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    This is going to be one of 3 to 4 new hangars I would like to make for the new airport that I am thinking of making soon. plus a civilian airport
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    Hey Spinners: IMHO...the pilot sits too low. Try this... [Pilot] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT PILOTMODELNAME=WW2Luft SetCockpitPosition=TRUE Position=0.0,-0.72,0.65 <------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SeatModelName= SeatPosition= MinExtentPosition=-0.25,-0.5,0.0 MaxExtentPosition= 0.25,-1.1,1.2 CanopyNodeName=Canopy_Frame HasArmor=TRUE ArmorMaterial=STEEL Armor[FRONT].Thickness=75 Armor[REAR].Thickness=6 Armor[BOTTOM].Thickness=6 Mandatory pic:
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    Fiat G.91 Jet in top of a mountain for skiing. this is a good way of recycling jets lol
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    I've always been a Believer, in the 'we're not alone' theory. So, if someone or something is coming here (the WHY is always the first question, not counting Hitchhiker's Guide Teasers), they've had to make massive breakthroughs in propulsion to cross even the smallest interstellar distances. But, you all have got my interest picqued in the series, so I've already watched the first 2 episodes from HIstory Channel On Demand. I can say this is NOT the run-of-the-mill bullshit stories that have been aired on other channels. Even the Old Lady was watching! So, lets see where this series goes.
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    I did this little thingy here mostly for fun. Some of you may have heard about a Polish project of a light combat aircraft/advanced trainer called Grot 2. I decided to bring it to SF2 using the Su-54 model made by @cocas. The aircraft has some weird glitches around air intakes and one of the horizontal stabs works in the opposite direction but... it's still cool anyway. I still need to finish the skin as for now it's mostly only camo, panel lines and very basic weathering.
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    Now it is time to pull out the one and only photo I have of something that is unidentifiable. How I came to this photo was through a friend of me from New Zealand he was selling his house as seen in the foreground back in 2006 and he had a customer that wanted some photos of the surrounding area so my friend took his 35mm as he told me and went from left to right taking a photo and moving the camera a little to the right then taking another photo and so on for 6 photos in all, When he got the photos back from the shop he seen this... in only one photo out of 6 ... the photo is sharp and can be blown up really big before it starts to get pixelated and I have done this here to show all. So what is it... it's not a airplane... it's not a helicopter and it's not a balloon... so it is unidentifiable.
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    What the hell did I just saw? That's not the way to treat that beauty!
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    I'd be happy with missile motor and bomb rack release sounds tbh
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    I don't even have a PC right now and I'm gonna buy this.
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    All valid and great points above ... there's more to know. But I couldn't agree more that we first need to all agree that there's more to know and work toward that common goal together as one humanity without the afflictions that separate us back to the tribal mentality.
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    Unfortunately I did not see this program yet, so can not relate to the exact contents. In my view and line of thinking, we still coexist with some of them here on the planet and regularly getting visited by others. Like v.Deutchmark mentioned, our "current" human spices is approx 200k years 'jung', what most places forget to mention, that all other 20+ types of sapiens (from 30cm short, to 3,5+m high) and in fact all living spices on the planet all had/have 24 pairs of chromosomes, suddenly 200k ago the only leftover homo sapiens type has only 23 pairs of chromosomes...so did we de-evolved suddenly:??... In actual fact we still got the 24, but number 23 and 24 was fused together, that is not an 'evolutionary' step, it is a genetic modification from an outside source. One race from the many in this sector (lets say 500 light years wide), that is approximately 1million years ahead of us on the evolutionary path. Also many races can be quite older than that... Our current 5th civilization on this planet has only 12000 years "known" time, the other 4 always ended with some disaster, occasionally with nature interference and half the time almost complete genocide, we ourselves almost run into it at the end of last century, if the soviet union not falls, we would not write this discussion as most of our planet would be a radioactive ball of stone, as we burned it up, eliminating all human and most of other life for quite long time. Our 3-4 dimensional 20-30% active consciousness can not fathom at the moment, where the evolution of consciousness can really advance. We did have and even today we got people around the planet whom have access to 40-70% of their abilities in this field, some can walk on water, some manifest objects from out of thin air, some has the power to grow plants from a simple seed in just minutes in their palm, etc.. These are not humbug, these are real things, but as was mentioned above, everyone can only perceive what is "real" for his/her thinking and point of consciousness in all aspects of life and existence. Where a 4-12 dimensional consciousness can go or what can we do with access to 100% of power is unimaginable by us. It is a sad thing, that the powers in control keep the proper and true information away from people saying