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    • By kblomkvist
      Here's my fictional mod of the export version of the PZL-230 belonging to the Ukrainian Air force.
      The original aircraft and templates were made by @Leopardo.  It uses mostly weapons available in the RSSW pack by @Snailman.
      Five skins are included:
      green camo based on a historical Su-25 livery grey camo based on the original skin available with the PZL-230F green splinter camo  based on a modern Ukrainian Su-25 livery blue splinter camo based on a Ukrainian MiG-29 camo by @EricJ grey pixel camo based on the 299BRTA Su-25 livery To install, copy the contents of the 'to mod folder' into your mod folder. Overwrite when asked - I modified some of the weapons to make them work with this aircraft. Read the Knowledge Base for more information about installing mods.
      The contents of this pack are subject to the Combatace Freeware License and cannot be distributes as payware.
    • By Spinners

      View File [Fictional] Yak-41M 'Freestyle' Ukrainian Armed Forces
      Yakovlev Yak-41M for STRIKE FIGHTERS 2
      This is simple mod of Gabilon's Yak-41 'Freestyle' to create a fictional Yak-41M in service with the Ukrainian Naval Aviation and the Ukrainian Air Force. Gabilon created his Yak-41 in 2007 (his first 3D model - Chapeau!) and Fubar512 improved the FM and those improvements are duly incorporated here along with a few modifications by me.
      Three new Ukrainian skins are included;
      1. Ukrainian Naval Aviation in a blue splinter scheme for maritime operations.
      2. Ukrainian Air Force in a 'Flygvapnet' splinter scheme for tactical operations.
      3. Ukrainian Air Force in a modern (boring) grey scheme. 

      1. From the AIRCRAFT folder drag and drop the Yak-41M folder into your Aircraft folder.
      2. From the DECALS folder drag and drop the Yak-41M folder into your main Decals folder.
      3. From the SOUNDS folder drag and drop both the sound files into your main Sounds folder.
      4. From the WEAPONS folder drag and drop all four weapons folder into your main Weapons folder.
      That's it!

      Thanks to Third Wire for a great little game/sim.
      Thanks to Gabilon for creating and uploading his Yak-41 back in 2007.
      Thanks to Fubar512 for his FM tweaks.
      And thanks to everyone in the wider Third Wire community.
      Version 2 - 03/02/19
      Version 1 - 13/05/12  
      Submitter Spinners Submitted 05/13/2012 Category What If Hangar  

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