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    Air to air is included in the loadouts, but the F-5a doesn't pack the punch of air-superiority fighters; it fights with its cannon and a couple of sidewinders. Yes, the plan is to include some type of paint-kit. Cheers .. back to work..
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    completed the civilian airport main terminal (some work need to be done to the skin). Next will be to work on the military base.
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    Uh, what did you train on? - The usual machine, Herr Hauptmann... an out-of-date Pfalz! That's what you'll fly here! - But, at flying school, they told us... "Flying school!" At flying school, they'll tell you anything! Up-to-date machines go to experienced pilots! Those are in short supply! It's a cruel world, Stachel, huh? - Yes, Herr Hauptmann. WIP
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    The 500x500 Solomons terrain, with the tile and height maps converted to "eaw32.tm" and "eaw6.hm". I was able to use their pilot map too I was using a hastily converted EAW ETO target map for what has been a successful test of my conversion software
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    Version 1.0


    Nanchang Q-5 / Q-5E / Q-5II This work started as a simple skinpack for Wrench's SF-2 Fantan pack. At last it changed so much that I decided to make a whole repackage. So at last this is only a Wrench tribute due all the old birds he always polish and upgrade for us almost every day. Thank You my friend! I tried only to complete his work on the Q-5 What's new: - All skins rework (new camos too) - Engine Intakes (by Cocas) - Brand new decal sets according Y.Gordon MiG-19 Aerofax bible - Canopy, Antennas & Rails mappings issues quick fixes - Loadout Images SF-2 Tga files Credits: - Wrench for SF-2 upgrade (for SF-1 original credits see his readme) - Cocas for new engine intake via fake pilot add - Guest for original North Korea skin - Paulopanz for all skins, decals, fixes etc. Install: - As usual all in main mod folder and overwrite North Korea Q-5E/II: - Copy from Q-5A the relative folder - Paste it in Q-5E/II folders Suggestions: - Use it over Quemoy island or Formosa strait - Make a new cold war Taiwan campaign, please That'all folks! @ paulopanz
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    F4-M 75\80 is Box02 2 seconds with mues lod viewer :)
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    Apparently, somebody hasn't been flying over some of our hyper-detailed terrains. It's all been done. I should know ...
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    In what time zone is it Saturday allready ? CL
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    Today I have the files and the test was commenced. It will take a week max and after that, if everything looks as it should I will upload the files for you. Thank you for your patience
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    In cooperation with VonS and Quack74, I'm developing some new WW1 aircraft. I've begun mapping the Junkers J.I and will pass it on to Quack for textures, then VonS for FM.
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    Found details... In works..J-7B,,J-7EBJ-7EH,J-7G,J-7PG heres G with new proper canopy (not 100% but im happy with it)......and correct details antennaes\Aerials lights,etc ignore skin ...
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    That will be done after completing the model in the data file. know problem there ;)
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    LOVE the sign!!! the jetways look pretty good too!! (I could have used them some year back...<gr>)
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    Thanks - alas I never got WOE, just SFG and WOV. Full merged now, of course.
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    Think its for removing bits you dont want...IIRC its been replaced by Detachwhendestroyed=
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    Thanks, that's about what I thought after counting the hangars in the images. While I'm at it, I wanted to maybe give a few suggestions for you to consider implementing in your airbase as the project progresses. Here's a list of features I would like to see added; 1. Functional runway edge and end lights that turn on in low-light and bad weather would be great, and it would be cool to have floodlights that do the same in the parking and taxi areas as well 2. A working visual approach slope indicator/landing indicator lights system for both runways 3. Revetments for 1-4 Ready-5/Quick Reaction fighters - places near the runway where fully armad and fueled fighters can be parked in wartime for immediate response to enemy air attacks 4. Arming pits - these are revetments where final weapons arming is done just prior to takeoff 5. Fuel dump and fuel tanks - the military base should probably have a fuel dump where aviation fuel is stored, with protective walls and a bit of distance between it and the other facilities for protection. The civil airport would likely have some fuel storage as well, though not as well protected. 6. Ammo dump - the military base needs a place to store the missiles, bombs and bullets for the fighters, so this would be a good detail to include 7. Early warning radar and radio tower - communications and detection of incoming attacks is pretty important for a facility like this, so these could be good things to have 8. Barracks/Living facilities for the ground crew, pilots, and other staff could be a cool addition 9. SAM/AAA emplacements - most military airbases are going to have some measure of defensive systems to help fight off air attacks, so if it's possible you could add some SAM/AAA emplacements in and around the military base and have the game's random AA wepaons spawn in those locations before doing so elsewhare 10. Lots of detail clutter scattered around both airport facilities - things like civilian aircraft parked in the civilian terminal, cars and buses in the civil airport's parking lot, external starter carts, towing vehicles, baggage trucks/trolleys, ordnance tractors, fuel trucks, fire trucks, forklifts, windsocks (poosibly with working wind-indicating direction), realistic runway signage, containers and supply piles, rotating radar dishes, lighted windows at night/during bad weather, etc. I can understand that this is alot to ask, but I feel that all of it would add up to make your airfield one of the best available. I could also see you doing two versions, with the first to be released being one with basic features so that people can use it on lower-end systems or customize it themselves, and a second version released later on that includes a lot more detail to help make the place 'come alive'. So, just out of curiosity, what do you think of my ideas? I'd like to hear your thoughts about my suggestions if you have the time.
