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    I'm busy last time, but German IDS is going slowly forward. It will be ready soon ;-)
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    Added "bare metal" panel under the wings and the insignias are now painted-on.
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    Thank you Ravenclaw Spang SAM killers... alert !
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    BAC Thunderstrike GR.52 - 70 Stormo, Aeronautica Militare, 1991 Skin Credit: sundowner
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    ready for a skin
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    Version 1.0.0


    /// ------ MiG-31A What if--> Iran got some MiG-31's --------- /// This is my First Aircraft mod upload so go easy:) I used the MiG-31BM from the "MiG-BM_update pak" downloaded from Combat Ace SF2 MiG-31 Downloads. There is no readme file attached just said jv44 is the original creator and want to thank him for the skin and lod file. I tweaked the Data ini file to make nodes operational along with making the MiG-31A as an attack aircraft. Designed to attack the US Navy I am sure this is what Iran wanted it for. This Aircraft was put together with SF1 and SF2 Freeware Items. This Foxbat will for sure test your fleet and put the pressure on the F-14 Tomcats!!! "MiG-31A tested in latest patch SF2 against US Fleet and ground targets."
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    beautiful. I always say you can't have enough transports.
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    I feel ur pain Kblomkvist somehow managed to lose 2 of my templates...retracing rivets etc is a royal pain..not too bad in one case as I am able to copy and paste a lot....saving time painting out each rivet lol
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    i have white Ukrainian skin from Black Sea Crisis campaign. Not a template... but better than nothin https://filetransfer.io/data-package/YdKRDLvV
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    Another Mustang. "Meiner Kleiner" VT-D, circa May 1944 from the 336th FS, 4th FG and with a Malcolm hood.
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    I found some interesting MiG -21 data online so did a mini review of the ThirdWire flight model to see if there was any room to improve the performance a bit. Regarding the aerodynamics everything looked good and any changes that would have been made based on the data would have resulted in slightly worse performance so I left it as is. Best areas to improve performance were some adjustments to rack weights, some potential adjustments to empty weights on some versions but not the Bis, implementation of a combat flap set up for the later versions, and a work around for the Bis series to model the very large emergency thrust setting that was available below 4km/13123ft. There was a 3 minute limit on that system but it's not modeled. Might try something in the future to get an engine blow up at some point past 3 minutes but it's low priority. Here's some info on the changes: Engine Boost: I've been aware of this capability for a long time but didn't think it could be modeled. Turns out, it can! The engine afterburner mach tables use the same altitude table as the dry mach tables so what I did was add a second engine to the Mig-21Bis, but it supplies thrust in afterburner only. It adds additional thrust bringing the total thrust to 21825lbs static. At 13000ft the altitude table included with the second engine starts cutting down on the thrust until it's completely gone at 14000ft. The additional fuel consumption with the added thrust is modeled but it's not as bad as I suggested in a screen shot. After fixing a mistake the fuel lasts around 4 to 4 1/2 minutes but the fuel consumption and thrust can vary quite a bit depending on mach number and altitude. The additional thrust activates at about 98% throttle so to conserve fuel you will want to use the AB with discretion. It just occurred to me now I might be able to set the main engine up so it gets it's max thrust around 90-95% which would leave a bit of a dead zone between the main and second engine. Will give that a test at some point. Combat Flaps: This system appeared on the later versions, possibly first appearing on late production PFM's but not 100% sure about that. A graph showed the additional lift from the combat flaps that was available at speeds up to mach 0.90. I'm not sure how they worked in RL but these ones are just set to automatic mach and are fully deployed at 0.30 mach and fully retracted at 0.90mach with a continuous variation between points. The combat flap system worked between 0deg and 25deg flap angle. With the automatic combat flaps the landing flap setting is no longer available. Rack and empty weights: With the smallish low lift delta wing the MiG-21 suffers badly from increased weight. Any legitimate weight savings would help a lot. Anyway, from the info I was looking at the weight of the main racks was considerably lighter than the TW values so I made some adjustments. Aircraft empty weights need more research but the Bis looks about right and the MF looks too heavy by about 240kg. Any further information on these topics would be appreciated. Here are beta test FM's for the Bis and Bis-B: MiG-21BisFM's0.95.zip
