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    America, F**K YEAH! :) I was in the US 2 weeks ago (DC, MD,NY) ... so close to the celebrations ..
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    I still prefer SF2 over any other similar game/sim because of the modding features. So practical to add, expand and fix objects and terrains, it is like a build you own flightsim toolkit with great stock items. Just wish some rudementary helicopter support was added before development stopped. This complete edition price is pretty good value IMHO. But the other individual prices should come down as well, these were actually raised about year ago. What surprises me a little is that, on his forum **, TK advised against merging SF2NA with the other games, and now he does just that. (** forum now gone.)
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    Got sworn in fifty years ago today - so long ago the Eagle didn't have her racing stripes yet! Happy Birthday America!
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    Was thinking about bass fishing or deer hunting (depends where are you operating campaign) in between sorties.🤔 And of coursre r&r and girls....
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    Yeah Will Smith did a good job....ohhhh that independence day lol....im actually glad we let you have the country...now Russia wants it lol...
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    https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,61769.0.html skins here https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,61848.msg680641.html#new
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    Have you tried switching your engine(s) off? That ought to fix your gravity issues fairly sharpish
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    Bought separate the individual items are $421.21........so $99.99 isn't that bad from that viewpoint I guess. I wish he would have stated Win 10 support really considering Win 7 is end of life early next year.
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    Strike Fighters 2 Complete Edition is a collection of the entire Strike Fighters 2 series including 5 games, 2 expansion packs, and 29 DLCs all in one single, easy-to-install package! The package includes: • Strike Fighters 2 • Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam • Strike Fighters 2 Europe • Strike Fighters 2 Israel • Strike Fighters 2 North Atlantic • Strike Fighters 2 Expansion Pack 1 • Strike Fighters 2 Expansion Pack 2 • All 29 Strike Fighters 2 DLCs Player Flyable Aircraft • A-4A/B/C/E/F/G/H/K/L Skyhawk • A-7A/B/C/D/E/H/P Corsair II • A-10A Thunderbolt II • F-100A/C/D Super Sabre • F-105D Thunderchief • F-4B/C/D/E/EJ/F/J/K/M/N Phantom II • F-8C/D/E/E(FN)/H/J/K Crusader • F-14A Tomcat • F-15A Eagle/Baz • F-16A Netz • Harrier GR.1/3 • Hunter F.1/2/4/5/6/50/58/FGA.9/73 • Kfir C1/C2/F-21A • Lightning F.1/2/3/6 • Meteor F.8 • Mirage IIIC/CJ/CZ/EL/O • Mirage 5BA • Mystere IVA • Nesher • P-51D Mustang System Requirements OS: Windows 7/Vista Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz Memory: 4.0 GB RAM Hard Drive: 10.0 GB free space Video Card: 256 MB DirectX 10 Please note this is a repackaging of the single items into one bundle - there are no changes as known. Also still officially only Win 7/Vista. https://store.thirdwire.com/project_sf2_complete.htm You can get this Complete Edition for free if you've already purchased all the products listed above! Request Strike Fighters 2 Complete Edition for FREE!
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    My current computer is on its last legs and I fully intend on playing SF2 on a new one. This is a very welcome addition, especially when I'm unsure of where all my installers are.
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    hey Russ, will you divide the fuselage and wings into seperate maps? Would be cool so we can add more details to these parts
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    Why do you think I keep putting Hot Dog Stands on all my terrains!!!???? IIRC on the MidWest USA terrain, there are even Hangar 'Hos (and their workplace)
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    $30 say what?!? The individual entries in the SF2 series haven't sold at that price for quite some time. I bought SF2 Euro and SF2 NA last year at $39.99 a pop, which ended up costing me about $53 CDN. I would have been a lot happier to have bought them at a 25% discount for $30. ;) With the mission & campaign editors throw in, it's the most I've spent on a flight sim in over a decade - even FSX Steam with enough add-ons that I can't count them on 2 hands, cost less. I'm only interested in still acquiring SF2 Israel and SF2 Vietnam, so if I were to opt for the Expansion 1 pack (I'm well read on the Suez Crisis, so don't see why I wouldn't) this will save me $10. I do prefer to buy them one at a time though, as that usually make me more committed to flying that particular entry and exhausting some of the game play before I move on...so I don't know. It does also get me all of those individual downloadable planes -most importantly the Mirage- so there's certainly that. ;)
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    Happy 4th of july for all americans day. Enjoy ;)
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    Long Live USA! Happy 4t of July.
