju-87 D-3, Ju 88 A-4, Pe-2 s. 87 and Pe-2 s. 35;
      12. Ju-87 D-3 and Ju 88 A-4 dive bombers are equipped with contact altimeters;
      13. LaGG-3 now sports 4K exterior textures made by Martin =ICDP= Catney;

      AI improvements
      14. AI pilots can resume engaging a target after losing it;
      15. AI pilots won't try to engage a distant target flying at negative G for a prolonged time;
      16. AI pilots won't crash into the ground while doing a defense spiral maneuver;
      17. AI pilots won't get stuck in a shallow dive during a defense maneuver;
      18. AI pilots won't attempt dangerous evasion maneuvers at low altitudes which caused them to crash;
      19. AI pilots won't get too excited following a falling target and crash into the ground after it;
      20. AI pilots attacking air targets will attack the planes that take off or land;
      21. AI pilots won't get stuck in an upside position during a dogfight;
      22. AI pilots won't get stuck in a roll during an evasion maneuver which could end in a crash;
      23. AI pilots will try to bail out of a burning plane (now it depends on how fast it will decide to bail out and if he has strength left to do so);
      24. Self-propelled AAA switch to combat position if they don't have movement orders and have an attack targets in area command (even if there are no targets present);
      25. Ship guns aiming corrected;

      Aircraft improvements
      26. Ju-87 D-3 has animated servo tabs;
      27. Ju-87 D-3 has visual indicators for the extended dive brakes;
      28. Ju-88 A-4 elevator trim adjusts automatically when the stabilizer is switched to the landing position;
      29. Ju-88 A-4 has animated servo tabs;
      30. heavier aircraft like He-111, Ju-52/87/88, A-20, IL-2, Pe-2 won't shake as much when their tails are damaged;
      31. Pe-2 and He-111: the camera automatically turns in a correct direction when switching to a new MG in turrets with several MGs;
      32. Ju-52/3mg4e 2nd pilot animations have been restored;
      33. P-38J-25: canopy close sound won't play too early;
      34. P-38J-25: the instruments panel can be damaged;
      35. P-38J-25: signal lights won't float in the air on a severely damaged aircraft;
      36. IL-2 elevator control rods damage has been corrected;
      37. All additional armor elements on Bf-110 correctly shield the aircraft;
      38. P-51D-15 rear landing gear can be damaged now;
      39. MC 202 s8: MG151 ammo reserves can be damaged now;
      40. Fw 190 A-8 ammo reserves can be damaged now;
      41. Fw 190 A-8 wing pylons look correctly from various distances;
      42. Bf 109 G4/G6/G14/K4: the right underwing cannon won't stop working after the loss of ammo in the left wing anymore;
      43. Bf 109s except for G14 and K4: jettisoned canopies are correctly repaired; 
      44. Bristol Fighter will correctly register radiator hits;
      45. Pedals animated correctly on Bristol Fighter;  
      46. Static U-2VS has winter skin;
      47. IL-2 mod. 1942 has its exterior color saturation corrected;

      Tank Crew improvements
      48. Visual detail of plates above the tracks on KV-1s has been improved;
      49. Speedometer added to KV-1s (it is on the engine compartment bulkhead);
      50. Batteries are visible in the KV-1s interior;
      51. Many visual improvements to KV-1s interior (level of detail, textures, etc.);
      52. Recoil indicators added to KV-1s and T-34 mod. 1943;
      53. Panoramic sight cupola stopper added to KV-1s and T-34 mod. 1943;
      54. T-34 mod. 1943 tracks have been visually improved;
      55. T-34 mod. 1943 internal collision model (that is used in damage calculations) has been improved;
      56. Engine exhaust is visible at the idle engine RPM;

      Other changes
      57. Caquot balloons won't disappear at medium distances;
      58. The inner walls of the damaged detailed buildings on the Prokhorovka map won't disappear at medium distances;
      59. It's now possible to turn off the VR rendering mode for the propellers - any negative values specified for the prop_blur_max_rpm_for_vr parameter in startup.cfg file (like prop_blur_max_rpm_for_vr = -1) will result in the normal propellers rendering;
      60. Object Fake_Block can be used on the airfields (its collision object has been lowered below the ground);
      61. Levitating buildings on Stalingrad map have been fixed;
      62. It's now possible to win the 5th mission of the Turning point campaign after a successful retreat;
      63. The excessive effect of concussion and possible loss of consciousness after HE hits at a tank or aircraft has been removed if the player or AI weren't wounded by these hits.
      64. Ten Days of Autumn campaign: all static objects have been updated to correct durability values, other minor improvements;
      65. Fortress on the Volga campaign: minor improvements;
      66. A black line won't appear in the middle of some Bodenplatte timeframe newspapers;
      67. Added another (fifth) voice of a Soviet tanker;
      68. Trees preventing a takeoff from some airfields were cut down on all Rheinland maps.


      Please discuss the update in this thread.

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