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  2. thanks for link....might be usefully one day... when bored with current projects.... will see what I can do about target drone....remove here and there....
  3. You ask for understanding but you give none. You assume you know me and label me by politics and therefore ignorant of your struggle, as you say a foregone conclusion. All while I have not branded you by the same. You want to break the laws of your country and be morally corrupt in the process that's your business but don't expect people to respond positively (understand) when you don't offer them the common courtesy of reaching out and asking permission. Karma makes for a bad bedfellow. The internet is not private. Every bit and byte of information you send and receive is recorded by your government and others. To think using a proxy, vpn, or tor exempts your traffic is not only foolish but naive. The Golden Shield Project (GFW) was designed specifically to watch the Chinese people who wish to revolt against the communist republic. Until you personally become a government and build your own backbone to the internet you will never have privacy. I wish you luck.
  4. The time complexity of the lookup in a table with a fixed data interval is constant. That means the number of entries in the table shouldn't matter.
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  6. indeed, Ravenclaw sent me his US ww2 bombs to test, which I must admit, I have not been doing ....and they LOOK great too!
  7. A few questions about the F-5s

    I missed your post somehow... Thank you for the page!
  8. OK. Thanks I'll replace it. I have an info sheet on an older Ryan drone and has a profile and upper view if this modeller is interested. https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=7&ved=0ahUKEwjHjqjYz7LZAhUFZKwKHbktByoQFghJMAY&url=https%3A%2F%2Fdocuments.techno-science.ca%2Fdocuments%2FCASM-Aircrafthistories-RyanKDA-4Firebeetargetdrone.pdf&usg=AOvVaw0tObe1TePlV1TtLtojWMCP
  9. not sure who made old one... but i know who made this.... so .... it is on CA...in download section Special Hercules Over Vietnam.. but there is no really target drone model...at least not yet...
  10. baffmeister, you might take a look at Geezer's 1930's Bomb Pack which I think was in the FE downloads. He includes British, Italian and German bombs from the late 1920's through 1945. I just got back into the WW2 material, and have been trying to update the old bomb models. Some of the weapons are pretty long in the tooth. Ravenclaw has some dazzling dumb bombs, HVARs and RP-3 models that will fit the time frame and make your ordinance look good.
  11. That takes time. Meanwhile I can only say it will continue to happen. If you really hate it, I can only suggest doing something about it. Honestly I do support a subscription based download while remaining free for the modders, upon which all parties should be happier, instead of all free stuff but modding politics galore. And upon which I'm sure you are quite justified to take action against out of site download hosts. Nowadayz baidu, tencent etc. that provides domestic chinese cloud hosting all have substantial oversea holdings, is traded on US stock markets and not above US laws. It doesn't matter if I'm taken seriously or not. This is an internet forum. I certainly don't think anyone is obligated to agree with or bother to read what I write. That is why I asked for ppl's understanding because there is no other way the chinese mod users can have access. They're not taking the mod and repackage it and saying I made it myself, or trying to be a better mod distributor than combatace, or doing whatever one wants to it, which is as you say "wrong, dishonest, and dishonorable". They're just having a very hard time accessing combatace and can only re-host it locally and the mod itself remains intact, if perhaps not of the latest update. The same thing happens to all kinds of software/apps, like some app is only made to be distributed on googleplay, but everything google is blocked. Therefore to keep having some access to the app, the only way is to have ppl who can bypass the block to upload the .apk to a local server. Of course some app maker is displeased, because it does violate the agreement. But some do understand and sympathize with the underlying situation. Now, as an american conservative and republican, the chances of you, Erik, personally understanding this is very slim. That to me had been a foregone conclusion. However I'm indeed hoping some here would. And if not I'd still have to say it just for myself as it lies on my conscience.
  12. Ryan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryan_Firebee CL
    Many thanks for all your top class Mods !
  13. Hi, I was wondering who made the Firebee that has been around for quite awhile? Its not the same as what used in the RCAF off the Lancasters for targets but this is a problem as you can see. :) I have shot against the BQM-74s but they were much smaller off Puerto Rico at the AFWTF range.
