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SF2 Top Gun Maverick Menu Screens and Music

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SF2 Top Gun Maverick Menu Screens and Music

SF2 Top Gun Maverick Menu Screens and Music.

19 pieces 1920x1080 

4 wav file




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      SF2 Top Gun Maverick Menu Screens and Music.
      19 pieces 1920x1080 
      4 wav file
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      Hello, Folks!
      My upcoming coffee-table book is TOPGUN: The Otherworldly Dreams of a Lifelong Ten Year Old. It features breathtaking images from my flights at TOPGUN, plus units of the Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. Our colleague, Navy Captain “Heater” Heatley, said, “Pretty cool graphics and layout. Nice pics!”    I’d like you and your colleagues and beyond to review an unfinished, first-draft copy my book, fall in love with it, and write testimonials/blurbs, please. The book will be published in early 2023, so you have some time to say yes. I’m also offering all the beautiful aviation images that appear in the book free of charge to air and space museums worldwide in perpetuity. My small way of giving back for inspiration over my lifetime.   First, I’m Dino Garner, former scientist, Army Ranger, corporate merc, military aviation photographer, NY Times bestselling ghostwriter and editor of many cool books. Back in the day, I was the only independent civilian photographer to fly in all frontline fighters and attack aircraft of the US Air Force, Navy and Marines, plus helos of the Coast Guard. Had to quit that fun to report for duty as a US Army Airborne Ranger.   Modesty aside, I took some stunning images that were on the covers and interiors of Smithsonian Air&Space, Newsweek, Time, US News and World Report, and in dozens of books, newspapers, articles, etc.   The final book will be a 550-page coffee-table book that features my military aviation images, plus chapters by prominent people: Foreword by aviation neuropsychologist Dr. David Prewett, “Zatar” by Lt Gen Dave Deptula, Boyword by a 10-year-old boy/student pilot, and Afterword by Dave Senior’s son, Lt Col “Ghost” Deptula. There will also be a special dedication to "Heater" Heatley.   This is also unique: I added dozens of candid pix of my fighter pilots and support personnel in scrapbook fashion and added some cool graphics that look like advertisements for the US military fighter aviation.   I have spared no expense in the production of this book: it will be printed by the best offset-printing company of high-end books, in South Korea. Heavy, matte art paper interior; cloth hardcover with an added French-fold cover. A draft of the full cover is below. Dimensions: 8.5”H x 11”W x 2.5”D.   If you’d like to see the entire book, I can email you a Dropbox link to download the full-color pdf file to view on your computer. It’s too large to view directly on Dropbox.   Many thanks for listening. I hope you’ll consider my proposal.   Cheers,   Dino “Wang” Garner   dino@topgun.photography

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