it might cause panic. If it is given factually and in proper manner - not like our hysteric and sensation driven manipulating half truth and often fake news filled 'opinion leading' media empires do today (not to mention the several film that were created implicating that people need to panic and cause chaos in an alien race contact, thus creating a subconscious behavioral imprint) - then there will be no panic, in fact there would be proper realization and change in mindset and line of thinking. Thus stopping to kill each other for whatever reasons and turn any finances to actual technological and existential well being and advances. It is very simple to solve starvation, overpopulation and a host of other issues we have today, one key element is we have to stop using any and all inventions for military and killing purposes and start to cooperate with each other and share resources instead of pulling apart and try to make loads of money out of everything and from pure greed. The moment we stop weaponize everything we will have the publicly open contacts from most of the visiting spices or from those already living among us. Then we will also be able to access the technology by our inventions that enables us for to create our own gravitational propulsion and environmentally safe limitless energy creation source that will be available anywhere. Tesla actually touched it already back in the early 1900-s this effect and energy, yet he could not manage to control it as the level of everyday technology was not there yet, not even mention the consciousness of the time, where even scientists made fun of his ideas instead of investigating them further, that maybe he was onto something, but the greed and ivorytower/old-fashioned logical attitude to advancements and what possible or not limited them to get access that technical advancement... We also still missing basic laws of the universe, there are more than the Newtonian ones, which will actually answer many of the current questions about the galaxy and the forces/energies/masses that created or keep it in one (no such thing as dark mater... only unknown/unexplored natural laws). We still not understand gravity and magnetic by themselves, we just know they exists because we can observe/experience them, but where their energy comes from and why can last for eternity... Back in the mid 80-s and early 90-s I witnessed on several occasions things moving around that were not our technology, from daylight events to night ones, and being alone or with few and even group of 10 people. In our area there was a peak of 'incidents' in those years, but things still happen recently too, just not in that volume. In my view it can not be a question that there are other planets with life evolved in our galaxy and even more in the whole universe, and many visits our planet in current days or prior millennia. The building blocks of life are plentiful in every corner of space where material form exists. One of the limit to find 'them' is our supposition that living planet can only exist around stars standing alone/lonely in a certain range from it. If someone thinks a bit, over 60% of this galaxy has 2 or 3 star pairs/triads where each have several or plenty of planets on their own, but having a twin heat/light source is actually increases the field area which can provide 'livable' quarters, thus life can actually 'flourish ' around them. Also not necessarily all life is carbon based, just because on our planet most of them are such. Even our planet has non carbon or oxygen based life forms in deep oceans. Our current technology can only find those whom are at the same or similar level of technical advancement. To communicate or find spices that evolved or exists for millions or billions of years we need to step out from our current level of consciousness. There will come an invention that will enable us to see and detect all lifeforms in our solar system and in the galaxy (material or multidimensional) without having to travel the stars for thousands of years to see and meet them. Communication will be real time, just like calling someone on the phone these days. It will be a big realization for most of the planet and a major kick/boost for advancement... Not sure what degree we use re-engineered technology, would be nonsense to say none, but can not say either which items that we copied from crashed objects, most of them probably top secret and used for military purposes which we common people will only have access in the next 50-100 years - if at all with current logical attitudes.... Sorry for the length of it, but this subject have several aspects....
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    Obviously: Distributing SF2 content in flightgear (or any other) format is illegal. Distributing tools with the ability to convert or adjust such content is legal.*** So editors, converters, patches, scripts and hacks can be distributed, but a 3D model, binary (exe/dll) or terrain from Third Wire cannot be distributed. Same as always for digital products in general. Same as what TK wrote in 27-1-2014: "the only thing we ask is that you don't re-distribute any of our original files." *** though certain vendors try to force license agreements that say otherwise
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    The engineer in me says we are, many of the technological leaps and bounds we've made over the last century or so have fed directly into each other. I'm firmly in the camp of there certainly being other life out there, its just a numbers game. I've also seen some weird things in the sky, much as V. Deutschmark described. A line of 3-4 lights equally spaced rapidly approaching on an eastbound heading, stopping dead for about a minute and then continuing at their original speed and heading, the acceleration was beyond anything I can explain and the dead stop rules out meteors... no idea what it was and I doubt I ever will know really.
