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  2. Wrench, many thanks for the help! The new pylon isn't completely wrong,but pretty similar to the real,BUT will be in the other side of the wing fence,this is the real issue ( in reality the wing fence will be more close to the engine nacelle,but this is another story).
  3. https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,48609.0.html MiG-21F air.MIG_21F NOINFO r01 SUMMERMiG-21F13 air.MIG_21F13 NOINFO r01 SUMMERS-106 air.S_106 NOINFO r01 SUMMERF-7M air.F_7M NOINFO r01 SUMMERF-7MG air.F_7MG NOINFO r01 SUMMERMiG-21FL air.MIG21FL NOINFO r01 SUMMERMiG-21PF air.MIG21PF NOINFO r01 SUMMERMiG-21PFM air.MIG21PFM NOINFO r01 SUMMERMiG-21S air.MIG_21S NOINFO r01 SUMMERMiG-21R air.MIG_21R NOINFO r01 SUMMERMiG-21MF air.MIG_21MF NOINFO r01 SUMMERMiG-21bis air.MIG_21bis NOINFO r01 SUMMERMiG-21-93 air.MIG_21_93 NOINFO r01 SUMMERMiG-21U air.MIG_21U NOINFO r01 SUMMERMiG-21UM air.MIG_21UM NOINFO r01 SUMMER
  4. charlielima, what did you typically carry while on ASW patrol or while conducting ASW training? I am modding my Cold Waters install because the Soviet Campaign mod has a lot of inaccurate weapon and search stores data for US ASW aviation assets. I have S-2, S-3, P-3, SH-2, and SH-60 primary source documentation but I only have partial stores info for the SH-3.
  5. If we thought we needed more then 12 we would carry more then 12 since we could reload the tubes in flight. CL
  6. now have the pylon showing ... nearly 2 hours to find a missing equals sign (=) in the system name listings. Wow, I feel dumb! but the "t28" pylon I'm using is too short in the vertical and horizontal. If one uses the stock 1300 mirage tank (as is stated in the loadout ini) it encounters the flaps. so, I might need a 3d guy to build a pylon that looks like the stock one built into the wing. But, if you don't mind not using the drop tanks, minor adjustments will make bombs and RPs fit.
  7. this thread needs some Boeings
  8. gotcha! Was looking at the Wiki article myself earlier. so.. adding the hardpoints is a nothing thing. That's easy. But some some damn dumb reason, the fake pilot pylons -- that's I've used before on IJN and USAAF airplanes aren't showing!! I must have a typo someplace... (and I've found the hit boxes are a total mess ... I know it's an AI-only bird, but jeez...at least have them ON the component they're supposed to be. Like the pilot hit box 6 feet in front of the aircraft!! I"m correcting them too!) I'll keep at it until I get it right!! Or have to ask for help!!
  9. New Aircraft

    As I near completion of the Pfalz, Heck is test flying the hell out of it to find the problems I always overlook. Also got started mapping the new Halberstadt CL.IV.
  10. From an old geocities Vautour site I have saved
  11. Yesterday
  12. Absolutely yes sir,four pylons in all three versions! I need to see some post 'bout the use of fake pilots,I'm a complete rookie about mod anything,honestly I never done nothing!
  13. The visual improvements alone are really tempting, but most Ukrainian/Russian sims lack mod tools. Plus, as VonS pointed out, the planned releases appear to require the latest, very expensive, technology. Consequently, I won't hold my breath - but I would love to be proven wrong!
  14. it only has 2 wing pylons. but, you CAN add 2 more via the 'fake pilot' method and use an existing (makeshift) pylon. I've done this many times for some of our older WW2 birds, and many others, that either didn't have them, or had severe issues with their existing ones the question is, did the real IIA have 4 wing pylons?
  15. MiG-21MF USN

    Simple drop in and fly! Excellent work! Very nice jet, Love it! Thanks!
  16. Wow,this was my hope! I think tha the IIA in the eburger's SF2:I Extension Pack is the 3W one.
  17. Well, best get posting then....... Heading down the Mu Gia pass....... Joy ride.....
  18. england

  19. Autumn Sale Launched on Website and Steam! Autumn is in full swing and our American friends are celebrating Thanksgiving, that means it is time for special sales to kick off the gift buying season! From Nov. 22nd – Nov. 28th we’re running a sale on Steam and our Website. Check out below for some amazing deals. https://il2sturmovik.com/store/battle-of-stalingrad/ - 50% OFF Fw-190 A-3 and La-5 (series 8) - 40% OFF Ju-52, Yak-1B, P-40E and Mc.202 - 50% OFF BOM and BOS - 50% OFF 10 Days of Autumn Campaign - 33% OFF Blazing Steppe Campaign - 66% OFF all ROF Content Have Fun!!!
  20. Never was able to get ROF running in WineSkin on a Mac - WOFFue and FE2, and RB3D, on the other hand, work just fine in WineSkin. I doubt that I'll try running ROF at this point especially (since it's no longer being developed or modded), or even that IL-2 Flying Circus stuff in the future considering that I'm very happy with FE2 and WOFFue, although competition in the small WW1 flight sim market is a good thing (for us too: greater user awareness of alternatives like FE2 and WOFFue, especially if users don't warm up to ROF/FC). I think with ROF/FC you also need to keep up with the latest technology regularly, otherwise frame rates suffer with every upgrade of the sim. Mid-range rigs on the other hand can run FE2 fine, also WOFFue on lower graphics settings. Happy flying in FE2 gents', Von S
  21. img00046.JPG

