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  2. You can also make own unique desired font. - which is quite easy and takes just a few moments. Considering you might use it in a few projects, one effort of making font will profit in the future. I am using Gimp. So the process is quite easy and you can even make 20-30 decals per minute. (serial numbers etc..) Create a layer - full transparent. Chose 'text' from the side bar and write what is needed and export - without RLE compression. then delete text, input new one and export... and again and again. I am always setting some small transparency to text/numbers etc...in my opinion it looks better on aircraft and blends much better with skin. Usually around 90% transparency.
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  4. HAL TEJAS Beta Banidos Team

  5. HMS By Jove

    Check the upload date
  6. My Method for serial decals goes like this: In Excel or Google sheets i create the serials: Then paste them to a notepad: Then move to Word or any other text app and edit the font and effects Then cut them with Snag it And then i create them with Photoshop, the process explained above... Hope this helps...
  7. HMS By Jove

    Not sure what to make of this. The ship seems to be neither entirely sail or steam and yet it was a front-line warship.???????
  8. Mirage F-1EQ-2

    its very nice......
  9. Sukhois

    Any news on the Su-34 also please?
  10. Spring is time for backups

    I got a backup of all my SF2 campaign and other mod work on Google Drive. Just-in-case... oh so close, two weeks til the big release baby!
  11. Spring is time for backups

    Should one get an external hardrive or a thumb drive?
  12. Both the Hornet and the Tomcat like very low speeds. The Hornet has issues with its G restriction, so you have to go slow to access its full maneuverability. The Tomcat has to be flown very carefully... too fast and it accelerates even more rather than turning. Too slow and its speed bleeds very quickly. Finding and maintaining the sweet spot is challenging. I find the F-15C more forgiving than either one. I can adjust my AoA to build energy or trade speed for angles. Keep your speed between 300 and 450 knots, and you will do fine. If the F-15 had been given maneuvering flaps and leading edge flaps or slats, it would have dominated ACM aside from its large size being too easy to spot. I like the view out of the F-15, too. Right now, I think the Hornet is a good choice for most people: it can dogfight, it can pound the ground, and despite all the buttons and menus, it is very easy to start up, take off, fly, and land. Once you get its speed low enough, it is incredibly agile. For pure air-to-air, the F-15C would be my favorite, but the lack of full systems modeling / clickable cockpit is a huge drawback. If I wanted to fly a "lite" sim, I would have stayed with SF2. But that simplicity makes it so much easier to employ effectively with little or no practice. So, for me, the F-14B is the coolest of the available US "teen" fighters. It is probably the most capable, but requires a lot of skill and knowledge to operate correctly... and you have to deal with an AI RIO and/or switch seats to get certain things done. I haven't used the RIO much. If I ever learn how to use the Voice Attack / VAICOM Pro correctly, the RIO will be more realistic and useful.
  13. Blohm & Voss BV 141