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    I haven't seen the show. I am pretty sure, that there's life somewhere in the universe, probably even on many different planets. Life has so many faces and comes in so much variation just on this planet, that I refuse to believe, that this "living"-thing is unique to our planet. But I don't really think, that any species out there has met "us" yet.
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    Interesting subject. I like to look at things logically and with my own experience when talking about this subject. We know that scientist have proven that there are many planets in our galaxy that are in what they call the goldilocks zone not to close or to far away from their sun that could if the conditions are right on the planet could sustain life of some kind. We also know while our ancestors have been around for about six million years, the modern form of humans has only evolved about 200,000 years ago and in this 200,000 years we have come to the point where we can make machines here and on earth send them off to land on other planets. It would be very narrow minded to think that some kind of life other then humans dose not exists in our galaxy and beyond knowing what we know and why not they do the same as us as to make their machines on their planet and send them off to other planets like we have done. Now my experience I have had to talk about. In 1996 at my home back then in Pelham New Hampshire USA we had in August a meteor shower party where there was 12 people that attended, while we where looking at the meteor showers that night I seen two very bright white lights at very high altitude coming out of the west going east and said to all ...hey look at that... and they where moving very fast ... then we seen a 3rd one far behind the first two but when the first two got to about mid viewing point is when something happened... the first two came to a dead stop ... not slowing down to stop ... just going very fast to a dead stop , when the 3rd one reached the first two with out stopping they all went off very fast to the east and out of sight ... we had a big view of the sky west to east and all this took about 15 seconds from one end to the other. I am not going to say it was Aliens or little green men but what we seen was definitely not aircraft.
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    I haven't seen the show, but it is a subject that has intrigued me for years. Here's how I see it............. I consider it the pinnacle of foolishness to look at the night sky, (or any other time) any photos of the rest of the galaxy from the various orbital platforms, and any of the shots of the observable universe, and believe there's no one around but us. With the rough estimate of there being 100 - 200 billion galaxies in our universe, the chances that "aliens" don't exist are likely 0. We're in a dark corner of the back 40 in the universe, (off the galactic beaten path if you will) and like the places on earth that fascinate us in those locales planet-side, I have no doubt that interstellar explorers thought the same thing, and came looking. I'd be willing to bet they found us by accident, and then curiosity took over. As for the various excuses made about "why haven't they shown themselves", or "why haven't we seen them"; who says you haven't? Since we have ZERO verifiable public clues of what we are either looking for or at, I'm betting we have seen them. But as humans, we mostly see what we either want or expect to see, and discard anything that doesn't fit our narrative. I also believe we have been EXTREMELY lucky so far in this regard, that the ones that found us were more the scientific/curious type versus the warlike type. If not, we'd probably be dead. Forget "Independence Day"; no alien armada bent on destruction is going to be taken down by a MacBook virus. Any race capable of interstellar travel has conquered engineering, physical, physics, weaponry, metallurgy, propulsion, and every other conceivable and as yet inconceivable problem to a level so far beyond our comprehension, that we'd be no more to them than the bugs we squash that get in our path. As for reverse engineering their gear? Of course;The out-sized leaps in our technology in less than a century bear that out. Call me what you will, but the truth is the truth: as a species, we may have some evolutionary leaps occasionally, but looking at the technological explosion since the late 40's.....we ain't THAT smart.
