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    This is the first release of the LOD Exporter for blender. A main reason for this release is to get feedback / bug reports from you users (3D Modeler). I'm not a 3D Modeler myself. I only tested the exporter with rather simple object (hierarchies). I tried to implement the exporter only based on the information I found by investigating LOD files. Thanks again to logan4 and angelp who provided me with specific lod files that helped me to understand the lod file format better. The Bottom line is that I have no idea if the exporter works for you. So please give feedback. The Exporter Script: Update: The latest version can be found in the download section: https://combatace.com/files/file/16747-lod-exporter-for-blender/ 1.) Installation Open the Blender User Preferences - Add-ons Tab (File -> User Preferences... -> Add-Ons) Click "Install from File..." Browse to and select the exporter python script "io_export_sf2_lod.py" Click "Install from File..." (or double click on the script name) In the Add-Ons Tab under Supported Level select Testing and enable "Import-Export: Strike Fighters 2 LOD Exporter" The LOD exporter is now installed and enabled. Under File -> Export you should see the menu item "Strike Fighters 2 LOD (.lod)". It's greyed out until an exportable object is selected. 2.) Usage Select the object you want to export and click File -> Export -> Strike Fighters 2 LOD (.lod) The file browser opens. In the lower left area you see the LOD exporter options. Currently there is only one option: enable/disable writing the out file (text file with information about the exported object(s)). The selected object and all child objects are exported. Please note! The objects must meet the following requirements: -No scaling in the Transform Properties allowed (that means: scale x = y = z = 1.0). If your object has scaling, it should be applied to the mesh (Ctrl-A) -A material must be assigned to the object. Only the first material of an object is exported. Only the following material parameters are exported: -Diffuse Color (the lod file format also contains ambient color. Currently the exporter set ambient color = diffuse color) -Specular Color -Specular Intensity -Specular Hardness (I think in 3ds Max it's called glossiness) -if "Shading -> Emit" > 0.0 then self illumination is enabled -Transparency (if transparency is enabled, then the object doesn't cast and doesn't catch shadow. if transparency is disabled, then the object cast and catch shadow. The specific LOD format version the exporter writes, doesn't support arbitrary cast/catch shadow combinations. The other LOD formats I don't understand enough (yet). Sorry!) -Alpha -Mirror Reflectivity -Diffuse texture image name (as diffuse texture the exporter uses the texture where "Influence -> Diffuse -> Color" is enabled) -Normal map texture image name("Influence -> Geometry -> Normal" is enabled and the Normal value is also exported) -Specular map texture image name("Influence -> Specular -> Intensity" is enabled) -Normal and specular map can only be used together with a diffuse map. (If I exported a normal or specular map without diffuse map, then the LOD wasn't shown in the game or the game crashed. I don't know why...) The exporter supports no animation yet
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    I know Yankee Air Pirate is controversial here. But through this addon I learned about and came to the strike fighter series. So it seems Mike was partly responsible that I'm here in this community now.
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    I fixed the bug in version 0.2. I updated the link in the first post. Please redownload the script and reinstall it into blender. I tested your cube with blender version 2.78 and 2.79:
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    ...Thanks to this awesome community! Have been flying the usual SF2E missions, but using helicopters instead! Sure, I know that some of the missions cannot be flown due to aircraft range, but man, memories of the old days of Janes Longbow 2, love it! Has anybody ever considered setting up a map or a campaign for these kinds of missions? Something awesome about getting up close and personal to a T-72 and using a TOW missile! Thanks so much everybody!
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    You guys singing the praises of B5 have excellent taste!!
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    first, mue HUGE thanks for your efforts. you sir may be one of the most important modders of the community with not a plane nor campaign release! that said, a note to everyone reading: it will be very helpful if the knowledgeable people can create a tutorial for making a 3d object once the kinks are worked out. doesnt have to be a plane, say make a box with lid. that way, animations (if mue gets them to work), adding materials and all other related materials are covered. yes i know it could be a big request It will NOT end the endless "how do i" questions. it WILL provide a learning tool for those that do diligent research and be an end point for the how do i threads (yes i know i've been pointed tot hte KB many times myself over the years) i look forward to seeing the final polished product, and really hope i can contribute whole aircraft rather than skinsets for already done birds. but i personally want to put out a decent product, and admit i would need pointers on what the 3d guys have practice for years just a couple pennies on the matter
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    Bad news, but i took over the exterior model to finish it.. working on it right now and it is nearly done!
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    Hi all, This is my GeeBee Z Sportster. I made this model back in 2011 and I have upgraded it to my level of work of today. This GeeBee Z can be used in Vehicle Simulator and Canvas Knights games. The GeeBee Z can be downloaded in Canvas Knights Mods. Hope you all enjoy the GeeBee Z. Deutschmark
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    It is usually located C:\Users\your_name\Saved Games
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    Type "Saved Games" in your search bar at the bottom of your computer. It should take you to the folder.
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    B5 was probably one of the best, if not best, SciFi show of all time. I have the DVD box set. as to rerunning, I've discovered Andromeda on the Roku channel - never got to see many of them when first broadcast
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    well, 5 years since last patch i think the binary file warning would be null and void. of course watch the community get something going then he releases a new patch! this folks, highlights why i've not subscribed to the "this series is dead" line of thought. we all keep talking like this and it could shape up to be an interesting year in CA land
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    Sci-Fi is my lot at the moment with regard to TV shows. Pick TV here in the UK is re-running all the Babylon 5 series, one of my favourite shows. Its great to see the main characters again and follow the story line.
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    Thanks ;-) Closing to the end ;-)
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    Great! thanks for the link crusader
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    dave don't forget upgrade this mod (F-16C BLOCK 30 Barak / 40 Braket and F-16I Block 52 Soufa


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