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    Oh yeah, cant wait to fly this mother fucker on the new rig.
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    i´m working on the Mk.77 fire bomb series and i have finished the MK77 mod4 , mod 5 and mod 6 , i would like to make the Mk77 mod2 and or mod 3 as well but i would need some more detail pictures of this bomb in particular of the front and rear as well as the filler holes this are the pictures i have of this Mk77 mod2 or mod 3 bombs , i have no idea what kind of igniter and fuze was used here , so if you have some info or good pictures of this particular bomb pleas send them to me , i NEED them this is what i have finished so far Mk77 mod4 Mk77 mod 4 with AN-M23A1 igniter and Fuze Mk77 mod 5 Mk77 mod 6 without the thread in the front and rear igniter cavity
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/November_2015_Paris_attacks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISIL-related_terror_attacks_in_France
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    I was just about to post a notice of this film, but I see people found it already. Without any spoilers... it is an almost flawless movie. Maybe the only watchable war movie since Letter from Iwo Jima. Whoever did it managed to earn my respect. And that's really hard to get anyone knows me can confirm In short, it told whatever must be told about Polish pilots. Finally some respect shown - and the shameful sorrow aftermath. I wonder when Hollywood will produce something at least equally acceptable?
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    simmerspaintshop has been closed for well over a year now. A sad thing -- it was the BEST resource around
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    could this be the link ? and the gentleman with the FB page from turkey has had some skins that were photorealistic metal. my observation was that they were photos of hte real thing that were overlayed on the appropriate texture (this was post Mue lod viewer iirc)
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    Thanks mate, I had missed that release, I have it now. Looking forward to the Belgian skin. Obligatory screenshot: the Netherlands Douglas 8A-3N in 1940
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    5 new belles. Check six is the best ;-) Following are finished for now ;-0)
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    for now I have only these pages from tac manual...I will check for more.
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    Pharaoh recce...with #2 for escort. Came in handy when three F-16 flights tried to intercept. I avoided two of them but the 3rd flight, a 2-ship, engaged. My #2 downed one with S530 and I got the other F-16 with a Magic. No pics, been too busy defending against Python 3 and 9L
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    I've seen it. My recommendation: Make the time/effort to see it. It's DAMNED good.
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    Like most MiG fighters, the ’19 was a rough and ready hotrod. Fast, agile and powerful — it was also ill-equipped, unforgiving and brutal. Armed with three 30-mm cannon and Sidewinder missiles, and the fastest acceleration of its generation, the MiG-19/F-6 of the Pakistan Air Force was flawed but potent. We spoke to Wg. Cdr. Irfan Masum about flying and fighting in the ‘Pack of Roaring Power’. https://hushkit.net/2017/10/30/flying-and-fighting-in-the-mig-19-in-conversation-with-wg-cdr-irfan-masum-part-1/
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    Interview with Indian pilot https://hushkit.net/2018/08/15/flying-and-fighting-in-the-mig-27-interview-with-a-mig-pilot/
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    Another uninvited visit to Cairo... Revealing another capability of the Mirage 5D ... Target: Western bridge ramp Firing ..................................................................................................................................... missile failed! So time for #2 to attack... And lead made a 2nd run over the tgt to capture the result Fin.
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    This is C-130 Of Egyptian Air Force I just Made A Skin Your Friend From Egypt
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    KC-130T Hercules tanker as flown by the USMC. Read the readme.txt. Dels


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