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  2. Old PC for old games isn't bad idea, much better than emulation I think. They are very cheap or even free, so why not ? ;-)
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  4. I have a lot of older games that I run on my old spare Q660 pc...with a zotac geforce 8800 on win10 with an emulatior of win95....try an emulator... no need to spend cash on a pc google win95\98 emulators here for example https://www.myabandonware.com/howto/windows
  5. F-8 Crusader TACMAN

    I managed to find this so far, a single image from the F-8 Tactical Manual, listed as being from "NAVAIR 01-45HHA-1T". Source: http://f8driver.org/F8Driver.org/[F8U]_3071.html Also found this summery performance comparison of USN aircraft vs Mig-21. Source: http://f8driver.org/F8Driver.org/[F8U]_3080.html
  6. Need a little help

    lol, thanks guys. Pretty much what I was expecting
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  8. Possibly not. I think I added some of Cliffs gear tweaks but much, maybe most, is original. I did get a look at an Impala flight manual so adjusted the gear and flap speeds, empty weights, fuel capacities etc. Also had a look at some performance charts to try and match sustained and instantaneous G but it still needs fine tuning.
  9. ...you are watching an animal rescue video on YouTube and perk up at what the camera caught in the opening seconds of the video.
  10. Got an RTX 2080 TI

    I am looking at getting these items. Just need to decide on a motherboard. AMD RYZEN 7 3700X 8-Core 3.6 GHz (4.4 GHz Max Boost) G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3600 PowerColor Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB Video Card
  11. Wrong forum, a computer / hardware forum would be better to get a good response. But tail end of winxp wont have support for win95/98 os , like software and drivers for chipsets and hardware peices. Alot of people have winxp, for xp games not win95 games.
  12. Sily question - this new FM has all the tweaks showed above?
  13. As the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia worsens, Djibouti becomes one of the main gateway hubs for international aid into the region. Transport aircraft of all shapes and sizes enter the pattern to bring in much needed supplies..... It's exhausting work for the flight crews, but even the tragic crash of an Italian G-222 who's pilot reacted just a little too slow to a vicious downdraft doesn't stop the activity at the airport for long... Local airline services continue too.. Aid is transferred to a variety of tactical transports for the onward journey into Ethiopia A virtually unmarked Boeing 707 cargo bird is next in on finals It's paperwork says it's a charity charter flight bringing in medical aid from Bahrain, but if so why does it taxi over to an isolated area of the military part of the airport on landing before proceeding to the civilian area to offload it's cargo? And who were the guys hurrying from the briefly halted 707 to a waiting USMC CH-53E that received immediate permission to take off and set course for the Ethiopian border? To be continued....
  14. Got an RTX 2080 TI

    This damn thing freaking smokes. DCS looked good on my 1080 TI but this is a whole other level.
  15. 160 and Support?

    OK, my apologies in misnaming folder for file. Will delete the whole ini file, and proceed. Will advise, and thank you!.
  16. I have loads of old games that are unavailable elsewhere, like GoG and Steam. Most of them playable in Win 95/98, but hopefully OK with Win XP. A few might be worth playing. I have looked at tower computers with Win XP installed (plenty of internal room) as an alternative to my more modern computers. More than adequate CPU speed, and more than adequate RAM, at least for older games. Most of these computers were made toward the tail end of Win XP availability, so they are fairly capable, as-is, and upgradeable to a point which ought to greatly exceed what the games initially required. I have some older, single-slot GFX cards that presumably will fit. I have an LED monitor with the proper VGA connection. EAW runs fine on Win 7, but still struggling with Win 10. Hopefully, that problem will be overcome in time. This is mostly aside from all that. Nevertheless, there might be some utility on going Retro, at least as far as other games go, which do not have the level of support that EAW has--as in zero support. Price for a Win XP tower computer, refurb, is about $180, or so, with recovery disk. Some $ will need to be spent on it, of course, namely upgrading it (RAM, SSD, faster CD), and so forth. Was wondering what the consensus might be. Even if I spent $400 on this computer, with upgrades, and it allowed me to run some older, but very good games, it might be worth it. Your comments are welcome.
  17. Yep. Real life but you can also add some really annoying pitch stability issues I was encountering plus other projects plus summertime. Public beta test FM attached. Hopefully I can finish this thing in October. The pitch stability issues can still show up but I don't think it's any worse than ThirdWire's Vampire which has a similar issue. At certain speeds, if you give the stick a large displacement forward or back, the plane will just continue climbing or descending and not return to level flight on it's own. I spent a lot of time balancing the tail with the auto trim turned off [AutoTrimLimit=0.0] and noticed it doesn't exhibit the odd behavior with auto trim off. At present I have the auto trim set to a minimal level of 0.15 but it's still enough to get the pitch instability at certain speeds. Anyway, the FM still needs some testing/improvements but will post it here for public testing: ImpalaMkII_DATA0.95.zip NOTE: The Impala has surprisingly large weight ratings for the weapon pylons but in real life, anything over about 1600lbs of racks/weapons would have required a reduction in fuel to stay under the 12000lb MTOW.
  18. 160 and Support?

    That is a strange question because there is no "eaw.ini" folder, just an "eaw.ini" file. As Russ writes you can re-name the current one. When there is no "eaw.ini" file the exe writes a new one with the default settings.
  19. Yeah it does....But I think Mother Nature will destroy us before we destroy it.
  20. I have a couple questions about possible installation goofs and/or issues when running the game with the A&G Exp. and the 2014 Update First thing I want to bring up is that the B-52D, F, and G are not playable for me. The files to make them flyable are there, but the .INI file doesn't use any of the new files. I was able to modify the B-52D ini file once, but now it appears it's in a read only mode and I can't get changes to save. When I was able to play the B-52D there was this weird graphics goof where I had some kind of floor graphic blocking my view of the instrument panel and the overhead panels. Also when I flew missions the game crashed twice during the bombing run. Secondly I can no longer see enemy plane icons on the map during missions. Not sure if that was a conscious change or my game just derped out. My install timeline was: Exp1, 2, 3, 4, back to Exp1 for the additional stuff, VPAF add-on, then the Sept. 2014 update. Am running the games at the July 2013 patch level, so I made sure to do the post-2012 patch items.
  21. 17 September 1944, Operation Market Garden gets underway...
  22. Every one of us here has a mod manager already: a brain and the read me!
  23. Got an RTX 2080 TI

    Good for you Dave! I am in the process of selecting parts MB, Processor, RAM, and GPU for a long overdue upgrade but I am looking at AMD hardware due to the price point. The motherboard is the one part I have yet to settle upon. Once that is done I should be placing my order.
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