  14. I'm not aware of any limitations regarding the resolution of the data but how much is too much? Here's a stall table from one of the old AvHistory WW2 FM's, circa 2009. I think these were made for SF1 at the final patch level. StallDragTableNumData=255 StallDragTableDeltaX=1.41732283464567 StallDragTableStartX=-180 // StallDragTableData=1,1.192,1.389,1.597,1.821,2.065,2.336,2.638,2.976,3.357,3.784,4.264,4.789,5.345,5.915,6.484,7.036,7.555,8.026,8.435,8.783,9.073,9.307,9.487,9.616,9.696,9.73,9.72,9.669,9.579,9.452,9.291,9.099,8.878,8.63,8.357,8.064,7.75,7.42,7.076,6.72,6.354,5.982,5.604,5.225,4.846,4.47,4.1,3.737,3.384,3.044,2.72,2.413,2.127,1.864,1.627,1.417,1.238,1.093,0.983,0.912,0.881,0.894,0.953,1.06,1.214,1.413,1.651,1.924,2.229,2.562,2.918,3.293,3.683,4.085,4.494,4.905,5.316,5.722,6.119,6.503,6.869,7.214,7.534,7.825,8.082,8.303,8.488,8.637,8.751,8.829,8.871,8.878,8.85,8.786,8.687,8.554,8.385,8.182,7.944,7.672,7.369,7.037,6.678,6.295,5.89,5.467,5.026,4.571,4.105,3.635,3.167,2.666,2.18,0.869,1.015,0.979,1.007,1.001,0.996,0.998,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,0.999,0.999,1.001,1.001,0.995,1.004,0.973,1.244,1.665,2.083,2.498,2.914,3.331,3.75,4.197,4.666,5.148,5.631,6.104,6.557,6.979,7.359,7.687,7.951,8.143,8.263,8.32,8.319,8.268,8.173,8.042,7.881,7.693,7.482,7.249,6.996,6.727,6.442,6.145,5.837,5.522,5.2,4.875,4.549,4.223,3.901,3.584,3.274,2.975,2.688,2.415,2.159,1.922,1.706,1.514,1.348,1.209,1.101,1.025,0.984,0.978,1.006,1.066,1.156,1.276,1.423,1.597,1.795,2.017,2.261,2.524,2.807,3.106,3.422,3.752,4.094,4.448,4.81,5.178,5.549,5.92,6.289,6.654,7.011,7.359,7.694,8.013,8.315,8.597,8.855,9.088,9.292,9.466,9.606,9.71,9.775,9.799,9.778,9.712,9.595,9.428,9.205,8.926,8.587,8.185,7.719,7.198,6.637,6.055,5.467,4.892,4.346,3.847,3.402,3.008,2.659,2.349,2.072,1.824,1.599,1.39,1.192,1 StallXacShiftTableNumData=255 StallXacShiftTableDeltaX=1.41732283464567 StallXacShiftTableStartX=-180 StallXacShiftTableData=-2.539,-2.517,-2.495,-2.474,-2.452,-2.43,-2.408,-2.386,-2.364,-2.342,-2.32,-2.298,-2.276,-2.254,-2.232,-2.21,-2.188,-2.166,-2.144,-2.122,-2.1,-2.078,-2.056,-2.034,-2.012,-1.99,-1.968,-1.946,-1.924,-1.902,-1.88,-1.858,-1.836,-1.815,-1.793,-1.771,-1.749,-1.727,-1.705,-1.683,-1.661,-1.639,-1.617,-1.595,-1.573,-1.551,-1.529,-1.507,-1.485,-1.463,-1.441,-1.419,-1.397,-1.375,-1.353,-1.331,-1.309,-1.287,-1.265,-1.243,-1.221,-1.199,-1.177,-1.155,-1.134,-1.112,-1.09,-1.068,-1.046,-1.024,-1.002,-0.98,-0.958,-0.936,-0.914,-0.892,-0.87,-0.848,-0.826,-0.804,-0.782,-0.76,-0.738,-0.716,-0.694,-0.672,-0.65,-0.628,-0.606,-0.584,-0.562,-0.54,-0.518,-0.496,-0.474,-0.453,-0.431,-0.409,-0.387,-0.365,-0.343,-0.321,-0.299,-0.277,-0.255,-0.233,-0.211,-0.189,-0.167,-0.145,-0.123,-0.101,-0.078,-0.055,0.006,-0.001,0.001,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0.001,-0.013,-0.035,-0.057,-0.079,-0.101,-0.123,-0.145,-0.167,-0.189,-0.211,-0.233,-0.255,-0.277,-0.299,-0.321,-0.343,-0.365,-0.387,-0.409,-0.431,-0.453,-0.475,-0.496,-0.518,-0.54,-0.562,-0.584,-0.606,-0.628,-0.65,-0.672,-0.694,-0.716,-0.738,-0.76,-0.782,-0.804,-0.826,-0.848,-0.87,-0.892,-0.914,-0.936,-0.958,-0.98,-1.002,-1.024,-1.046,-1.068,-1.09,-1.112,-1.134,-1.155,-1.177,-1.199,-1.221,-1.243,-1.265,-1.287,-1.309,-1.331,-1.353,-1.375,-1.397,-1.419,-1.441,-1.463,-1.485,-1.507,-1.529,-1.551,-1.573,-1.595,-1.617,-1.639,-1.661,-1.683,-1.705,-1.727,-1.749,-1.771,-1.793,-1.815,-1.836,-1.858,-1.88,-1.902,-1.924,-1.946,-1.968,-1.99,-2.012,-2.034,-2.056,-2.078,-2.1,-2.122,-2.144,-2.166,-2.188,-2.21,-2.232,-2.254,-2.276,-2.298,-2.32,-2.342,-2.364,-2.386,-2.408,-2.43,-2.452,-2.474,-2.495,-2.517,-2.539 I have to wonder what affect a large engagement of WW2 planes with data inis like this would have on game play.