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    Would look so pretty in DCS.. :-p
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    The tanks are on it because I used it to test...I know the outer tanks are pointed for supersonic flight...it just loaded the same tank as ive not changed names.... radome is correct....reworked from ages ago... as to numbers I know about the no splitting numbers...I thought I may have seen it before as I wanted....tested it and its fine....works ok... wheels...im remaking them as they are blocky.also wings are correct for PG and some others...wing shape is more staggered for the G B MG GB some of which arent being done MG and GB....but who knows.. its still wip so not final...ive still bits to redo...as some are chunky...like it had square pitot tubes lol thnx for feed back tho
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    hmmm not tried yet...decs need tweaking...orange for the Blue 7G...got to make them... you can,I found out....with tga decs numbers too long.... so reduced width of tga by 85%....then made canvas size back to proper width... on main layer two borders ,filled with white...then alpha channel now had white borders...filled them with the black...saved and hey presto...didnt affect alpha channel at all.numbers are less long and look slightly higher as in pics above saves having go resize numbers and make new tga`s...
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    im sure this is correct... I have 60 decals.. just for example....1st half like 203001 to 203340 and rest are for example 303030 to 303070 rather than naming them all seperately...as its a lot lol more than 60 tbh all are Num000 to Num059 etc as per norm. tell you why...so same sqd but different skins use same numbers...but not at same time obviously....as some chinese 7Gs were blue early then white \grey later.. doing this will save having 2 &g a\c folders im sure this can be done..IIRC for 1st skin DecalNumberBlockSize=60 <or should both be 30 ? DecalNumberStart=0 DecalNumberEnd=29 and 2nd skin DecalNumberBlockSize=60 DecalNumberStart=30 DecalNumberEnd=60 cheers folks...kev will deffo know :)
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    Falta enseñarle a la IA a volarlo porque no caza una.... y yo no tengo idea como hacerlo..
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    That looks extremely spot on. CL
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    RAF Thunderstrike ops, somewhere over the Middle East, 1979
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a Fiat G.91R pack, taking the old SFP1 mods and make them SF2 compatible. The pack includes all three G.91R versions 1,3 & 4, with all the neccessary weapons, pilots, guns & sounds. Five missions are also included. You need to install the NATO fighters campaign for these missions and the excellent Ravenclaw_007 USAF & Luftwaffe Phantoms. I tried to make as complete as possible, taking parts from the excellent G.91Y of ErikGen, such as the cockpit, sounds and the ejection seat. I worked the skins (converted into jpg), the loadouts and of course the data.ini trying to do it as realistic as I could. The real credits should go to First and above all - ErikGen for make them possible. Also - Andriam "Kreelin" who made the original Flight Model of the G.91Rs for SPF1. - Maurizio "NGHENGO" for the loading and hangar screens - Spillone104 for the jet sound, photos and suggestions during beta testing of the initial G.91Y release - Steve S for the invaluable infos about the cockpit of the initial G.91Y release - Steve S, Soulfreak & Muesli for the amazing skins - Ravenclaw_007 for the amazing weapons that made sense to rework the G.91R - Viper63 for the excellent pilots - bobrock, Soulfreak, Dave, Canadair, 76.IAP-Blackbird, Veltro2k and Nghengo as beta testers of the initial G.91Y release Known issues - The Attachment Position of the pylons are slighly wrong and should have been corrected. Hopefully in a later release. - The cockpit of the G.91Y looks a bit odd, since the "Yankee" was twin-engined and I hope that someone would correct this. - A late period ('80s) skin is missing for the Portoguese G.91R/4. I hope that someone would make a skin for it. I had in mind to rework the G.91R for years, and finally now I managed to do it. Better late than ever. I think most people know my love for small planes. Remember this is a FREEWARE


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