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AAA bateries from the museum

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1. SA-9

2.Looks like a KS-19 100 mm AAA



5.Appears to be a variant of the SA-2

6.Flat-Face Radar

7.have no idea


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Number 2 looks like an Bofors L70 40mm AA gun in the towed mount version.

Number 7 looks like a M-50 modified chassis carrying what looks like an AIM-7 with a booster.

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You'll not believe it,NelsonP is half right,it's an american sherman from wwII combined with an air to ground missile "shrike" from vietnam era.This unique weapon system was developed during Yom Kipur war where the israeli air force lost a big portion of their planes trying to suppress the egyptian and syrian AAA Sam batteries.Therefore the concept behind this system was to find a path to suppress the Sam's from the ground and from a long distance,without dangering the pilots and their planes.

This weapon system was used only once against Syrian Sam batteries,that campaign was called"arzav-19" it took place on june 1982,lebanon war.

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