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    The guys are doing Sterling work on the R.11 files, while I work on the skins. Progress shots below.
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    Mitubishi/IAI F-2I "Nachash" (Snake), 109th Squadron, June 2004 Mitubishi/IAI F-2I "Nachash" (Snake), 101st Squadron, August 2004 by day by night
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    @amariani Nice skin..we need more B-17 & B-24 skins ! Fortress over Europe
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    The Rarest of the Rare...an F-4G Phantom II of VF-116 Black Lions, circa fall 1964...a squadron that never "officially" existed since it was commissioned by mistake and then countermanded almost immediately, but not before a few aircraft were actually painted, including this one, Modex 610, BuNo 150645.
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    On March 3, 1969 the United States Navy established an elite school for the one percent of its pilots. Its purpose was to teach the lost art of aerial combat and to insure that the handful of men who graduated were the best fighter pilots in the world. They, Succeeded Today, the Navy calls it Fighter Weapons School. The flyers call it TOPGUN! What is it all about? Afraid you won’t be singing in bars and dating civilian flying instructors but you will be flying non-stop Air to Air against a selection of Navy Aggressor A-4s. So, if you have not flown much A-A recently this could be the thing for you with three campaigns set in different years with a selection of Jets to fly. The lesser striped A-4F Mongoose does not take prisoners -- great balls of cheese! The campaigns consist of: Campaign 1 1970 Select from the US Navy / Marines F-4B (1965), F-4B (1967) and F-4J to go up against A-4E aggressors. Campaign 2 1974 Select from the US Navy / Marines F-4J (1974) and F-4N to go up against A-4E aggressors. Campaign 3 1978 Fly the US Navy F-14A (1974) and go up against A-4F Mongoose aggressors. Oh yes and you need to try and survive 20 missions with only about 3 wingmen. Check your six or else an A-4 flown by such celebs as Viper and Jester will blow you out of the sky! The environment This is set over a reworked South West US Terrain and has a NAS Miramar runway layout like the real thing and some very nice looking features. Think Tactically So, as you can see you ideally want to avoid getting sucked into any turning fights and that also applies to the F-14A because the up-engined A-4F kinda cancels out the F-14s better turn ability. Keeping and supporting your AI wingman is a must and is key to dealing with the A-4 hoards and keeping your wingman alive is a must to complete the target of 20 missions. Your wingman is although not the most intelligent of pilots he is also vulnerable to your wayward sidewinder shots and general incompetence in issuing commands. If you have not flown the Mirage Factory F-14 the mod comes with, then there are a few different key presses for the radar and also advise learning how to use the radar (it helps!). Where'd Hollywood go man.......oh there he is - never never leave your wingman! We are the Mods The music it comes with is ace and (thank god) not a sign of “Lead me on” by Teena Marie. Those who had the soundtrack might still have flashbacks to some of the tracks on it. Anyway no need to touch the music or the terrain. I am using Starys SARCASM mod in this for environmental effects and also some Top Gun themed 1080 menu screens by Viper63a. The screens can be simply dragged into the Menu and Flight mod folders depending – also remembering to rename them to the correct file name so they show. You can of course change whatever else suits you for the environment you wish to replicate. Here Viper is telling me how my name will never be on the Top Gun trophy after losing all my wingmen in about 3 missions. Starting a campaign Important here suggest setting Campaign Difficulty as normal, and set Weapon Supply to Unlimited otherwise you will be down to AIM-9Bs by about mission 5. My first several campaigns had a distinct theme of running out of wingmen Do you think your name is going to be on the trophy? – You will need a lot more than ego to beat Viper and his souped up A-4 The F-14A took a while to get used to and best to use its advantages of radar with IFF. I have only used AIM-7Fs in these campaigns and do advise taking out the bad guys BVR if you can. With the F-4s you have less advantages but again playing to your strengths will allow you to prevail. Every now and then a cargo plane takes off on its flight to Hong Kong full of Rubber Dog s***. If you screw up just this much you might be on the next flight.
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    By the end of March 2019, one of the world’s most successful, combat-proven, fast jets will have been retired. https://combataircraft.keypublishing.com/2018/01/25/last-year-of-the-tornado-gr4/
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    VonS' new effects are gorgeous.