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    Corsair have one of the best skins I've seen in SF2 ;-)
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    The Angolan Air Force makes an appearance
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    Version 1.0.0


    Redrawn Lines, Rivets, etc.. for the beautiful F-84E/G Thunderjet by RussoUK2004. It can be used for SF1 or SF2. This template is a Photoshop .psd file at 2048 pixels. It has redrawn lines, rivets and various bits. It can be reduced for those with low spec computers. The only skin with this template is USAF Natural Metal / Aluminum. Add your own paint, dirt, details and weathering. If you want to make the lines and rivets darker or lighter, this template allows you to do that yourself by adjusting the opacity of the lines, rivets or any layer of this file. To use it you must have a paint program that reads/modifies .psd files. Then you can adjust the specular, glossiness and/or reflection entries in the skin's texture.ini file to get the skin to your liking. I use the poor mans' method of bump mapping. I don't have the needed software or skills to create real bump maps. I use two template layers: one black the other white. The white layer is below the black layer and offset one pixel up or down and one pixel left or right. Then adjust the opacity of each layer to create a 'shadow' effect. When done right it gives the illusion it's 3D. Credit and Thanks to RussoUK2004 for this nifty little jet and Wrench for the colorful skins he's made for it. INSTALLATION: Unzip to a folder/place of your choice. Copy, Move, Drag-n-Drop or do whatever you wish to get the skin folder into your XXX folders. Choose the desired skin in the loadout section. Fly. I'm releasing this under the Combat Ace Fair Use Agreement. Use it anyway you wish for personal use. For any other use, please contact me first. If you find any problems with it, please PM me. If you improve it, please PM me a copy. Thanks to all who are helping me learn to skin by direct involvement and/or by inspiration. If I forget or miss anyone who deserves credit for anything I release, I apologize. I have no intent to abuse or misuse anyone's property or claim it as my own. Please contact me to correct any error. Geary
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a small add-on for Piecemeal's Desert 4 terrain. It is a first version, as I'd like to continue expanding his gorgeous terrain. The original terrain can be found here: Desert V. 4 This add-on consists of a repopulation of RAF Canopic Airbase and Canopic, based on Piecemeal's DesertV. 4 terrain. Added objects, and special thanks to: Piecemeal for his superv Desert V.4 Terrain Miscellaneous objects Miscellaneous objects and Miscellaneous objects 1 by Rascabuche Small oilrig and Taxiway 100x200 by Gepard Cranes and SF2 Harbor Craneby Krfrge Airfield Objects and Airfield Objects 2 by Sundowner Julhem's Factory Objects by pureBlue Object Libray 1 by polak & CFS Midway Group-Wrench 6 Ground add on models for the new coming Airbase102 1.0.0 and Chu containers & HESCO WALL 1.0.0 by Gkabs Soviet Transport Pack by Kesselbrut Zastava M-55 triple and single AAA by gkabs Gepard for his Small Oilrig Mue for his great Target Area Editor CombatAce Community, always willing to help and to continue with the Strike Fighters Universe. Please let me know if I have omitted someone! INSTRUCTIONS: It's simple. Add the contents of the "Add to Desert4_TYPES" to the Desert4_TYPES.ini. Follow the numbering sequence. Open your Desert4_TARGETS.ini file, and look for "RAF Canopic" and "Canopic" targets entries. Replace them totaly with the lines provided in the corresponding txt files You'll need to donload the elements listed in the "Download" txt in order for some objects to appear. Copy the files included in the "Add to Desert 4 directory" to de Desert4 terrain main folder. Enjoy!!!! Ignacio
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    Version 1.0.0


    ***** ***** Updated Korat RTAFB ***** This is an update of Armourdave's Korat model. What I've changed/added: - redrawn higher res textures for the buildings and runways - fixed aircraft parking areas - fixed some missing runway lights - added ground objects - updated the draw distances of some of the ground objects Please see the install instructions in the README ***** ***** Credits ***** Korat RTAFB model....Armourdave Ground Objects: 82L..................KillerBee 82S..................KillerBee 84L..................KillerBee 84S..................KillerBee ACLadder.............KillerBee AirStartUnitC........KillerBee AirStartUnitL........KillerBee AirStartUnitR........KillerBee B_Duel_Y_Trac........Sundowner B_TrailerMk82........Sundowner B_TrailerMk82_Duel...Sundowner FireExtinguisher.....Amokfloo Forklift.............Amokfloo M_Trailer............Sundowner RstandT..............KillerBee SATS2................KillerBee Y_Tractor............Sundowner
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    Version 12.2013


    It textures for MiG-21 MF or MiG-21 SM or ... in *.PSD specifically for modders ))
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    Based on Mirage Factory's French Mirage IIIE. Skin is a re-work of ludo.m54's skin. Skin and the mod(for the Indo-Pak install) is meant to represent Pakistani Mirage IIIEPs that took part in the 1971 Indo-Pak War and has a complete decals set for all 18 PAF Mirage IIIEPs. No. 5 Sqdn PAF "Falcons" flew the Mirage IIIEP in the 1971 war( 18 airframes) Now a couple questions. 1) Can the antenna marked as "A" be somehow removed using some ini trick? It is the only antenna that was not present on PAF Mirage IIIEPs. 2) Can the bulge marked as "B" be removed? If it can be, it can be used to represent Ex-RAAF Mirage IIIOs that the PAF acquired in the 90s.