    I have a 1/48 model of this aircraft hanging from my ceiling. I would never have expected to see it in a flight sim!
  14. I make blank transparent image,add numbers etc,then...as below...much easier and quicker
  15. Yesterday
  16. ps...this is the only sim I know of which has models of a\c etc that no other has....planes that never flew in air forces,obscure planes etc..
  17. 1st thing on my list would be....updated terrain reworks..as most terrains are far better repainted by the guys here.. Then New terrains, ground object mods a must ,add on a\c thousands..lol....some cases modders have made better a\c than stock ones... campaigns and Missions galore to d\l....also some total era specific mods IE WW2, Korea, etc etc...with custom game files IE,delete all game files and add the custome ones.. theres so much to keep you busy...depends on how much storage you have lol always some one to help...and still modders supporting the game.
  18. Leatherneck Simulations Spring Update http://leatherneck-sim.com/spring-awakening/?fbclid=IwAR0xAOxIQWuEF3zTCfmxWx41mmHjCG0PNl9nivoAoe2vqp4nRPn79E69uC4 Dear aviators, as Winter is now only a memory for the most of us, we would like to share with you some news that should change dynamics of our development and give you a better understanding of our status this Spring. Earlier in March we’ve posted a teaser on Facebook, announcing to the world our next major project. It is time to explain this module in greater depth, as well as, bring some news on our other projects, primarily F4U-1D Corsair and MiG-21bis. Vought Aeronautics F-8J Crusader The F-8 Crusader revered by Naval Aviators as the ‘last of the gunfighters’ due to it’s four 20 mm Colt-Browning Mk 12 cannons, is a legendary fighter now coming to a DCS World. Conceived during the early 1950s, the F-8 Crusader was developed by Vought with a set requirements that have changed an established long ago axiom, that carrier-based aircraft could not outperform shore-based ones. The U.S. Navy wanted a fighter capable of Mach 1.2 at 30,000 ft, Mach 0.9 at sea level and a 25,000ft-per-minute rate of climb coupled with great maneuverability. The result was Vought’s Model V-383, later designated XF8U-1, enjoying all the advantages available at a time such as lightweight materials, newly developed aerodynamics, ram air turbine and a formidable armament. With the first production F8U-1 leaving Dallas plant on September 20, 1955, a new era in naval aviation had begun. The F-8 Crusader was numerically the most populous fighter in the U.S. Navy at the outbreak of Vietnam conflict. The Crusader during its time, enjoyed great success against North Vietnamese MiGs, officially being attributed with 18 enemy aircraft shot down, which represented 53 percent of all Vietnamese fighters claimed by the U.S. Navy squadrons during Rolling Thunder operation. 1024×576 The F-8J ‘Juliet’ in development, was the last major modification of the Crusader family, which followed ‘Echo’ version. It introduced a number of improvements, of which most noticeable is the Boundary Layer Control, providing additional lift during take-off and landing, which initially was met with mixed success caused by a variety of issues such as ramp strikes. This in turn was addressed by the engine upgrade to a Pratt & Whitney J-57-P-420, which is the engine our Crusader will feature. Furthermore, the F-8J featured the following: A new AN/APQ-124 radar set 4 x 20 mm Colt-Browning Mk 12 cannons in the lower forward fuselage area ‘Y pylons’ enabling the fuselage stations to carry four air-to-air missiles or Zuni pods Underwing pylons Bullpup missile control systems. Despite its primary role, the F8 Crusader eventually turned out to be a capable air-to-ground platform, at one time being the only Navy fighter capable of carrying Mk 84 2,000lb bombs, one under each wing. 1024×680 DCS F-8J will also feature an AN/AWG-4 Fire Control System with BAT/ALE and SEAM Systems, Shoehorn ECM equipment, APX-72 IFF transponder, AN/ARC-51A Command Radio, ARN-52 (V) TACAN and many others. Having begun development of this module earlier this year, we’ve focused initially on obtaining any available technical and flight documentation as well as high quality pictures for already ongoing 3d model development. We’ve visited not so long ago the Museum of Flight in Seattle with an XF-8A on display and intend to visit more facilities such as the National Museum of Naval Aviation and Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum, to obtain a detailed pictorial documentation specific to later F-8 variants. 1024×313 Chance-Vought F4U-1D Corsair Since the previous update in January, a lot has changed in the F4U-1D development. External model textures are now almost complete and only a few elements and incorrections need ironing out. Thus, simultaneously, we began work in the cockpit, which unexpectedly needs some remodeling to ensure that a late variant of F4U-1D is represented. All this necessities convinced us not to show the 3d model prior to it’s completion, so that you can see it in its entirety. As soon as it’s ready, we will provide you with the set of footage. We also received a first preview of our pilot. Model below has only basic texturing applied and has yet to go through multiple phases, before completion. 627×993 627×993 MiG-21bis Fishbed 1 Moving straight from the Corsair to the Fishbed, we would like to give you a small preview of the upcoming cockpit update. In the past few months, you might have seen in our updates, how it has been changing. As development of the cockpit is progressing further, we can now present to you, a result of our work. Keep in mind that this state is still very much a work in progress. In order to improve the general look of the cockpit, not only have shapes and textures improved, but in some instances we’ve made a decision to entirely reconstruct certain elements, such as the windscreen and ASP-21-PDF gunsight. Derived from CAD designs, the new gunsight represents a higher quality 3D mesh than the previous one, while at the same time does not impact performance as we were actually able to reduce number of polygons in use. With that last thing in mind, we can also admit, that we’ve put an effort with this update in all possible aspects, to simultaneously improve graphics AND performance. For example, most recently we’ve tested a new set of cockpit lights which produced great visual effects, but had an unfortunate side effect, as it reduced performance, thus ruling it out as an option. As such, we will keep looking for any other opportunities to improve what we already have. Christen Eagle II And last but not least, our little puke machine, which has seen multiple requests, asking to further improve it’s external and internal sounds. To address this request, we’ve decided to employ a sound engineer who recorded high quality samples of an actual Christen Eagle II during aircraft startup and engine operation. After processing and adopting for DCS standards, this sounds will be implemented to satisfy your expectations.
  19. Spring cleaning and backups go hand in hand during this time of year. While you're out doing the honey-do list or figuring out where you put the vacuum after you used it last year, your machine could be making backups of all your important documents and files. Disaster recovery is real and a backup may save your sanity. Happy duplicating.
  20. then make them as "one piece"; as I assume they're all Level=2 having made near 10000 (yes, that's thousand, counting them all) decals, you can trust my advice!
  21. Contact Razbam on Facebook. We can't help with third party payware. Thank you.
  22. You say by the example that I put ?? because exactly that is intentionally aligned to the left because the numeral that follows fills the space that 1 does not fill ...
  23. to answer specifically about mission editor, there is a DLC mission editor available at the TW store or it comes with the SF2 Europe expansion pack (if budget allows i recommend going with the Expansion pack instead of just the editor) an theres a few of us around still workin with this old girl, plus plenty of previous content for much of what you could imagine. welcome to the party
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