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    Ok, people. We all know what's happening out there. What I wanted to do here, is give you all a place to vent, commiserate, give support, whatever you want. Tell us what's going on in your part of the world. What you're feeling thinking, experiencing. Photos, videos, links to local news services, etc are all OK. Since a lot of you don't have you location linked, tell us where you are (city, country) Think of this as a therapy thread, if you want. Please, all be safe and take care of each other. I'll be posting my thoughts/feelings later; just wanted to get this ball rolling This thread will be pinned at the top of this forum. Kevin "Wrench" Stein Los Angeles California
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    F-4G_78 Cockpit , all Radar mods are working now including the Switches for it , and some missing items are now installed at the rear of the Cockpit
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    Going out for a round over the Desert
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    There in Rome we are in the first week of lockdown and in some instance,looking at streets and road look almost as the 1st season of Walking Dead...when Rick is in the outskirt of Atlanta! Like always some idiot still take the situation less than seriously and ignore the advice to don't exit and in some cases people organized even birthdays for their sons with many kids! At least I can finish my modeling work,so when all will finish I can make happy my collector!
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    Thanks, another option is that it is scaremongering and political games. 1) Screw up the crisis response with an incompetent irresponsible plan. 2) Announce an inflated number of predicted deaths. 3) Finally enact some reasonable measures. 4) When the crisis ends and the numbers are lower than your inflated expectations, pretend you won the crisis and saved lives, hoping the electorates forgets that in actuality you screwed up and sacrificed more lives than necessary.
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    Pity muse lod viewer doesnt show spec etc...save time loading game each time to view... heres some effects achievable...amount depends on ur taste
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    Can your backseater do this?
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    1977Frenchie Talking about our city Thunder Bay. One of our kids is on the front lines in medical field. As of this morning no positives.
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    Today has been the first "don't go to work" day from the Government over here and they have given out figures that the mitigation strategy will still result in 200,000 estimated deaths by August. Most sport and cinema has been cancelled but they have not shut the schools yet despite most of the teachers being told they need to stay at home The businesses that were not killed by the internet are now being killed by this virus it seems unless the government step in - even seems to be a story about Amazon stopping shipments and not making their robots kill themselves for the shareholders. I don't know why but his video despite being mostly satire seems to be one of the few things to get the message through.
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    Hi there guys, I want to show you the project that I am working on right now: An Orion spacecraft to use in the Moon terrain. I am taking my time doing it but it slowly progresses! Now that I finished the modelling part of the capsule itself, I want to take this opportunity to learn better texturing, and since I already know the basics of unwrapping, I want to ask you for any advice or tutorial in order to paint a decent map (I use photoshop), and also I want to try using Bump and Specular maps here. I will appreciate any knowledge! Thank you My idea is to make something like this, the normal spacecraft composed by modules, but the middle one dedicated to weaponry and military systems, as it would be an Orion capsule retrofitted to serve as a space fighter/attacker. In fact, the middle module could be interchangable depending on the mission (small with missiles for fighters, with automated cannons to escort or large with a lot of hardpoints to attach bombs for bombers). This could lead to different versions of the spacecraft in separated Aircraft folders.
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    You don't have to be a prophet to know that new flu-like epidemies appear every decade, we have had several since the 2000 hahahaha
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    Too many changes at ones ;-)) Ty for info. Set both pylons to 60 kg.
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    just wow ravenclaw. just wow. new paint job for the fastest recon bird to actually operate over East Germany and his little friend too
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    Northern Ontario Canada No cases yet. Everyday more things are closed and restricted It is brutal to watch people panic buying. Hopefully everybody comes out of this with no issues.
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    Greetings from Flanders fields... Coping OK so far, but I expect a lockdown will be announced here in the next few days. Stay safe all! And a big thank you to any members who are out there working in healthcare, fire brigades, police, transport, supermarkets etc.