  15. Thanks, I will check through that document and revise what I think necessary with the RAF bomb inis and include the new ones with the Typhoon. SF2 WW2 installs are tricky! Lot's of old files to review and update but for anyone looking for an EAW style WW2 sim, I don't see any other options.
  16. Have you even read the modders agreement and what one of the OPs wrote? Intellectual theft happened when you took control of that file away from the owner by providing access to the file outside their ability to control it. Free means the file is free to use personally it does not give anyone license to do whatever they want with it. If you have such a problem with your government then change your government and don't justify theft with their repression. Your position is uneducated. You don't pay the bills or pay the taxes here at CA so you can't possibly have an opinion of any authority. You don't have to say something to mean something. Your position still remains indefensible and I can't respect or understand your position at all.
  17. Point out where in my posts have I said that anyone is stupid. I have only shown respect by backing my arguments with facts, reason and logic. And where does this come from, if you can do the same to your statements. The government is blocking the internet. Some netizens are portering some blocked content inside in order to still have some limited access. Intellectual theft: that is for when one's actually missing something. Free mods are free. There is a disconnect between something that is free in the first place, to things that can be stolen.
  18. Yes, I'm the stupid one for supporting the community all these years. Thank you for pointing that out BUT your position is uneducated about our community. Your position continues to be indefensible. You can continue to claim that China is only photo copying the internet but that's just intellectual theft by another name. That's just hateful and racist, a childish and weak argument.
  19. A few questions about the F-5s

    44% larger? I thought the front fuselage wasn't that modified. And, yeah, I do know about the upgraded F-5s. Just seemed suprising that there weren't any factory upgrades, but, yeah, if some of these countries had the money at the time they'd have gone for F-16s or F-18s instead. Thanks!
  20. Thank you very much Pete my friend!
  21. I don't see what the problem with a fixed data intervall is, other than that you have to also input high resolution data in the "uninteresting" not much varying Mach areas. Or is it, that the game engine can't handle high resolution tables in general?
  22. I don't think there is a simple analytical solution for this. To create E-M-diagrams you have to fly the aircraft at the altitudes you are interested in over the whole velocity range. For different velocities you then determine the max g you can pull in a level turn. From g and true airspeed you can then determine the turn rate and radius at that velocity. To help gathering this data, this is there my proposed tool for postprocessing the debug hud output can come handy.
  23. F-2 Banshee Updated data pack

    Damn, I wish I still had the Banshee, and any other Razbam plane I once had... My divorce and PC breakdown made me lose all, and the RAZBAM d*ckheads never even bothered listening to my request. Those of you who have it, you are lucky bastards! ;-)
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