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F*K*N GPU!!!!!!

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I start this post to share my frustration, like self-help clubs ... If someone wants to curse with me, I invite them to do it to feel better ...

It turns out that I still have my old and glorious macpro 1.1, with all the possible improvements that you can imagine, and that it has been enough to run my design and editing programs, and of course the strike fighters series with everything and potatoes and other sims as well. .... well last night 2.30 am browsing in opera and with FinalCut open but without any project for a moment the screen was transformed into a kind of matrix world with green lines like a drawing of the apple II and then a couple of flashes and I was left with the screen with vertical lines of colors and typical mac sound in a very bad loop ... Damn, I said, assuming the facts immediately ... What happened? I'm not really sure, it just came to my mind that I had planned to change the thermal paste in a few more weeks (duh !!) since I had never done it, otherwise neither dust collected that graphic card

Has something similar happened to you? ... have you recovered one after damaging it ... today I will try to look at your insides to see if I find any component visibly damaged ... although I do not think I find anything because these things do not create flames or smoke ... well normal people haha

I have plans to change my ship but I did not expect it yet and in this way ... I will try to recover the graph and if not I will ask the ebay uncle

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Happened to me two weeks ago... GPU probably generated a little bit more heat then usual then ate the Aim-9 coming at it...

GPU was a bit old (Nvidia GTX 960 2mb). I had it since 2016...

So went to Ebay to find a replacement and they were way too expensive, not to mention most of them were from China and i do not thrust them to send me ''real'' GPU but cloned one's.

I finally found one at an affordable price in Toronto and i put the biggest  i could put in my Alienware X51R3 (went for Nvidia GTX 1060 3mb). Runs smoother at higher graphic settings. I will use this until i can change the whole PC in the future :)

Good luck on your side!

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