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    NOTE: for those flying FE2 with the latest ver. 9.5 FM update pack, and if you should experience any CTDs, the offending file is the "formation.ini" located in "ForFlightFolder: FormationAndMissionControl: EarlyWarAllMidWarNonWest_LowestCongestion." The file works most of the time but FE2 has an oddity where upping the frequency of lone-wolf missions sometimes freezes the sim. or results in a CTD. The simple solution is either to swap out that file or to substitute the formation.ini file from "MidWarWestLateWarNonWest_ModerateCongestion" if you experience any CTDs - it's a finicky file that works with some plane types, and mission types, but not with others. Will see for the next FM update pack if I can control flight congestion and frequency entirely through the missioncontrol.ini files. Happy flying, Von S
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    A High Speed Pass.....F-14 VF-101 Grim Reapers...
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    Just came across this, and thought I would share it.
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    Version 9.7


    Hello Gents & Fellow Flyers of First Eagles 2, Included in the same folder with this ReadMe file are over 200 modified data files that I use for aircraft that are available on the CombatAce website for First Eagles 2. I’m very pleased that we have a larger selection of aircraft for the WWI period than WOFFue or ROF – well done modders and many thanks! The installation process for the data ini modifications is now streamlined, with all versions up to 9.5 being included per theater in a large “consolidated” folder. Inside that folder you will find two “Read Me” files that list a version history up to ver. 8.9, also from ver. 9.0 to 9.5, and all of the incremental mods. done to the FMs up to that point. The latest files are found per theater in a separate “DataFilesAdditionsVer97” folder. Also take note of other folders such as “ForFlightFolder,” “ForObjectsFolder,” etc., located in the latest ver. 9.7 update, and install items into the relevant folder hierarchy of your FE2 user directory. Always install older version files first before upgrading to the latest ver. FM pack (if you are missing ver. 9.5, for example, first install the files from the big consolidated folder before overwriting with the files from ver. 9.7). A great many thanks go out to Peter01 and Ojcar, also TexMurphy, for making most of those flight model files to begin with. Also a great thanks goes out to Stephen1918, MontyCZ and Laton for providing lots of beautiful planes and skins that go with those great flight models, to NBell for the many hitbox improvements provided for the planes, also to VonOben, Mike Dora and Crawford for many helpful suggestions, and to the A-Team by SkunkWorks for allowing me to tweak a few of the FMs for their models too. And of course a very big thanks goes out to Geezer for the fantastic, high-quality models that are still being made for FE2. What I've done is tinkered with the data files further. Modifications in all cases, to a greater or lesser extent, include data under the following sections: (a) MissionData (b) FlightControl (c) AIData (d) Sound (e) AircraftData (f) Engine (g) Crew (h) Internal Guns (i) Control Surfaces (j) Landing Gears (k) Fuselage, Nose, Tail, Vertical Tail, LeftStab, RightStab, Rudder, Left/Right/Inner/Middle/Outer/Tip Wing components As always, please read the included "Read Me" file for more thorough installation info. and details regarding the FM tweaks. Enjoy and happy flying! Von S
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    Hello everyone I started working on a project a week ago.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is only Skins, cockpit and inis. THERE are NO aircraft LODs (aircraft 3d model). This pack is only for persons who are lucky to have Su-33 aircraft. installation: 1. Back up your Su-33 previouse files and delete Su-33 folder from your mod folder. 2. Extract the archive, and place files in your mod folders at their places as usual you do. 3. Copy files SU-33.LOD and SU-33-001.LOD from your back up in your just installed Su-33 folder. Rename if needed. ====================================== Used files: Sea Flanker cockpit 1.0 By YEYEYE (approved by Erik, October 22, 2014) ================================= New Skins: 1nd Squadron Eagles of 279 KIAP 2nd Squadron Tigers of 279 KIAP Su-27K Shenyang J-15 Prototype Gray Shenyang J-15 Prototype Serial Shenyang J-15 Prototype Yellow Old Skins: None Best regards, bazillius.
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    This is what happens when you clip a tent while hotdogging...
