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    Final testing and packaging has started for an RCAF CF-100 MK-4 Euro version. The plan is to make separate packs for European and North American service. The European Mk-4 pack will have a tight date range from November, 1956, to December, 1962. The Belgian MK-5 will be uploaded later with a historic date range as well. The North American pack will reflect the longer date range for Canadian MK-4/MK-5 service and may include a dedicated ECM version but that's still getting some research. The MK-4 flight manual mentions the capability of carrying four 1000lb bombs. This wasn't done in practice but secondary STRIKE and ANTI_SHIP roles will be included with the primary roles being INTERCEPT and CAP. Air to air rocket tests are continuing and the AI are sometimes completing successful intercept missions against IL-28's but with less success against fighter sized targets. The TU-16 is more or less immune to AI intercepts, although I've seen a few collision course kills by the AI. By collision course I mean ramming! When player flown it might be possible to maneuver the CF-100 formation into a better firing position against the TU-16's prior to "engaging air" but I haven't had any success yet. The external tanks on the CF-100 were "no jettison" although the fuel could be dumped from them over a 2-3 minute period. The performance penalty when carrying external tanks is quite high so they won't be included in the load out ini except for secondary RECON missions. Recon in this case being the guy in back with a camera. [ It's been done before] "What If" load outs will be available for radar and infrared guided missiles but not included in the load out ini. The rocket pods will be carried on intercept missions only as they are almost totally useless against maneuvering fighters. For cap missions the load out will be guns only. Still some research going on but It seems the RCAF versions sent to Europe were all MK-4's with some RCAF numbered MK-5's being flown to Europe but handed over to Belgium on arrival. Any further info on CF-100's in Europe appreciated.
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    Okay, so I decided to make two versions of this aircraft. F-26A - introduced in 1995 basically unchanged F-2A original AESA radar General Electric F110-GE-129 engine LANTIRN pods for A2G targeting F-26C - introduced in 2010 CFTS double A2A missile rails AN/APG-80 AESA radar modern cockipt based on F-22 JHMCS General Electric F110-GE-132 engine Sniper XR targeting pod built-in IRST
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    Hello. I'm just coming back from a nice trip in the incredibly beautiful Sultanate of Oman. As my hotel in the capital city of Muscat was located in the district of Ruwi, I spent a morning at visiting the nearby Sultan's Armed Forces Museum - and sure, I did not regret it! Below are some shots mostly related to the outdoor displays dedicated to RAFO : Two-seater Jaguar OB (commissioned 1977-2014), displayed at the place of honor in front of Bait Al Falaj Fort. BAC 167 Strikemaster and Hawker Hunter - Unfortunately, I did not collect full information about these models. Short & Harland Skyvan 3-SH1877 (passenger transport aircraft, commissioned 1970-2006). I can't resist adding these few shots from a missile boat quite unusually displayed in the open ground : RNOV Al-Mansoor, fast attack craft (commissioned 1973-1985).
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    Falcon BMS 4.34 is now available to torrent (19 April 2019) and comes with free IFF Falcon BMS 4.34 Teaser trailer
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    Version 1.2


