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    i was not yet able to finish the NF-5A 275 gallon tank because of some real life problems , if my computer is finally willing to work with me i will finish them soon ( 1 week i hope )
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    FW-187 Falke "Freie Jagd" over South England. He-100 acts as high altitude cover for the Falke group.
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    Speak for yourself Starfighter2! It's still 30 degrees and sunny as heck here on Crete, LOL!! There's still some details to iron out, and Baffmeister is working hard custom building and tuning the flight model.. so a couple more weeks
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    Possible replacement for the Tonka.
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    Eric woudln't be cool to have a ground object simulating a JTAC unit? Mandatory screen, Canberra SEAD over Malvinas.
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    We can give him the chance to remove the link to the piracy sources then replace them with links to the TW store, how should have been done the first place. He sounds to be mature enough in the videos, so should be no reason to advocate unethical behavior..
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    Here is an early WIP of the Mako scheme... still plenty of work to do :)
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    The Moonlighters deploy to Australia for operations over East Timor... Thanks to EricJ for the skin.
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    I totally agree; let's give him a chance. the video is excellent, and a huge help to beginners (ok, and old timers too). Best thing for him to do, is edit his YT post, and remove the offending link.
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    YF-22 Scheme USAF Pac West Saudi Grey Egyptian Woodland
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    Totally agree with this. As for this, investigate fully and get the whole story, before admin takes any action to ban or not, it would be wrong to go off half cocked, even if the evidence seems to advocate executive action, due process is the only fair way of dealing with this, thats my opinion anyhow.
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    Hope we can fly it for Christmas!
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    I saw this fitting camo pattern and just couldn't resist...
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    Does this make any sense?? Anyway.. all of El Al's 747s are now retired.. long live the Dreamliner haha
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    It seems as he started his SF2 video series the Thirdwire store were down. From the description of his first SF2:Vietnam video: I think at this time he thought the SF2 games were abondoned. But later as the Thirdwire store were up again, although he now mentions that you can purchase the games from the store, he still provides the link to the illegal copies.
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    ahhh not looked at any of those, however I think that maybe he should be given the chance to explain himself ? just a thought, everyone has the right to explain before being castigated , I for one would like to hear his side of the story.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is the current VFA-14 skin for the squadron centennial in 2019. Simply drop in the FA-18E_BlkII folder and go fly. It can be found under VFA-14 Line 2019
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    Fixed and being uploaded
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    maybe someone should send link to TK sent link...maybe this guy should be banned...as hes been downloading our mods.....I know they are freeware but piracy is making the game lesser...if those games downloaded free were paid for we might have update sooner.
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    I really like his videos. What I don't like is, that he provides a link to a download site where you can download illegal copies of all SF2 games.
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    The Foxbat project by Veltro2k ! WIP progress...
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    A bit late for Phantom Phriday so I'll leave this one here..
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    Made nice hot blue AB effects....seen this colour on an Fmk6 years ago at Bruntingthorpe P1211 and the Vickers 553 by the time pressed F10 Then Tower view it was gone..man this thing can climb..
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    Heavy flak fire over south England. As a small finger exercise i started to rework my old Battle of Britain terrain. In the screenshot below you see the difference between the old and the new tileset.
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    Version 1.0.0


    It's way too hard but I would recommend it if I'm flying like that. mods/flight folder
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    RAZBAM is no longer working on SF stuff,I have no news on versions for other games like FSX


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