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John Anderson

Looking for Delta Dart/ Dagger for SF/WOV

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Okay I am real bad :sad: at even attempting to create an aircraft for any flight sim so I depend on addon's that sometimes cover a specific aircraft I am wanting.

Well case in point I am hoping someone somewhere has or is developing the Delta Dagger and Dart for WOV and SF. Both these were based in Nam for a whilefor bomber intercepts and used as Migcap for some B-52 ops. Plus they were armed with Genie unguided Nuke rockets to destroy bomber formations. I would love to see them in WOV and SF. Also on the wish list Hound-dog Cruise missles and Quail ECM drones for the B-52 and also as an addon aircraft the B-58 Hustler.

Fervently crossing fingers and hoping.


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B-58 is currently getting it's FM tested & refined. I sent Pasko the ECM/Countermeasures for it a couple of weeks ago.


F-102 is on hold until Crab_02 returns from his current tour in Iraq.


IIRC, F-106 needs skinning, FM, & pit work.


Hound Dog is on wpnssgt's "To Do" list along with an updated B-52H.


Most of the guys working on these are doing it "Catch As Catch Can" juggling other commitments. So, patience Grasshopper...

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F-106 was never in Vietnam. :nono: Trust me, I learned this the hard way. Some were briefly based in South Korea.


USAFMTL, or somebody, I can't post at simhq, but the next time you are there can you post a reply in this new SF thread "Views and Zooming"...?


~~> http://www.simhq.com/simhq3/sims/boards/bb...;f=145;t=000718


Copy and paste this reply...


Extract the VIEWLIST.INI file in the Flight folder. In the file, under the heading...





....change SmoothPositionTransition=TRUE to FALSE


That takes away the zooming around external view.


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How come you cant post here lexx? And I think some one did. You are correct too the F-106 never went to Vietnam.

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