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Running WOFF UE.......problems

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Hi everyone,

Hope you're doing well and are Covid free.

I recently bought WOFF UE and PE.................however

I installed WOFF on my C:/ drive and then installed the patch over it

I went to the .exe and a "wmp.dll is missing" error box populates.


Can someone help me with my install?



P.S. My machine is a Win 10 Professional, Nvidia 2060 Super card.........Thanks again :)

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I recommend posting on the WOFF threads over on SimHQ (https://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/forums/372/1/wings-over-flanders-fields) - lots of helpful resources over there and the developers of WOFF pop in too, to respond or give suggestions in case of technical difficulties. Hope you get your install sorted.


Von S

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Added link.

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I answered this on the other forum will paste it here:

 ".... if this is a laptop as per the laptop section in the WOFF UE FAQ - rename the opening splash media, "OBDSplash.wmv" to something else like XXOBDSplash.wmv and it won't play. The reason is you are missing either windows media player or it's not configured properly.

The file is in ...... \WOFF\OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields\campaigns\CampaignData\ShellMusic

If not a laptop then the same reasons apply really. Otherwise, contact support email (see FAQ) with your order number, oh and the logs etc as per the last 2 pages of the FAQ."



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