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BH&H 2 Screenshots and Movies Thread

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Having some fun in an SE5a campaign.   Lots of power and great field of view.  Just need to Boom & Zoom rather than turn fight usually.   At least until I have them nicely damaged. 













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Now that's certainly a different perspective on the air war... cruel and chaotic action going on in those videos, well done!

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Sandbagger will be posting the re-release of all three Jerbear skin Mods shortly.

There are a number of changes to skin in the first 3 packs, contained in User Skins by Jerbear, which now contains 628 skins.  These do not replace any WOFF Skin Pack skins

More Skins by Jerbear now has Pack 4 and Pack 5 totaling 354 skins.  These do not replace WOFF Skin Pack skins

The Alternative Skin Mod has a number of new additions and some redesigned skins.  It now contains 166 skins.  A few of these are personal skins but the vast majority are replacements.  These were done because new information has become available since the WOFF Skin Pack was first done in 2013 or earlier.

The reasons and sources for each individual Alternate and user skin can be found in their respective ReadMe word files.

The changes made in the earlier Mods were due to my finally figuring out how to make a diagonal, Bavarian Rauten fuselage band work so I changed most of those.  Some of these are shown in the screenshots.



I was going to add a bunch more screenshots but this forum doesn't want to allow me to upload anything more.  So, you'll have to look at the SimHQ post.  This forum has it's points but uploading an image any larger than a postage stamp seems to be a problem.

SFI DVa Rolshoven.jpg

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OBD,S Patch 1.20 using a variety of mods (Roberts mods,Jerbears excellent skinpacks, and BB,s brilliant OCM 4.2e )



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Couple more from my latest campaign ..were getting the DH4 any day soon.



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