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    View File SF2 TW A-4C+L Skyhawk layered Templates (4096x4096) TW A-4C+L Skyhawk layered Templates v1.0 ============================================ This is "my precious" - layered templates for TW's A-4C+L Skyhawks. These are also the replacement for the older templates I once released. These can be used to create Skins for Thirdwires A-4C, C_65 and L Skyhawks. Included is the standard USN/USMC Gray/White camo with up to 5 patterns (depending on part). Most markings come in several variations and/or colors. With the help of mue's great LODViewer I included UVMaps for the planes. Notes & Issues -------------- - layergroups are reduced to just one level, so other software may be used without major problems from this PS-feature (though I did not test this in GIMP, etc.) - I removed all layer masks, as I was told, work with them is difficult or not really known Credits & Thanks ---------------- Thirdwire + TK for the Skyhawk-models and a great game mue for his great LODViewer everyone that helped me active or passive in the process of learning to create skins/templates. If I forgot someone, contact me please! Also if you have problems or advices for improvements feel free to contact me. A final wish: If you like this template so much, that you create and release skins from it, feel free to give proper credit... Have fun, Over&Out Nyghtfall 17_06_2018 Submitter Nyghtfall Submitted 06/17/2018 Category Skin Templates  
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    Thank you very much for sharing. I am in awe of the bravery of those Bomber Command Crews. The video really highlights the lack of realistic escape options. And, let us remember that the Stirling/Halifax/Lancaster force operated at night. So, these aircraft could truly become dark, flying coffins. The crew stations in Cold War aircraft, especially those with ejection seats, seem almost luxurious by comparison.
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    80s tankers done soon. bulk of unit work is done just gotta tighten up a few things. i expect cards. after all, i cared enough to send the very best
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    Early morning sortie... An Air National Guard F-102A Delta Dagger of the 196th Fighter Interceptor Squadron based out of Ontario, California, circa 1969.
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    Sorry just notice some problems on the front of the wings , here is the problem fix AIM-4E AIM-4E.7z
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    ...unfortunately we'll never know. Mandatory Screenshot "Recon"-Skyhawk. Bomb damage assessment camera - a small visual gimmick. :)
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    Negative.....glad you all are still enjoying it. Just was thinking what if...
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    Persian Gulf intercept F\A-18Cs over the Persian Gulf.....(because my FB feed has suddenly become clogged by DCS screenshots)
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    Some progress on the Vietnam Scooters. Focus lies on A-4E and F (B+C still need Cockpit-Repaint). I'm still not sure yet, how to release a first package...Currently I'm at 46 skins with 1,5GB disk space. VA-56 "Champions", USS Ticonderoga, 1964 VA-152 "Fighting Aces", USS Shangri-La, 1970 VA-106 "Gladiators", USS Forrestal, 1967 VA-55 "Warhorses", USS Hancock, 1968 VA-155 "Silver Foxes", USS Constellation, 1966
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    Eagle Squadron action...
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    What's a day in the North Atlantic without rain?
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    Most recently...Anti-runway mission, apparently I was not the only flight in the strike. A Phabulous Phantom on its way to Kim Jong's house... A few presents for the Dhimari regime This "what if" Voodoo is not terrible... From the pit of the Sabre, all I saw was the tracers going out front, I thought I was high for AAA, and so I paused to see... So I showed him how it was supposed to be done... Heres just a great shot of my 510th Buzzards F16 flying over Hanoi (I think)... I think the grey paint is good camo for city scapes... Speaking of camouflage, how about this one? And finally, a pass by the carrier before heading out for the afternoon.
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    TOPGUN. What else ? Well... just to piss off the Air Boss, I decided to buzz the tower again. Long live to the 80's NAS Miramar ! Thank you JSF_Aggie !
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    In version 6, I upgraded the Desert Storm Aardvarks. I did some more tweaking on the other F-111s - cleaned up the skins and details. I also modified the pilot helmet and mask for the F-111Fs to look more modern. F-111s are one of the few SF2 ACs where you can see the co-pilots up close, so it had to look good. I am very happy with it. I hope you like it too. I've been using this pilot model for the other planes too...so I may release it as a mod of it's own. All credit to Florian - "AmokFloo" - I am using his/her LOD...I've seen other pilots and they look good, but none as good as Florian - "AmokFloo"s LOD. If you know of any other...Let me know... Enjoy! = Viper =


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