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    F-8E Crusader (“מָגֵן”) As October of 1973 progressed, one thing was clear. While Israel did not lose the Yom Kippur War, nor were they winning it. New Soviet air defence systems delivered to the Arab nations had taken a heavy toll on the Israeli Air Force and desperate reinforcements were needed. The United States, eager to assist their new ally in the middle east began an air bridge to supply ammunition, ordinance, airframes and spare parts to replace the vast quantities of material lost in the battles. On the 29th of October, the USS Hancock was given an unprecedented order - to proceed at once to the Red Sea where the entirety of Air Wing 21 - consisting of three Skyhawk Squadrons and two Crusader Squadrons - would be flown to Israel and the airframes loaned to the Israeli Air Force to replace losses. On the 1st of November, Air Wing took off from the Hancock, armed with ordinance for self-defence and began their journey towards Air Bases in Israel. The Air Forces of Egypt and Jordan interpreted this as an Alpha Strike, aimed at their Air Forces and scrambled several squadrons to intercept. However, direct US entry into the war was averted as radar monitors noticed the air group's heading was directly towards Israel Airspace and intercepting aircraft was recalled home. At first, the Israeli Air Force met their new gift of Crusaders with some confusion and apprehension, having never operated the type before but U.S Navy pilots - now stranded in a country at war - was eager to provide expertise and assistance, serving as impromptu flight instructors and it is believed that up to a third of the airplanes was indeed crewed by volunteer US Navy Pilots. While this was never admitted by the United States, it was never denied either and in later years, many ex-Navy pilots have come forward and told of their experiences of flying in the war. The other two thirds was made up of older Israeli active reserve pilots, more used to flying Mysteres and Mirages. This experience proved to be beneficial transferring to the Crusader. The Crusaders would not go to form any squadrons of their own in the Israeli Air Force, rather they were spread out to work together with Skyhawk Squadrons, acting as fighter escorts and decoy aircraft, using their speed and maneuverability to escape situations that would be tricky for the Skyhawks to handle. The pairing worked well and casualties in Skyhawk Squadrons were quickly reduced to manageable levels, earning the Crusaders their Israeli nickname of מָגֵן or “Guardian”. In Israeli service, they would have a kill ratio of ten to one with pilots often preferring to fly the aircraft without any external ordinance, relying on the four 20mm guns to engage and destroy the target. While the guns in US Navy service was considered unreliable, there are oddly enough few such reports from the Israeli Air Force. Rather, the airframes quirks were spoken of fondly as something to work with rather than being a hindrance. The gun sights especially were praised and similar systems would be installed in both A-4 Skyhawks and F-4 Phantoms after the war's end. On the 28th of November, a Ceasefire agreement was put into place with the Israelis making moderate land gains, gains that would lead to the 1978 Camp David Accords that became the first peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. On the 15th of December, surviving aircraft of Air Wing 21 left Israel and were flown by their air crews to the USS Intrepid on what would be the last cruise of the Essex Class Carrier with the pilots that no longer had airframes to fly were flown to the ship by Israeli Navy Helicopters. With the Crusaders showing wear and tear after both their Vietnam and Middle East adventures, the majority of them were destined to be scrapped. However, the Israeli Air Force intervened, purchasing ten airplanes with six being donated to military museums across the country and four others being positioned as Gate Guardians outside the Ramat David, Nevatim, Hatzerim and Hatzor Air Bases where they remain to this day. Even with Skyhawks no longer flying from the bases, pilots of the Israeli Air Force have come to regard the Crusaders with a reverence and it is not uncommon to see groups of pilots stand in silent attention in front of them before embarking on a mission. Participating in the cleaning and maintenance of them is also considered mandatory and a way to create good unit cohesion. It does however also make the pilots fiercely protective of their good luck charms. When the gate guardian of Ramat David Air Base was vandalised by a group of teenagers, the local air group intervened to provide a special punishment for the vandals; scrubbing hangars with tiny brushes with helpful suggestions of pilots and staff at the base. In the end, the מָגֵן of Ramat David seemed to be both forgiving and with a sense of humour as several years later, the teenagers would do their military service in the Israeli Air Force. All of the former vandals became aircraft mechanics at their own request, serving with skill and diligence at the Ramat David Air Base.