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    Thanks, Looks interesting. I wonder how normal Mr. Normal is.
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    That must have been added after I did the new page - it definitely wasn't there originally.
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    If Stary can't get something working properly, then it can't be done.
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    hmm, 3 more DLCs and I should be entitled for the full download: Seems someone does not like the Hunter so much ...
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    I think he would have corrected some bugs such as the external ECM for AI ..., I would have bought it.
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    Anotherthing to mention when having breakfast cheese... Bumps and seams on runway when taxiiing and rolling.
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    It would be nicer if the Russians offered to land and participate in a few airshows... and then the next year the USAF & USN sent a few aircraft over. All in the name of good relations!
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    DAMN!! I plugged in the code I have (BLC 29) as I'd lost almost everything, email wise, in the December 2018 HD crash and it won't take it bummer. oh well, the Mrs said I could do it, so I am!
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    Not much I can add to this topic at the moment but here are a few interesting pages from the "official" documents I have access to. From the "Arab Country" flight manual here is a sustained G curve for the MiG-21Bis. To test the stock ThirdWire FM I set the fuel burn to zero to maintain a constant weight, loaded 50% internal fuel as well as two missiles on the inner wing pylons. The external load group 1 mentioned in the flight manual is a configuration with light loads on the inner wing pylons. At full thrust and within about 100kg of the 7500kg chart weight I flew around in circles at 1000m/3280ft and tried to match some of the speeds on the chart and see what kind of sustained G I got. As usual, it's difficult to maintain a constant speed while going around in circles while maintaining a steady altitude but it seemed to me the stock TW FM leans towards some over performance, maybe about 0.5 to 1 G over the flight manual values. Past the 1040kmh/about 562kts on the chart, where the sustained G starts dropping off, the TW FM maintains the sustained G, or maybe even increases a bit, so the over performance increases past 1040kmh. I think the H-Stab on the real MiG-21 did a "gear change" or something like that around 0.90 mach, maybe to reduce pitch sensitivity. It's something I'm still looking into but it might explain the quick drop off in sustained G for the chart values, compared to the TW FM. I also have a Soviet document that might be something like a technical manual for pilots. Here's the front page: The Soviet document has a sustained G curve as well, [upper chart] but it uses mach number and the horizontal scaling looks different. The weight is for 7500kg and the resulting sustained G looks similar to the "Arab Country" chart. From the Soviet manual, an instantaneous/available G chart. [lower chart] I'm not sure what the solid line represents but the fine print mentions 28deg, which is the approved A0A limit in the flight manual. At any rate, at low altitude the available G for the TW FM is more or less a perfect match for the dashed line at 7000kg and zero altitude. Maybe at some point a Russian speaker can explain the details of the Soviet charts. At this point I'm just going to continue reviewing the manuals and maybe run a few more checks on the TW FM.
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    Re sizing the tracer textures 50% or 25% smaller can go long way to help this
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    I just did that for someone into flight sims that I have been talking to on a discord server. This is what I found, the full cost of all components purchased separately is $431.65 while the all in one pack is $99.99. That is a deal for someone just starting out on with SF2. In fact it is less than three of the regular install components or the and some $70 to $80 cheaper than the total price of just the DLC. Also, if you already have all of the included components. You can get access to the complete pack for free.
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    excellent work Russ. As said, don't rush through it! Fix whatever you think needs fixing; we ain't in not rush! my plan, once I have the base template, is a generic NM skin. Some of our other painters are FAR better than I for the three-tone SEA post 63 skins! (I'll be glad to make all the decals, though) If you need some reference books, I've a couple in the Library!
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    Yeah I understand that. I won't lie either. It is a bit too pricey for considering the graphics engine, the age of the series overall, the fact that DCS is leaps and bounds better. Thirdwire is an independent developer however and if I could I would support the guy in all possible ways. SF2 series for me will always have a special place in my heart, and on my desktop. In fact it's a damn good entry series into combat flight simulation. My adventure started with a little box "Wings over Europe: Cold War Gone Hot" that I bought at a Big Lots. Then from there I ran into this weird website called CombatACE ... seriously what the hell is a mod and why is this really big website filled with them? Is it even legal? A little click here a little click there, next thing I know I downloaded some Column5 mods, NATO mods, got a couple of more mods here and there and I felt like the ruler of my own universe. So Thirdwire for me has a nostalgia factor, and that small company somewhere in Texas is still kicking and trying to stay on top of things. So $200 worth of games for $100 is something I wish I could buy with my broke butt. I mean you get help out Thirdwire and then you can get more bang for your buck because CombatACE has all kinds of mods that work best with a Full 5 merge install. So one package for endless possibilities throughout various era's of aviation.