    you can make a more realistic texture with this program https://www.gezginler.net/indir/caesium.html
  22. Since we're speculating, maybe they're just waiting to video SP until the massive campaign upgrade arrives in December? The one that brings it up to the ROF-style SP career. That's what I'm waiting for.
  23. On behalf of the entire BMS development team, I am happy to announce that the latest iteration of the Billion Soft Falcon 4.0 total conversion modification - Benchmark Sims 4.33 U4 - is available for you to enjoy as of RIGHT NOW! Like U3, the changes and bugfixes in Update 4 are a direct consequence of feedback we got from some bigger MP sessions. There are no data or feature changes included in this patch. First things first: the "Falcon" trademark has a new copyright holder, Billion Soft (Hong Kong) Limited. We're very grateful to them that they support and enable us to keep releasing future BMS updates! BMS 4.33 U4 requires a legit installation of a Falcon 4.0 (all older and newer versions are accepted alike, i.e. Microprose, Hasbro, GOG, Steam, Retroism). The check is performed both at setup time and every time you start BMS. If no valid installation is found, BMS will exit with a corresponding error message. For those of you who are still in need of a legit Falcon 4.0 base installation, please be aware that Retroism is offering a special price for Falcon 4.0 for the upcoming black Friday weekend ($/€2.79)! U4 is an incremental update on top of U1 + U2 + U3, so you need to have the BMS 4.33 U1 Full Installer package and the corresponding 4.33 U2 Incremental Installer and 4.33 U3 Incremental Installer available on your PC. You can both update your existing U1 + U2 + U3 installation as well as perform a fresh U1 + U2 + U3 + U4 installation from scratch, as you like. See the installation instructions below for details. from: https://www.bmsforum.org/forum/showthread.php?32320-Falcon-BMS-4-33-U4-Incremental-Installer Changelog: Generic Information: - The build number string in the Falcon UI reads "4.33.4 Build 16083" after the update - No data or docu or config files have been changed, this update is a pure "code-only" patch - The shortcuts in the start menu and on your desktop will NOT be renamed to U4, feel free to rename them manually CODE: - Updated splash screen and monolog output for the new Falcon copyright holder: Billion Soft (Hong Kong) Limited - Significant performance improvements for importing ACMI .flt to .vhs: * Reduced time needed for import by at least a factor of 10 to 20 * Added monolog output, flt file size at START, duration summary and vhs size at DONE - In the UI chat windows, the participant tree title will now include the number of players in the chat, e.g. "(4)Lobby" instead of "Lobby" - Increased the disconnect timeouts for the transport layer to 60 seconds for increased stability in "short temporary network loss/disconnect" situations - Fixed mouse wheel not always working in UI - Multiple (potential) CTD/hang fixes: * memory depletion (OOM) CTD originating in a data range overrun * client CTD when exiting BMS * CTD related to input device sorting * CTD in DrawableTrail::DrawChunkBillBoards * CTD when exiting a campaign on a client due to invalid object access in UpdateIntel * CTD when checking in with AWACS * CTD in AirTaskingManagerClass::FindNearestActiveTanker * infinite loop in AirframeClass::CalcMach * CTD in VU message handling
  24. Autumn 2017 Bonus Event Starting today at 1500 GMT and lasting until 27 November at 0900 GMT, you can use your bonus points to save up to 60% on most DCS World store items! Please note that this is a bonus event and not a flat sale on all modules. You can read about the bonus program here. If you have available bonus points, you can apply them during the store checkout process. Modules Terrains Campaigns DCS: World War II Assets Pack Update In our continuing effort to add more content to the World War II Assets Pack, several new AI-only aircraft are in development. These include the Ju-88, A-20, and C-47. The Junkers Ju-88 was a German, twin-engined medium bomber. Over 16,000 were produced and ranged in roles including bomber, dive bomber, night fighter, torpedo bomber, and others. The Douglas A-20 Havoc/Boston was a United States light bomber that was flown by several allied nations during WWII. The A-20 was a very versatile aircraft with good speed and maneuverability for a light bomber. The Douglas C-47 Skytrain was a work horse for the allies in World War II and served as a troop and cargo transport. Also known by the nickname "Gooney Bird", the C-47 was also instrumental in paratrooper operations. DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Cinematic Video – Over the Strait of Hormuz This week we bring you our second cinematic video for DCS: F/A-18C Hornet. Today we see our Hornet over our next, new map for DCS World: the Strait of Hormuz Map. This map is being specifically created to support our Hornet. However, like all DCS World maps, this map will support all DCS World aircraft modules and Combined Arms. Sincerely, The Eagle Dynamics Team
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