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Dassault Mystère IVA

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Dassault Mystère IVA

The Mystère IV was an evolutionary development of the Mystère II aircraft.
Although bearing an external resemblance to the earlier aircraft, the Mystère IV
was in fact a new design with aerodynamic improvements for supersonic flight.
The prototype first flew on 28 September 1952, and the aircraft entered service
in April 1953. The first 50 Mystere IVA production aircraft were powered by
British Rolls-Royce Tay turbojets, while the remainder had the French-built
Hispano-Suiza Verdon 350 version of that engine.

This plane was "the star" of War of the Stripes over Suez in 1956

France was the main operator of the Mystère IV and at the peak usage operated
6 squadrons. Most of the aircraft were purchased under a United States Offshore
Procurement contract and many were returned to US custody after they were retired.
In April 1953 the United States government and the United States Air Force placed
an order for 223 aircraft to be operated by the French. The new Mystère IVs were
used in the 1956 Suez Crisis and continued in use into the 1980s

The Mystère IV became Israel's first swept-wing fighter when an order for Mystère
IIs was changed to 24 Mystère IVs in 1955, which were delivered from April to June
1956, equipping 101 Squadron. A further 36 were delivered in August 1956, with a
final aircraft, equipped for reconnaissance duties, delivered in September 1956.
On 29 October 1956, when Israel attacked Egypt in the opening move of what became
known as the Suez Crisis, invading the Sinai Peninsula, the Mystères of 101 Squadron
were deployed on both air-to-air and ground attack mission.
A second squadron, 109 Squadron was equipped with the Mystère IV in December 1956,
while 101 Squadron passed its Mystères to 116 Squadron in November 1961. Israel
planned to replace the Mystère IV with the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, but 109 and 116
Squadron still operated the French fighter on the outbreak of the Six-Day War.
The Mystère was finally retired from Israeli service on 18 March 1971.

India procured 104 of aircraft in 1957 and used them extensively in the Indo-Pakistani
War of 1965. The phasing out of the aircraft started soon after the 1965 Indo-Pakistani
War, though it saw further action in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, it was completely
phased out of the Indian Air Force by 1973.

This is a big High Res update of my previous and other modders skins and new ones.
Plane tweaking.


- 43 new skins (IDF 12; 5 IAF; 16 AdA)
- historical decalsets
- missing antenna added
- taxing dance solved
- openable autoclosing canopy
- pilot


- Tk plane
- Geary High Rez temps
- Ghostrider883 IAF previous skins
- Wilco IDF decals
- Coupi new antenna


- all in main mod folder and overwrite


- key 10 = Canopy open


I looked for the Hispano Suiza Verdon sound, but no luck. If someone has it, please share.






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Hello paulopanz, 

Thanks for this pack! Regarding the sound of the Hispano Suiza Verdon, it is the same engine as the P&W J48 which was used in the Grumman Panther & Cougar, if it can help.

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