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  2. I think this was my problem, the PSU was not getting enough air and get overheated. because after cleaning my PSU I never got a restart a gain.
  3. Episode VI posted. 'Wings Over The Reich: War Stories From The Battle Of Britain!' S!Blade<><
  4. Yeah man. We've been discussing this topic for years... people have tried, tired, and tried again. One person was able to rig something back in the WOE days. With rearming, refueling, and all that. I think the files got lost over time or something. Yeah we've tried a lot of things with the SF series. Some even developed a bomb sight for heavies ... and I can still hear Wrench say "leave the bombing to the AI" :) DCS is on top of things that's for sure. However SF series will always have a special place in my heart. I don't care how bad the graphics are or how limited the engine is. SF series is still a good series.
  5. So what goes into switching from VFR to SVFR and IFR? What's the hassle with IFR? From my understanding if your eyes can't see then rely on your instruments and avionics to see the things you can't.
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  7. Cheers Mate. I feel kinda bad flying as the Argentine and trying to bomb our ships but get the satisfaction with flying the SHAR and getting kills
  8. That's a shame. So is air to air refueling not supported either?
  9. Nope, none of that is doable in Strike Fighters 2 or even Strike Fighters 1
  10. Got back from seeing 1917. I will see about finding the project, finish the last few objects and pass it on.
  11. With a restart issue the first thing that comes to mind is an overheated CPU or a PSU lacking power to the rest of the computer.
  12. Honestly this might be because im too spoiled with DCS, but specially after returnign to Il1946 a bit i realized how important having the ability to rearm in a mission without wanting to end it is. Now im really wondering if that kind of things is possible in Strike Fighters 2 considering most of the action here takes place using air to air missiles.
  13. Zoey is right about all of it but what isn't known is why the pilot who was instrument rated simply didn't file and fly and IFR flight plan. The pilot had to change his VFR flight to SVFR in Glendale where Burbank held 2EX outside their Class D for 15 minutes because of traffic/weather but that's a known because the NTSB can talk with the controller that put them in the hold. Once the SVFR was granted it was the pilot's responsibility to maintain constant visual with the ground at all times, the pilot failed to do so. In that helo the panel is large it's not designed for scudrunning which is how it was being used but I digress. If you follow the flight they had to fly north of Van Nuys to avoid the approach corridor then clear of Van Nuys the pilot requested the turn to the south to pick up the 101. He did that you can see the followed the 101 for a bit but once the helo got to Las Virgenes Road you'll see the pilot depart the 101 freeway and course change to the south. This was the moment the pilot was in over his head. The pilot should have swallowed his pride and turned back especially if he couldn't distinguish a road from a major freeway (freeways don't have signal lights should have been his first clue). The south departure off the 101 was the critical moment and where the pilot got lost. He assumed the freeway was in a direction that it wasn't and flew 2EX into a granite cloud with total loss of situational awareness. The hard turn and dive was to avoid a collision with the mountain but he was committed. All avoidable mistakes for the cost of some humble pie. He thought he was capable of more than he was and and all his training and flight hours were overruled by ego. I'm pissed that he could be so ignorant of reality (he could see he had severely obscured visibility well below SVFR minimums) and safer options were right at his finger tips (literally). Van Nuys two echo xray back with you.
  14. More American aid allowed for actual bomber aircraft to be deployed. In 1951, the A-26 Invader (renamed to B-26) began arriving and being used. (Please note, as has been discussed elsewhere on CA, these lods have been hex edited to use jpg textures; no more problems with DDS files. At some point in time, maybe I'll do the same for the KAW versions.) As is usual, the bomber squadrons used a mix of B (gun nosed) and C (glass nosed) versions with themselves. As has been stated above, and many times across the years, they can't be mixed. So, the 2 squadrons are split between the models: GB I/19 "Gascogne" gets the A-26B GB I/25 "Tunisie" gets the A-26C below, you have their portraits If anyone has any information about a third A-26 unit (mentions of one have been encountered in my researches), please pass that along via PM
  15. With the fall of mainland China to the Communists, the US government woke up to the threat of their expansion in Asia (and soon to be engaged with them on the Korean peninsula) As an interim measure, F6F Hellcats were delivered to the AdA for use in Indochina from land bases (note: Flotille 1 also had them, but no records exist of them being deployed to FIC) Only a few units seemed to have used the Hellcat, GC II/6 "Normandie-Niemen" GC I/9 "Limousin" GC II/9 "Auvergne" GC I/6 "Corse" (the last to trade in their Spitfires in 1951, having never used the Kingcobra) --------------------------------- shown below: GC I/9 GC II/9 GC I/6 bonus image: Hellcat departing Gia Lam Airport
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  17. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    any news on the Privateer, as well??
  18. that is one of the best looking Spey Phantoms i've seen on this site mandatory screenie
  19. Since I don't do real world skins that often... I hope you like these ones. I saw them searching for something else and thought that I must do them. Possible that somebody created them already. F-4K Phantom FG.1, 43rd Squadron RAF, 70 Years Anniversary skin without Spinestripe... ...and with it
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  21. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Torno, sey que es fuera de topico pero hay alguna chance de lanzar los Fw y Ta 152? Hace como 1 año de espera. Gracias!!
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