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    After the withdrawal of French forces, the partition of FIC into North and South Vietnam (and the other places), the newly formed Republic of Viet Nam Air Force carried on with the aircraft the French left behind (in truth, training of the pilots and ground crew started before the Battle of Dien Bein Phu) Here we have Bearcats from the 1st Fighter Squadron, in their original dark gloss Navy blue, and post-1960 natural metal. and an RVNAF Criquet (Bearcats by me, MS-500 from Paulo's Mod Pack) These aircraft would (could) be used on the stock VietnamSEA map, with a small text edit to the terrains main ini, to give it a start date of 1956.
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    Monty's C-119 also appears, from "Detachment 119" as loaned from the USAF. With thanks to Joe Bauer's site, I was able to run down 18 100% historical serial numbers. Don't know how the player will actually be using them (along with the C-47), but I figured 18 was good number. Raven's Fi-156 Storch, in it's MS-500 Criquet form also appears for eye candy and recon/laison duties. Pity FAC was removed from the game...(skins also by Paulo)
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    Does it really matter what an individual wants to do with their game [ keywords being THEIR and GAME ] be it realistic or not ? The game offers the option to start in the air ....how realistic is that? They are not cheats, they are just another way of using what TK made available........hell we even have moon and mars stuff being worked on.....how "realistic" is that ? Like Wrench, I've been with the SF series since day one and seen sooooooo many cheats/workarounds call them what you like, but they are what keep folks interested in SF, it's the whole idea of being mod-able......letting the end user enjoy the game as they want to. Just my opinion...
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    Man, I totally did NOT question the fact users may want to use such functions because those are not realistic. I simply stated why TK didn't include them nor highlighted them; his SF series is described as a lite flight sim, so realism is still a factor in his original product. This is not an arcade flight sim like Ace Combat, so I don't see why TK should have included such "rearm while in flight" option by default. So, it is a cheat in my view and in TK's as well. I'm the one working on the Moon and Mars terrains, but that does not imply I despise realism, nor I criticize those who would like to rearm in-flight. My apologies if my opinion wasn't clear enough.
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    I know you've all been waiting for these, the Bearcats. Now, please do remember, while the aircraft has all the correct shaping, there are some issuse. First and foremost is the large shadow rope/tractor beams from somewhere in the main gear wells. I've tried to mitigate it by shortening the distance (as much as I can) that the shadow is cast. But ... well, y'all know how that goes. Also, there's no folding wings. That's not a real issue for land based planes, but still...(well, after all the aircraft was released in 2006 so...we should be thankful the canopy opens and closes!!) So, we have the following units represented: I/8 "Saintonge" I/21 "Artois" GC II/9 "Auvergne" GC I/9 "Limousin" GC II/8 "Languedoc" GC I/6 "Corse" GC III/6 "Roussillon" ======= Shown below: GC I/6 GC I/21 GC II/8 GC III/6
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    Since I don't do real world skins that often... I hope you like these ones. I saw them searching for something else and thought that I must do them. Possible that somebody created them already. F-4K Phantom FG.1, 43rd Squadron RAF, 70 Years Anniversary skin without Spinestripe... ...and with it
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    Bit more tweaking....added 2 extra outer wing pylons for sidewinders and the Northrop TCS system....
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    No worries m8, I did take it that you were trying to put down what the guy was trying to do but I do also see your point......we all have our pet likes and dislikes regarding what happens within SF. ps, keep your great work.
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    On some maps e.g. SWUS, if you switch sides after designating the airfield, you can. Done it for Aggressor squadrons flying out of Nellis runways - great for parallel take-off screenies.
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    From the album S-400 missile system

    S-400 missile system
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    From the album S-400 missile system

    S-400 missile system
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    That I've love to see in SF2, as well as the EB-1C Vampire.
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    Aeronavale Corsairs have been around for a while. The skins used here are from Paulopanz's excellent French Corsair package. You'll have the F4U-7 and AU-1. AU-1 from Flotille 14 F4U-7s from Flotilles 12 & 14 There are several skins for each (including some into the 1960s, used possibly in Algeria? I removed the Operation Musketeer -Suez- skins from the Vietnam48 mod folder)
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    Great cheat if it simulates 'Hot Pit' refueling. May not take into account actual time on the ground/engines running; but if previous mission targets destroyed are in effect and you can fly out and continue say a CAS sortie, that's pretty damn cool! Don't know if it works that way in SF series though? Thanks for the 'tweek'
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    Yeah man. We've been discussing this topic for years... people have tried, tired, and tried again. One person was able to rig something back in the WOE days. With rearming, refueling, and all that. I think the files got lost over time or something. Yeah we've tried a lot of things with the SF series. Some even developed a bomb sight for heavies ... and I can still hear Wrench say "leave the bombing to the AI" :) DCS is on top of things that's for sure. However SF series will always have a special place in my heart. I don't care how bad the graphics are or how limited the engine is. SF series is still a good series.
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    AeroNavale upgrades! To replace the Dauntless' before they became completely unflyable, SB2C Helldivers were acquired (ok, bought). They were -5s, but the only major difference from the -4 we have is the lack of the full "blown one-piece" canopy for the pilot. Flying from the 3 carriers (Aerromanches, Bois Belleau and La Fayette) and sometimes land bases. Here we have Helldivers from Flotille 3 Flottille 9
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    So I tried overwriting with the original SF2V Air & Ground War Expansion tiles..which are based on the Green Hell 2 tiles (?)..and, to be honest, I don't think it looks as good as GH 3.5..or is this not what it is supposed to look like? The colors are more vibrant, which I thought the 3.5 ones looked a bit more gritty and appropriately depressing (LOL)....but maybe I have my install screwed up?
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    So I bit the bullet and did a total reinstall of SF2 Air & Ground War Expansion Pack + updates + Green Hell 3.5 + Green Hell Enhancements.. Wow..what a package! Green Hell 3.5 looks fantastic (Stary is THE MAN!) - more subdued colors and just awesome. With the newly updated package, the SF2 Vietnam executable is working with vorpX and it is awesome! I'll get some through the lens pictures tomorrow..but I did record a bit of my 2D monitor while flying in VR...
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    A MiG-23 Flogger trying to dodge a SkyFlash...
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    Escorting Bombers of the Future, @1947


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