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    TK didn't turn his back on us... he turned his future toward being able to pay his bills because many if not most SFP1/WoX fans never bought SF2 and countless others were simply pirating all of the SFP1/WoX/SF2 games. If the newer material had sold as well as it needed to, particularly the XP2 (with the mission editor) and SF2:NA, we might have had an SF3 or at least a very well polished and updated SF2. But market forces convinced TK that he needed to make dumbed down games that more people could enjoy and in a marketing strategy that guaranteed him a steady income stream even if the players never actually paid him $1 (free to play with ads). Repackaging SF2 into this bundle is something he should have done a long time ago. If he really wants to move product, he would price the bundle at $40 to $60 like a console game or a modern flight sim. People new to SF2 should not have to debate about which games to buy. 10-year old obsolete games still selling at the original retail price, while countless alternatives are available at an extreme discount through STEAM, GOG, or outright free as abandonware doesn't make sense. $100 makes it a lot more accessible, but that is still a lot of money for some people.
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    Version 1.0.01


    Always, shopping for more air frames due to long running conflict with neighbor Paran, in 2008 the Dhimar Air Force began operating a squadron of Atlas Cheetah Cz acquired from South Africa. I'd unzip the file into a temp folder and read the readme files. Its easy to install if you've modded your mod folders before. Basic Mod add on. Only tested on Full 5 merged. Mostly I think you'd get by with SF2 original & SF2 Israel to be safe. If you load the plane and files in you mod folders and for example and the big Arabic numbers on the tail don't show up, I'll have to find what CAB file they're in and modify the requirements. Original Work: Aircraft - Denis Oliveira Skin - paulopanz Coupi - data, cockpit, loadout.inis Decals - Spinners (SF1 Decal Pack) Ordnance Shop - 331KillerBee (Weps) Mirage IIIO - Thirdwire (DLC Store) Sounds - Thirdwire (?) This Mod by StoneAxe1492 I used Gimp for Decal and Skin modding. Notepad of course. I took the liberty of modifying the flight characteristics of this plane. If don't like my version simply use the original data file. (It may be a issue with my joystick/throttle thing-muh-jig. I often get insane roll rates with hardly any stick movement & i can't hang.) Hope you like it. Let me know if you need help or find a prob.
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    Well, there is gravity and I've found the TW "wind tunnel" very good when tuning drag on some WW2 types although the late war prop planes can have issues with top speeds when using what I think are realistic CD0 values. I did a quick test on the MiG-19 and the sustained G seems very high for such an old jet. It seemed to be in the 8+ sustained G at high subsonic speeds although that's a bit of an approximation because it's quite difficult to maintain a constant G turn, especially with the old swizzle stick I'm using. With a proper performance chart it would be possible to adjust the CDL values to get something more realistic but at the moment I have no idea what might be accurate for a MiG-19. From some "web stuff" the DCS MiG-19 does 5.4G sustained but no mention of the weight, altitude or speed that occurs at.
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    Know this sim is old but is seeing a rejuvenation or reawakening with model qulaity; AW Argosy -released Junkers Ju88 D1 photo/recon aircraft Junkers Ju88 H1 long range maritime recon aircraft.
