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  2. Thanks Eric I have that song already,,What I'm looking for is a whole set of jams that fit right into SF Vietnam..i remember years back there was one that played tunes randomly while I was flying
  3. I tried it russouk, but no luck. that is okay I will just try to find a texture atlas to compile all the texture as one and work my way from there.
  4. What happens when an ally become a frenemy...?

    I hang my head in shame for what our congress is allowing in this administration. With all those so called billions he has and with the full support of the US, this guy can't buy a clue. He's out for himself with very self serving motives. The entire thing is disgraceful. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trump_Towers_Istanbul Regardless of the outcome, Trump and Erdogan got pwned by Putin who's gotta be laughing his ass off right about now.
  5. Yes, he made a proper CF-5A sight which is included in the Beta 0.96 update above.
  6. Today
  7. TK posted this in Sep. 2007 in his forum. See this forum thread: LOD file format. - Third Wire Forums.htm. And I wrote already that he used obfuscation methods later. Just to clarify: I don't want to distribute any assets. I only want to use assets from the game I purchased or assets from this community within FlightGear. For this I plan to write a tool that automatically converts the SF2 data ini files into FlightGear files (Edit: the .lod file itself can be directly loaded into FlightGear via the OSG pluging, so no conversion of lod files needed). Again: no distribution of any assets! I think that's legal within TWs EULA and CombatAce Freeware License Agreement. And I see benefit for Thirdwire and the community: Maybe some will buy SF2 games if they know they can use the aircraft in FlightGear too. And maybe FlightGear can be enhanced to be a fully community driven open source air combat simulator. Then why not use the already by this community created assets? And yes, everybody has access to FlightGear assets. Most FlightGear assets are released under GPL or other "free" licenses. I was told recently, that FlightGear aircraft were already converted to SF2.
  8. You cannot install 1stGen games to the C:/ProgramFilesx86 folder. ALL 1stGen games, from windows 7 and up, MUST be installed at the ROOT of C/ drive. This will allow them to still be accessable for modding. This is a well know thing, and has been covered in the past.. If you install to the C/ProgramFilesx86, you've put it in a protected region of the HD, and have lost the ability to "mess with it". As your instant action ini issue, have you tried simply renaming the ODS one (back it up), and testing if the STOCK one works??? (basic diagnostics - common to one, or common to all??). YOu'll be flying with stock WoE birds, over GermanyCE, obviously, but that should have been the first test. Also, remember, ODS for 1stGens is old. All the people that built it have moved on, and is not (really) supported anymore.
  9. Im sticking with SF2 too....flightgear has some good terrains and features,but too long and complcated method of importing a model...think I will stick to what I know lol
  10. one time I had one mesh using 2 textures...what I did was select the polys of mesh used 2nd texture on them and didnt deselect polys...and exported the model did have the polys area still using the 2nd texture...not sure if it still works with the latest exporter tho
  11. Pixelations and paint

    Try this out vice burning up all of my space :)
  12. In my opinion, I could not disagree more and hate the way this is heading...The Developer of this Sim created an encrypted .LOD file format for a reason - to prevent theft and unauthorized distribution. I have never seen a post where the Developer has made a claim about not caring about reverse engineering - why do you think he ended up locking certain .LODs and other game components away then if he didn't care? Anyone can justify anything if they want, but it doesn't make it right. I'd personally prefer to see Thirdwire continue to go on it's own way and FlightGear do the same - I don't see what benefit Thirdwire or the community has in this arrangement - for example, do we suddenly get access to FlightGear assets? But I'm sure I'm again in the minority - seems to be just a free for all these days.
  13. No - the game engine does NOT support Multi-Sub object texturing.
  14. In my opinion the OSG file loader should be OpenSource; OpenSource is really the only way to guarantee the future availability of the plugin and therefore anything that depends on it. This is particularly important for community projects as it protects everyone's investment from becoming obsolete. FlightGear is multi platform (Windows, OSX, Linux) and this becomes hard when working with binary distributions. The rest of FlightGear is, and always has been OpenSource. This is tens of thousands of hours of effort - so it is only fair to keep with this philosophy. The copy protection offered by having a file format that can be reverse engineered isn't worth that much and in any case cannot protect against the use of a DirectX ripper to grab the geometry. I can understand the argument that it provides (limited) copy protection for the artwork and assets - but realistically most of us give our work away for no charge so the main use is to stop evil people from making money off our hard work; and realistically proper licencing is the best approach to this (e.g. CC NC). The OPRF current version only transmits release / hit / miss notifications - however I have a nearly finished WIP that will transmit in flight position messages for missiles and shells (subject to bandwidth limitations) Damage is calculated by the recipient based on the distance with a sprinkling of randomness. The python code isn't generally available (due to the risk of griefing)
  15. Sorry for not making my self clear, what I meant is if I apply 2 texture for the same model which is consists of two models but I want to attach them as one. instead of parents and children. in the game, they will show as a green color when I attache them. For example, this model consists of 3 separated models as I have a texture for each one I was thinking of using the multi / sub-Object for the material, but I never got it to work. that is why I was asking for a software to combine all the texture is one
  16. 7 Great Foreign Language War Films You Should See

    I can attest that Days of Glory is a great movie. And of course Das Boot too. Wizard
  17. I absolutely do not confirm that. Even stock SF2 objects use more textures for each 3d model.
  18. Please, can someone confirm to me that the game does not support more than one texture per model? From what I read that's what I came out with and that's what I was doing all along, so my question is does anyone know of a software that will take the textures and combined them as one texture for more than one model.
  19. You can download from Amazon, as they should have some Credence as well. Then you'd have to find a converter if the format is in .wav; https://amzn.to/2Mka5Ya
  20. Many moons and several hard drives ago I had a sweet Vietnam sound track like paint it black and some Credence any one have a link to it ??..thanks for any help
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