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Multiple Rocket Pod 32 Rocket Limit

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I have downloaded several US LAU series rocket pod modifications and noticed there seems to be a limit of 32 rockets even when two or three 19 tube pods are loaded on an aircraft. Is this a game limit? I looked at the _data.ini files and they all have 32 rockets and the X,Y,Z coordinates for those 32 rockets to place them in the pods. Is there any way to get the correct number of rockets in the pods?

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Hi R,

Yes, it's a game limit, and yes there is a way to get the correct number.

It's not too difficult to create a 'dummy' EP or FT store from the various racks available in the stock game or from the community.  These get loaded on to the pylon at one weapon stores group level.  The actual rocket pods (limit 32 rockets per pod) 'attach' to the rack at the next weapon stores group level, by carefully co-ordinating the positions of a weapon station for each pod in the aircraft .ini file.

I've had an A-4K loadout of nine x nineteen shot RPs, loadable in-game just for sh1ts and giggles... totally impractical loadout of course, but 2x19-shot or 3x19-shot setups per 2x pylons are very applicable for A-4, F-4 etc.  The only loadout I haven't been able to fully simulate are triple pods of 2-inch Launcher No.7 for Brit Phantoms, but only beause these puppies are 36-shot pods, or 108-shots per pylon!

The compromise is that there is a game limit of thirty or so total weapon stations (I want to say 29 but I can't quite remember?).  And I've never reached a limit for the number of group levels (in the aircraft and loadout .ini files), but only six groups are loadable in the hangar in-game, and ether the simulated rack or the separate pods use one group (a hassle with the F-4 particularly, so I usually have the AIM-7s and ECM pod loaded per the loadout.ini to earn an 'extra' in-game group).

Hope it helps. :smile:


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