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    Version 1.0.0


    The Beriev A-50 (NATO reporting name: Mainstay) is a Soviet airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft based on the Ilyushin Il-76 transport. The existence of the A-50 was revealed to the Western Bloc in 1980 by Adolf Tolkachev.Developed to replace the Tupolev Tu-126 "Moss", the A-50 first flew in 1978. It entered service in 1984, with about 40 produced by 1992. Credits: Model: Veltro2k cockpit: Orig by DELLS or Kesselbrut ?, Mod by Wrench FM, Russian skins, screens: Wrench IAF Skin: Paulopanz Unpack and add folders as listed. CRL+O = Cargo Bay open hit+0 = Side Door open Not to be used in whole or part in anything that is payware
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    Today we are taking a trip back to 2004, a time when as you can see from the photo above featured PC CDROMs! Before Internet speeds for most were high enough to consider sending entire game files they had to distribute games to people using good old fashioned Compact Disks. The shiny CD came complete with its own (Jewel) case with cover and even a printed manual. As you can see a time when even Thirdwire had to distribute games and make them look like games used to - the manual even tells me to go to http://www.softwarehelpdesk.co.uk/ for technical support…………..ha looks like that domain is up for sale! Looking at the back we can see it even ran on Windows ME with 256MB of RAM! - Yes, I had to look back to remember what Win ME was – the very last of the Win 9x line before Microsoft thankfully ditched that and we got Win 2000 then Win XP. Of course, in 2004 or nearly all of that decade Win XP was the only game in town for home users and it was great for its time. For anybody who had bought Strike Fighters: Project 1, a Vietnam game was a logical and most welcome step forward….a game that recreates the intense air combat experience in the skies of North Vietnam at the height of the air campaign……………..what could be better! The manual lists the Player and AI aircraft, and although the VPAF selection looks fairly complete, the US selection was very limited compared to the later Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam. This was a time when there was hope for the future and many opportunities to modify the hell out of the game and start getting into place the absolute ton of things not included in the box. Terrain & Environment As you might see (from the case) the Terrain that came with WOV wasn’t much better than what comes with one of Thirdwires Phone & Tablet PC games – a pretty poor and unrealistic looking barren wasteland. Unsurprisingly it was not long before modders produced somewhat better tilesets - one of the first I remember and although free was used by Yankee Air Pirate later: The RA-5 Vigilante - does not come with WOV There was a payware tileset for sale at Razbams store at some point – but suffered from having obvious borders and tile edges – also 512 x 512 bitmap files were pretty big at the time but very low res by today’s standards. This later effort includes a version of Starys Green Hell which included a lot more trees for the first time: Vietnam was hell - Green hell! When released WOV also had no clouds either but they were added in a later patch: Low level clouds, gone but not forgotten Game play The North Vietnam Air Force (VPAF) and air defences were quite well set up as part of the terrain, with relevant SAM and AAA models for the era along with relevant AI. The MiGs varied in effectiveness from patch to patch whereas some of the SA-2s had a Kill probability of about 99% - this was rightly toned down somewhat in Strike Fighters 2 (SF2). WOV included an airbourne FAC (Forward Air Controller) role and this was usually represented by an 0-1E Birddog flying over the battlefield (Callsign Snoopy) – this was removed from SF2. The game added Carrier operations for the first time although the carrier was pretty lonely by itself most of the time, and players could only fly off it in campaigns and scripted single missions! The B-52s thought they were safe from Thirdwires lesser spotted MiG-17F Payware There were some options for payware – mostly from Razbam and Yankee Air Pirate – both had air of controversy that I won’t go into here. One of the very few payware aircraft was the A-1 skyraider pack Before the Mission Editor arrived in SF2 you had to create single missions using Notepad basically, quite a time consuming and difficult process. Yankee Air Pirate basically created single missions based on real missions from Vietnam and was quite an important addition for anyone with an interest in that subject. Populated carrier deck Landing and taking off in Hueys from smaller boats like this Shooting down Colts in Hueys Shooting the side gun in Hueys - Get some!. Of course, with scripted missions you can do quite a few things you cannot in auto generated single missions and campaigns! Advance clone army! The VPAF, masters of camouflage Looking back Wings Over Vietnam certainly started out as a fairly serious attempt to put together a decent standalone Vietnam war Air Combat simulator and in that respects, did a pretty decent job, but only if you took time to add a lot of the mods available and change the game yourself. Graphically it was using DX9.0c so was up to date in that regards although again you had to add mods to get it looking to what it should have perhaps been out of the box. F-111A - not included with WOV EB-66 - not included with WOV …………and Here we are at the tail end of 2017 and still no real alternative to WOV and SF2V on the Vietnam War flight sim front.