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    France here, slooowly going into "full lockdown", only delayed about two weeks from what it should have been because some muppets kicked up a fuss about postponing mayoral elections (facepalm, prioririties people, priorities). Kindergarten, schools and universities have been closed since saturday, retirement homes are on lockdown and the rest of the country is preparing to officially be in a few hours. Idiots raid shelves only to have them filled again* in less than a day, others continue living as if nothing was happening, still shaking hands etc... until the last moment. The government is slowly taking over paying wages of people who can't telecommute and compensating small businesses and independents so as few as possible go under; Rent, taxes, loan repayments etc are or will be suspended for the duration, utility bills will be waved, most other european countries are preparing to do the same and we expect the European Central Bank to start printing money like mad, same as in the US. Things on the medical front are still somewhat holding except in eastern France (well, where Balto is) where some fucking evangelical gathering, despite warnings, started a cluster that's spreading like wildfire. The Army will set up a field hospital there to alleviate the situation as there are too many patients and transferring too many of them toward other regions would create cascading problems. Many people "flee" the big cities, at the risk of spreading the infection, but hoping for better quality of life should the lockdown take more than the three weeks announced so far (yeah, right... more like two month). Since most are either students leaving their 15m² "apartment" to go back to their parents home, or families with young children leaving the city to go to some family house in the country where the kids have space to play, I can't really be mad at them, especially considering we're at the stage where we should consider the virus already reached almost everywhere. The only downside is that they will increase the stress on medical staff in regions already under equipped for the regular population, potentially putting lives at risk. Me, not getting out of the house ? Avoiding human contact ? Working from home ? Muhahahahah, I've been training for this all my life. It's the US and UK I worry for... We have kind of screwed up our response to the crisis for idiotic reasons, especially with Italy giving us good examples of what works or not, but at least we're doing something and not expecting to let it run its course and let the plebs die, either literally or financially. * The shelf raiding being both for themselves and in some examples, a very entrepreneurial streak appears, stocking up on things in larger quantities they'll ever need, hoping to make a profit on the eventual black market with it if things come to this... I just love humanity.
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    Thanks Wrench. Up here in Skagit in Washington State, we're taking this seriously. As someone who has extensive contacts in "TransitWorld", it's a nerve wracking time. We know the curve is going up exponentially, and this virus still has community spread. So much so, the Left Coast is going into lockdown as much as we can. We also know on the flip side will be a depression. We know many small businesses just can't save up enough to cushion from a fall and will... fail. We know the only other alternative is in a word: inhumane. Nonetheless, we're bracing for economic impact and a real, genuine loss of community places and community spirit over to corporatism & maybe some orange online store named after a river in Brazil. Me personally, I have a lot of stuff that's been on hold due to the COER Conflict of lawfare against OLF Coupeville on Whidbey Island. My calendar is starting to clear now that my involvement is done - maybe that's a 100% separate topic for the pub. More time to finish up that Nihon Hitori campaign, paint planes, and beta-test Tornadoes. More later...............
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    Things got really interesting when somehow even with a F-15C Eagle escort, GR.1 Tornadoes on a CAS mission had to go multi-role. @guuruu really did good with the artwork here: THIS is what I wanted my post 1,100 to be folks! Lots of BOOM!
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    Between adding this and adding the Soundini.ini recommendations, all is good now. Very good, in fact. Going to bed soon but happy to beta test any other feature you'd like @guuruu. I finally have some clear air in my calendar for a while...
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    Not really bad ;-) Iceland battle. Crushing the fleet is just question of number, of fired Kormorans ;-) BTW, Lt.Kobert must be a beast ;-)
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    A bit late but I gotta lotta balls in the air right now. Here's when some MiGs jumped @guuruu's DS Tornado I'm beta-testing:
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    At least working GPU ;-) Airbase attack. 22 kills with MW-1 ;-)
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    Actually, it was 7-Zip that failed to open it and Winzip (trial version free) succeeded. However, I took Wrench's advice and updated my 7--Zip and that seems to have solved the problem. Thanks to everyone that rowed in so promptly with solutions. [By the way, it was well worth the trouble-Tornos planes and cockpits are top class].
