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    “La Muerta Negra” (The Black Death)
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    There's always something to go blow up.................
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    That's a very cool idea! Reminds me of the yet to be released Ace Combat 7; in its storyline there is a penal air squadron/battalion made up of convicts and probably even captured enemy pilots. I hate advertising my own stuff, but my remade Iraq/Iran terrains seem the perfect scenario as they include Teheran. Spec Ops helo missions from the Gulf all the way to the Iranian capital! The 1980-2003 version of the terrain has Iran set to Blue Side, but I think that through the campaign's .ini files there is a way to force Iranian bases as Red Side. At worse, I am always available to tweak the existing terrain and turn Iran to Red Side as default.
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    Fully agree about Jonathan and AngelP, I miss a nice cockpit, especially for the early AJ-37 :( Image :
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    And Yakarov RH-53 can be put to good service!!! https://combatace.com/files/file/16273-sikorsky-rh-53d-sea-stallion/ Can I ask which map guys are you gonna use?
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    check the skins in the folder (are they jpg, bmp, dont exist). what you find will help determine the answer but short version is the game doesnt think it has anything to put on the model and the thread pops up to the top with a new posting, so yes necro threads walk the streets if you make them do so
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    PFunk, curious have you considered doing an Eagle Claw campaign based off the Darius terrains and info? brings it back into the realm of game comfort zone, could be alt history'd into a wider campaign and one of our own was on Gonzo station in '80 (a post o his on FB is what made me think of this). would just have to get rid of most of hte Soviet hardware plus the sides are fairly matched, if one "lets the infidel trained pilots and ground crews" out of jail to repulse the Americans.
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    And that is a good way to start cockpit... just saying...if someone is making some other Su..
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    Small update on the pit from Logan!! Im so excited!!! The pit mesh itself is borrowed from the exterior model and is WIP, but his panels and new parts as you can see in this and the last pictures, are great! Thanks Logan!
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    Mate, I don't know if you continued to follow the thread on the ARC site.but look like if four guys of the bottom row of pics don't show pilots ( lack of golden wings) but ground pounders. Check it Nyghtfall! Gianni
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    That can be interesting : http://www.radartutorial.eu/19.kartei/11.ancient/karte046.en.html
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    Mate,I published the link of your discussion on the ARC forum,a lot of ex-pilots there,here you can follow the thread. Gianni
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    Quite welcome. Yup, I just copied the two ini files in F-111 Aardvark USAF Super Pack 1920 v14\Extras\F-111_IDF_What_If_Skins\Correct F-111D HUD\F-111D in your pack over to the E. Haven't done it with the F, worried I might mess up the visual cockpit model of the F. Having a CCIP to me is really important! Thanks for noticing the AB issues.
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    Iraqi Air Force Mig-21F, MF and R versions. This pack includes some pilot files, weapons and skins. All skins are new made by me based on comrad's great template http://combatace.com/files/file/14482-mig-21-mfsm-temps/ I repainted few things and added few new (like on F skin). All national markikngs are painted. Only decals are serial numbers. Ive added new PTB-490 liter fuel tank. Also "pilot" folders are added. fake pilot SPO-3pod is rapainted to match R version skin. SPO-3 fake pilot by Spillone104 Fakepilot mod is needed to run MiG-21R. It includes ini files; loadouts, avionics, cockpit etc. Those files are edited little - mostly changes in weapon stations. INI files are borrowed from MiG-21 Complete pack by ataribaby http://combatace.com/files/file/9488-mig-21-complete-pack-sf2-18/ FM is (i think) medium setings from Fubar512 settings. Cockpits and avionics are from Paladrian MiG-21 set AmokFloo for KV1 seat Decals are set to randomization=TRUE and using standard TW decals set. Have fun Jarek Hereda. If i missed someone work here sorry for that, It was not intensionaly.
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    Version v1.2


    Dassault Super Etendard Pak (SEM) For SF2, Any & All (Full-4 Merged Prefered) The Super Etendard is a carrier-based single-seat strike fighter first introduced into service in 1978. It is an updated version of the Etendard IVM. Based on experience gained during the Korean war (1950-53), French authorities drew up specifications for a light interceptor. This definition was rapidly assimilated into a program for a light tactical bomber that could also fulfil an air superiority mission. At the same time, NATO published its requirements for the LWTSF (Light Weight Tactical Strike Fighter). In response, the Dassault company presented its Mirage and Etendard aircraft. Package includes: Super Etendard; Super Etendard SEM 1; Super Etendard SEM 2; Super Etendard SEM 3; Super Etendard SEM 4; Super Etendard SEM 5; Super Etendard Iraq; Super Etendard Argentine Navy; 5 skins; Adjusted weapons loadouts. Super Etendard by foxmonter. Texture and decals modification - denis oliveira , FRPignon. Template texture - FLOGGER23. Cockpit modification - FRPignon. Raven_claws 2.0 weapon pack.
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    Yea I've certainly enjoyed terrorising U.S. Aircraft including F-15's, F-18's, F-16's, F-23's, F-4's, F-14's, and various bombers But I prefer the fighters As I enjoy a good fight and love watching the F-15 and F-23 go down in flames and plunge into the earth!


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