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    Version 1.0


    The Antonov An-12 (NATO reporting name: Cub) is a four-engined turboprop transport aircraft designed in the Soviet Union. It is the military version of the Antonov An-10 and was made in many variants. The first prototype flew in December 1957. Over 900 had been built, in both military and civilian versions, before production finally ended in 1973. The An-12BP entered Soviet military service in 1959. In terms of configuration, size and capability, the aircraft is similar to the United States-built Lockheed C-130 Hercules. Military Soviet and former-Soviet examples have a defensive tail gun turret. Bonus Plane: The Antonov An-8 (NATO reporting name: Camp) is a Soviet-designed twin-turboprop-engine high-wing light military transport aircraft. The first production aircraft was rolled out in December 1958. The majority of An-8s built served in the Soviet Air Forces, with two An-8s being used to land special forces to seize Plzen airport during the Invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.Others were used as electronic reconnaissance aircraft, and one aircraft was used for air sampling following Chinese nuclear testing in 1966.They continued in large scale use on front-line military duties in the Soviet Air Force until the 1970s. WHAT's IN: 1 An-12 flyable plane; 1 An-8 bonus (adapted) flyable plane and edited skin; A whole new or upgraded An-12 historical skinset and decalset, including many VVs nose arts: VVS: 4 AFlot: 1 UkrAF: 1 CVL: 1 PWL: 1 JRV: 1 AfgAF 1 EAF: 3 SyAF: 1 IrAF: 2 RJAF: 1 QJJ: 1 FAPA: 1 EtAF: 1 IAF: 6 AURI: 2 PLAAF: 1 Yemen, Tanzania and Mozambique skins could be added if only someone could send a pic ..... CREDITS: - paulopanz: skins, decals, screens, inis - Ghostrider883: IAF references - Mue: LODwiever; [ready to give credits] - cockpit: Kesselbrut ? - An-8 conversion inis: ? - Aeroflot original skin: ? I'm so sorry but time went by and I forgot where I took ..... and wasn't able to find. INSTALL: - All in main mod folder EXTRAS: Inside An-12 folder You will find proper inis to use/change for: - Paratroop carrier (paratroop included); - Bomber as in IAF service - Transport ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** This realise come after some years work on a model that isn't the best from Tk production (quite the same from Sf-1) but a real jolly to use on almost ALL existing scenery, some in WIP and other I wish to came ................. Thank you to all of you gents here at CA, it's a real plesure to be here with you all. @ paulopanz
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    Version 1.0


    The Tupolev Tu-4 (NATO reporting name: Bull) was a piston-engined Soviet strategic bomber that served the Soviet Air Force from the late 1940s to mid 1960s. It was a reverse-engineered copy of the U.S.-made Boeing B-29 Superfortress. What's in: -Tu-4 main production version, originally designated B-4. PLAAF H-4. -Tu-4A nuclear capable bomber used to test Soviet RDS-1, RDS-3 and RDS-5 nuclear bombs. The standard Tu-4 was not capable of carrying these weapons. -Tu-4K/KS anti-shipping version, armed with KS-1 Komet missiles carried between the engines under the wings. -Tu-4R long range reconnaissance. This work began only as a limited skinwork for bringing to Jon a better bomber to use in Formosa and TSF. But after all serials were made, I remade and upgraded all 4 versions. Especially the Tu-k now fitted with pylons for KS-1 Kometa and Tu-4A with RDS-3 nuke bomb. Credits: - MontyCz for original model - Lindr2 for the SF1 version - Eburger68 for first SF-2 edits (Nato) - new decals, skins and edits are mine. Install: As usual all in main mod folder. I hope this will be usefull in NATO, TSF & Formosa campaigns making .... Enjoy! @paulopanz
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    Version 2.02


    This is updated version of Mig-15 cockpit This package is preset to be used with stock Thirdwire Mig-15 bis. "Expansion Pack I" required for Mig-15 several things changed in version 2.0 among them: stick added pedals added corrected gunsight a bit slightly adjusted, smoother canopy framing new slightly better and higher resolution textures for baked materials more real-size lamps other tweaks here and there original mod description: Credits: TK,Thirdwire CrazyHorseB34 -betatesting Crusader, Ravenclaw_007,RussoUK, Zurawski -for max examples and help on the way Mod description: This is simplified Mig-15/Mig-15Bis cockpit. Very similar to non-radar equiped Mig-17 one. Please note there are some issues with some instruments despite my battling with the ini horror -feel free to tweak and share!
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    Version 1.0


    Shenyang J-6/J-6A/J-6B/J-6C/J-6III What's in: J-6 Basic MiG-19S copy J-6A MiG-19P copy J-6A (74) J-6A with PL-2A IRM J-6B MiG-19PM with PL-1 SAHR J-6B (75) J-6B with guns J-6C J-6 with parabrake. J-6C (73) later Camo version J-6III Special Mig-19 derivate. J-6III (83) later Camo version - PLAAF, AMRP, NKAF, EAF, IrAF, SudAF colors. - working canopy on ground closing at take off key=0 - Restore file for after patch making flyable Install: All in main mod folder. Credits: - Spillone104 3D megaworks & Sounds LTD - Paulopanz Skin Paintings GMBH Enjoy. @ paulopanz


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