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    Coming soon: 44 3ds new models and more to be added after release.
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    Progress report on 23 Grupo.
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    Mirage 4000BA (Bloody Awesome)
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    Game is over for this Mirage ! Don't worry... the pilot is alive !
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    ...more tweaks of data inis and atmospherics for an early Cold War prop install, will eventually upload the files (currently busy with the LA-7). Von S
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    we have tested the framerate and there was no drop, as all the models are low poly ;) No there are not part of the AB they are all separate. ;)
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    .................... excuse me while I pick my jaw up from the floor ............................... Seriously though, are all the objects part of the airfield model or are they separate?
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    Cool indeed, but the framerate will be sacrificed.
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    Strewth! TSR.2 Down Under!
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    That's the same bug, but using two different bombing profiles*, the one Menrva describes is when guided bombs are mounted on AI flights trying to perform dive bombing attacks, the one described by Major Bloodnok is when they try to perform level bombing attacks with the same loadout. * Don't ask me how the engine decides which to perform with FIGHTER or ATTACK planes, the same mission, with the same planes and loadout doesn't always lead to the same bombing profil being used by the AI, there's probably a RNG and a chance for each in some file for each plane type and mission type, but I haven't bothered searching for it. Only BOMBER are predictable as in my experience they only use level bombing.
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    Great plane. Thanks for the marvelouse job!
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    Well since I don't have the time to learn DCS, I've been acting out my Tomcat fantasies lately... There go six AIM-54Cs towards Libyan bombers... Yup, I hand-flew the Tommy down. Of course. That reminds me, don't I have something more modern that doesn't require me to remember how to sweep the wings back I should be finishing up. I thought so - stay tuned.
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    Hello Torno ! I hope to fly your beautiful Mirage 5F... Dagger A taken from the control tower !
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    Lead and wingman...Mig-cap over Korea
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    Been working on the Bleriot gunner and S79.
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    Here are the images...
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    Im busy ,but doing as much as I can....hopefully not too long
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    All your recent works look really good, guys - for FLYING CIRCUS as for BATTLE OF BODENPLATTE! I hope that at least some of the Picardie/Flanders/Ardennes landscapes can be used for BODENPLATTE and FLYING CIRCUS - that would save time. Since I made an early purchase, I find it hard to wait much longer for FC, and for my beloved Albatros scouts. All the drooling may finally leave me too dehydrated to be fit to fly!
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    F-101A/C by Erikgen and team. Please read the read me. Credits: Column5 for the FM Spillone104 for the J57 sound NGHENGO, bobrock, Canadair, triplethr3at as test team Dave and Jimmybib for decals and skins and various support Again a special thanks to Dave who strongly wanted this airplane to which initially I was not so interested. I hope I did forget noone. Thank you very much guys. (Thank you by Dave) I can't thank Enrico enough for doing this for me. You forever have my gratitude and my thanks. Thanks to Jimmybib for helping me sort the skins and thanks to C5 for coming through once again on the FM. F-101A/C Ver 1.1 - FM modifications from Column5 - .ini update in order to use new fuel tanks from mppd - disabled nuke capability for F-101A (just add NUC if you want it back) - changed the fixed guns from 3 to 4 for the F-101A (in the directory "3_gun_version" the files to come back to 3 guns configuration) - added metal effects on skins.


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