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    For now, at least. There might be some other areas to look into.
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    Hello, Just a little fix for this beautiful B-58 ! This is about the rear wheels of the main train. In my install they don't roll. So you should modify these lines from the data.ini file of the Hustler in the left and right main gear sections : [LeftMainGear] SystemType=LANDING_GEAR Retractable=TRUE DeployTime=5.0 ... .... DampingFactor=3.0 WheelNodeName001=Tire_L1 WheelNodeName002=Tire_L2 WheelNodeName003=Tire_L3 WheelNodeName004=Tire_L4 WheelNodeName001=Tire_L5....... to change with 005 WheelNodeName002=Tire_L6...........................006 WheelNodeName003=Tire_L7...........................007 WheelNodeName004=Tire_L8...........................008 RollingRadius=0.60 ... ... [RightMainGear] SystemType=LANDING_GEAR ... ... WheelNodeName001=Tire_R1 WheelNodeName002=Tire_R2 WheelNodeName003=Tire_R3 WheelNodeName004=Tire_R4 WheelNodeName001=Tire_R5....... to change with 005 WheelNodeName002=Tire_R6...........................006 WheelNodeName003=Tire_R7...........................007 WheelNodeName004=Tire_R8...........................008 RollingRadius=0.60 ... ... Best regards, Coupi.
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    I had a look at an English language MiG-21Bis flight manual and things aren't what they seemed. The manual clearly states, on the first page, the static sea level thrust when using the "extra" afterburner is 7100kg which works out to 69627 newtons, EXACTLY what ThirdWire modeled in the stock FM. The flight manual also states the thrust of the standard afterburner is 6850kg or 67176 newtons. The flight manual says the "extra" afterburner generates 9900kg / 97086newtons but that is at mach 1 near the ground! With the stock ThirdWire MiG-21Bis FM and it's rather generic engine tables the Bis generates 100820 newtons at sea level and mach 1 so the stock TW FM already meets and slightly exceeds the flight manual data. For a "generic" mach table that's used on a lot of TW aircraft it's really quite close. There seems to be quite a bit of confusion on the internet regarding the thrust levels of the MiG-21Bis but I have to go with the flight manual information. The only other internet source I found that more or less agrees with the flight manual information is some promo material for the DCS MiG-21 Bis. If I remember correctly, they said the engine generates around 70000 newtons static thrust and "almost" 100000 newtons at low level and high speed. At this point I would suggest that anyone who downloaded the modified FM's I posted just remove them and revert to the stock FM. I tried to delete the posted files but not sure if it worked. Based on the flight manual information the thrust level for the TW FM should be OK below 13000ft but would be to high above that altitude. I could mod the FM to address that issue but at this point I think it would be better to run some performance checks on the stock TW FM and see how it matches up with whatever book numbers I can find.
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    I was absent for a while, I had some familiy matters to attend to, I apologize. I have very good news for you. The project is finished, both for SF1 and SF2 as well (I spoke today with the team). Unfortunately I am not home now and I will need a month more (holiday). Then I will test the models and and if there are no major issues, I will upload them for you to have them. Link for some more photos for both SF1 and SF2: https://www8.zippyshare.com/v/4feXqQfJ/file.html
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    A P-38J of the 20th Fighter Group on D-Day:
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    Go unlimited options and then choose the option to customize and in the option EffectsDetail set high and the game works fine. Latest drivers March 5 Nvidia version 419.35 with a GeForce RTX 2070. The conflict is only the EffectsDetail option set to unlimited.
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    or mosquito pit.. generally it is also a fast bomber. @UllyB keep it going. Thing is just a few modders here...and mostly lazzy ones. But seriously all of them are occupied by own projects....so convincing can be a challenge. I know someone who would do such a thing because it's fun but he is mostly into silly choppers and strange stuff...and for sure not on the red side of the game.
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    Version SF1


    new cockpit for IA-58 PUCARA
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    Very sad news as one pilot didn't survive ejection. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-48746559


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