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I just flew the stock F-16A in SF2 for the first time.

I brought the speed up to Mach 1.2 at low altitude, and I pulled all the way back on the stick (with the down arrow key) and I looked at the G meter and it read:

27 Gs!

Is there a realistic F-16A add-on available?



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Not sure what the actual aerodynamic limits might be for an F-16A but the type did have an automatic G-Limiter installed. A long time ago someone came up with an aerodynamic G-Limiter for the stock TW F-16A. I think it was Caesar who passed it along to me. The modified FM is attached at the bottom.

The mod works quite well if you fly in a normal fashion with just temporary high G turns. At high speed if you just pull back on the stick and keep it there it will piss away all your speed until you get below about 9 G's.  The limiter kicks in a bit over 9 G's so theoretically if you kept the plane at exactly 9 G's at a high enough speed it could sustain that but I doubt that's possible in practice.

I don't fly the F-16 much so not sure if this mod has any affect on the AI.

Here's a "drop in" F-16A data/FM with the only mod being the G-Limiter: F-16A_G-Limiter.zip


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