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    Version 1.0


    All the inscription reads, new textures of radar, side panels,glass of cockpit and other changes... (High resolution textures)
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    Version Patch 1


    HURC'S SF2V AIRFIELD REBUILD MOD 1.1 Patch 1 (Freeware - Not to be used in any Payware mods) 10-9-11 This patch adds a few missing items from the original mod. Additionally, there are new targets and types files with slight changes. Backup your current ones if you have modified them just in case. Plus: If you have an install of the "Vietnam Air and Ground Expansion Pack 2.x Mod", I've included a set of targets and types files specifically for use in that mod. Make sure you BACKUP first just in case. Install the original SF2V AB Rebuild Mod 1.1 into your AG-XP mod folder and then copy the included objects, types and targets ini files into the mod folder as well - say yes to overwrite prompts.
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    Version 1.0


    All the inscription reads, new texture of cockpit, and other minor changes...
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    This mod is something to complement Stary's Green Hell3 mod for SF2V. All airfields on both sides have been extensively facelifted and given a new lease of life by re-populating them with huge amounts of groundobjects that were used in my Desert3 terrain and updated airfields for the Four Seasons mod. Airfields have also been re-catagorised into two different groups; 'Red' and 'Blue'. For example, a friendly 'vietnamSEA_airfield4' will now be 'BLUE_AIRFIELD4' and a North Vietnamese 'vietnamSEA_airfield4_NV' will now be 'RED_AIRFIELD4'. The amount of ground objects and buildings on all airfields are on a MUCH bigger scale than before, though I haven't really noticed much of a drop in FPS performance - although the mod's performance on your PC does depend on your own system and specs. ---------------------------------- INSTALLATION (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY): * First, save a copy of your existing 'VietnamSEA' terrain (in case for some strange reason you might not be happy with this mod!). * Secondly, unzip this pack and allow the folders within to merge with your SF2V installation. If asked whether you want to replace files, allow them to be overwritten (you saved a copy of your original terrain, yeah?). You should be good to go then! Important Note: If you don't already have this, you should download it from the SF1 downloads section, otherwise North Vietnamese airfields will be missing a LOT of trucks: * Kesselbrut's 'Soviet Transport Mod', which can be found here: http://combatace.com/files/file/3667-soviet-transport-pack/ CREDITS: *SF/WoV Runway Upgrade tiles by Polak *Hi-Res Runway texture tiles by JSF Aggie *Factory Target Area, Tactical Control Centre, HeadquartersR1, Gas Station and Tower H1 by Wingwiner *Enhanced Top Cloud Layer BMPs by Fubar512 *Radar Facility by Grumpapotamus *Generic Hangars pack by Stary *South Vietnamese, American and SEATO flag by Wrench *Thai flag by pureblue *Borrowed Objects from Wrench's Libya Terrain : Round Tents Barbed Wire Fences Camonet *Borrowed Objects from Wrench's DBS Terrain : HotDog Stand 'Deuces Bar & Grill' sign *Borrowed Objects From Falklands Mod : Stanley Tower Comm Building *Borrowed Objects From Desert Storm Mod : Satellite and Radio Antennas Sandbag walls Ammo boxes *Borrowed Objects From SF2 Range Terrain : Forklift and ShelterZU by Amokfloo Firetrucks by Ravenclaw FloodLight, SmallGenerator, ConcreteBlock and SunShelter by Pureblue Static Chinook model by Banidos Team Tools by Polak Thanks to the creators of all the above mods. Special thanks to all at CA for the fantastic mods that have been created over the years. And of course a very special thanks to TK for creating this unique mod series. NOTE: If I've forgotten anybody please get in touch so I can give you the credit you deserve! Have fun; Piecemeal 6th Jan 2011


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