    F-16C Blk50/52 Series By the Viper Team. Pack Includes: F-16C Block 50/52 Greek and Turkish Blk 50/52's Block 50/52+ mods. Pit by ravenclaw. (Somebody stop him!) Models by bpao, modified highly by Jat and ravenclaw. (You guys are one hell of a team) Skins templates by Migbuster (Went back and made even higher res skins...because he could) MFD panel glass by Stary (Did you know he does terrains and clouds too?) Units skins by Jat and Dave Skins: use of JanHas's F4 skins Turkish skins by Pureblue Greek pattern by EricJ Pilots: Base from Florian mod by JAT Loading Screens by ST0RM Weapons by ravenclaw and GrinchWSLG (Masters of disaster) Technical adviser, Sony Tuckson (If we got it wrong he cracked the whip!) Avionics by Jat and Crusader (You cant get anything past Crusader, the best MK1 eyeball in SF) Brain32, for FM, Avionics work. (He found that Mach 1 is FAST.) Crash test Dummy, Dave (Thank god he doesn't have a usable brain) CrazyhorseB34, ini work (and the other dummy) To install: Drop into your C:\Users\xxxxxx\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters XXXXX This project started with a little mod here and there to make the Vipers more modern. FastCargo started the PM thread on 28 Jul 2011 and here we are 10 months later we have this. This mod is dedicated to Oli (bpao) he started us on this journey and I hope, I really hope, we lived up to his expectations. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Hey gang, Just wanna drop a line to say hello and ask you guys something. Do any of you want to help me celebrate my 50th birthday this September? I'm planning a big bash and like to invite you guys. My mother and i found a place yesterday for the party. Now this place is near (somewhat) to the USAF Museum but I dunno my mother has the time to drop me off to spend time with you guys and some of my virtual squadron squaddies day before the party (It'll be on the 14th of September and its on a Saturday) but I could try to talk to my mother. Anyway, I need you guys to email me (or PM me on CA) your snail mail address so my mother can mail the invitations to you. my email is falconcaf at gmail.com. Its ok if you can't go, I'll competely understand. Cheers! Falcon
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    new radar IrAF Fulcrum updates and a Algerian 29S over Desert 4
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    Oops ... it seems I should have a closer look at the knowledge base. The information (non-support of RLE-compressed tgas) I found out through trial and error, was already there, even repeated.
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    What if the USAF decided to introduce the bigger, more versatile and more sophisticated version of the F-16? Here's what I called the Lockheed/Mitsubishi F-26 Super Falcon. It's obviously the Mitsubishi F-2A with CFTs borrowed from the old F-16 mods, US-made weapons and avionics. The original Japanese camo was too unusual for the USAF so I repainted it completely with the colors of "Mod Eagle" scheme, adding my own touch to the weathering since the F-2 template lacks weathering at all. The aircraft pictured below belongs to the 510th FS "Buzzards", 31st FW, Aviano AB. I have some more ideas with this bird so stay tuned And yes, there's a f*ckup with the right side of the vertical tail with "VA" instead of "AV" code.
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    Happy 50th birthday in advance from.
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    I use GIMP. When exporting the tgas I had to disable the option "RLE compression", otherwise the decals wouldn't show up in the game.
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    The way I do it is the same as nose numbers: iterative decals which are applied either left or right at the location where you want the number. An example, for the inaugural VF-1 Wolfpack skin in the Tomcat Super Pack, I made a set of .tgas "BuNoxxx" from 000 to 011. Each one matched the real-world bureau number of VF-1's F-14As from NK100 to NK114 (remember 108 and 109 aren't used), so BuNo000 matches USFtrNum000 and TailNum000, and NK100 will always be 158979, NK101 will always be 158989, etc. The call-out in the DECALS.ini look like this: [Decal007] MeshName=LeftEnginePod DecalLevel=2 DecalFacing=LEFT FilenameFormat=F-14A_74/VF1NK74/D/BuNo Position=-5.275,-0.95 Rotation=0.0 Scale=1.0 DecalMaxLOD=4 [Decal008] MeshName=RightEnginePod DecalLevel=2 DecalFacing=RIGHT FilenameFormat=F-14A_74/VF1NK74/D/BuNo Position=-5.275,-0.95 Rotation=0.0 Scale=1.0 DecalMaxLOD=4 Notice that they're the same decal, just facing a different direction. If you're using italics, it doesn't work cleanly and you have to make two different sets, but most bureau numbers I'm aware of aren't italicized. Hope this helps.
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    Version 1.0.1


    Canberra B(I).8 bombers built for New Zealand (11) and South Africa (6) In 1992 5 ex SAAF planes were sold to Peruvian Air Force. WHAT'S IN: - a brand new plane, 7 (RNZAF, SAAF, FAP) skins, decals - pilot, weapons etc CREDITS: - Bobrock: plane - Soulfreak: templates & tweakings - Paulopanz: skins, decals, screens INSTALL - all in your mod folder Enjoy @paulopanz
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    TURKISH AIR FORCE SOLOTURK OTHER SKIN.. Put in this pack http://combatace.com/files/file/12997-f-16c-block-5052-by-the-viper-team/ inF-16C Block 50 Tur folder
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    Firstly I strongly advise that you install the Falklands_1982 mod by eburger & team. http://combatace.com/topic/74604-sf2-falklands-mod-redux/ Two new versions of the Falklands/Malvinas terrain. Hopefully most of the issues with the original are now sorted, coast lines have needed to be changed here and there and the terrain itself is much more uneven with more pronounced hills and mountains, two seasonal variations are included. Please read the readme....it really does have some useful stuff in it. Many thanks to eburger & the team that worked on the original mod.


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