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    Don't even bother with WinRAR, go for 7-Zip, it does RAR5 since version 15.something. Friends don't let friends use the RAR formats.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Third Wire MiG-23MLD update & flyable for SF2 - Made flyable with the MLD cockpit and avionics available here at CA by Stary - Leading edge flaps fixed to now automatically deploy during manoeuvring as they did on the MLD with the type 3 wing. - Radar data and performance is corrected from the S-23MLA radar to the S-23MLA-II radar as fitted in the MLD. - KDS-23 countermeasure dispenser installed in the centreline drop tank pylon. This is a 12 shot chaff/ flare countermeasure dispenser that could be used once the drop tank had been jettisoned. - Ejection seat (from ODS mod) and more suitable pilot added. - Canopy can be opened and closed. - Primary and secondary roles expanded to reflect the evolution of the MLD version of the MiG-23 into a more multi role fighter platform. - Loadouts enhanced and corrected. Some Afghanistan specific ones added. - Used of Kh-25M air-to-surface missile and datalink pod added. - Fuselage AA-8 positions corrected. - Removed ECM jammer. - Updated weapons from the RSSW 099 mod. - Various Soviet- Afghan war skins added. Drop into your main mods folder to install, OVER-RIDE!!! CombatAce fair agreement applies.
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    Near Fort Worth, Texas. Most of the restaurants and bars in FTW and in Waco to the south of us are closed or restricted to take out only. Seems to be a huge run on toilet paper, bottled water. and ammunition; Texans may be a friendly lot, but we tend to go worst-case-scenario quick, fast, and in a hurry. Six confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Tarrant County, but due to the shortage of testing kits, it's almost certainly more than that. National Guard units are being called up, not sure what exactly they plan to do. 76 confirmed cases statewide and one confirmed death, an elderly patient down on the coast. Schools were in Spring Break when all this started, or about to begin, but they're all closed down now, at least until the end of March, possibly until the end of the summer. Schools are doing distance learning, home education for the moment and a lot of homeschooling parents have stepped up and posted a lot of lessons to information boards, Facebook, etc., so, believe it or not, school is still happening in a lot of places. My sister teaches down near Austin and they've all gone 1:1 with iPads and full distance learning. The economy is most certainly going to take a hit from this. UPS and USPS have reassured everyone that shipments will continue, but the Fulfilled by Amazon program is going to essential supplies only. One thing that is really helping us is a Texas grocery chain called H-E-B (natives will know exactly what I'm talking about), who have stepped up in a big way. They're restricting hours, restricting the number of items you can buy, but they're making sure everyone that walks in gets what they need. H-E-B has done a lot of disaster work in the past, so they've got a pretty good system in place. Everyone hunker down and be safe.
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    Athens, Greece here and as acesfakia said almost everything is closed. Super markets, pharamacies, gas stations and take away shops mostly work. Also many employees were encouraged to work from home if possible. Many people I know work from home these days. As of now, 387 have been verified as virus carriers and 5 people have died. In general majority of people have understood how critical the situation is. Personally, I am afraid a bit more cause I work on a medical center as radiographer and apart from some critical or emergency exams, there are some people who come for their annual check up ignoring guidelines for public health. Fortunatelly all these irresponsible people are minority. Take care.
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    Do you have a source for that ? I read the 20k estimate for the best case scenario but failed to find that 200k estimate yet. Anyway I can confirm that Amazon is somewhat impacted as I was due to return damaged products but they contacted me to tell me they weren't in capacity to manage the return and I'd get reimbursed without the need for return, which I suspect means the center my package should have gone to was closed. I suspect this will increase as 16k out of 17k post offices in France are now closed, making it near impossible for anyone other than companies with contracts to expedite packages larger than a shoebox in some metropolitan areas, or at all in the rest of the country (it would take me a bit under an hour to reach the closest open post office).
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    Thanks guuruu, your swift response deserves swift testing. Unfortunately that version shifted the problem from right roll to left roll. Thanks to your reply above I had some idea of where to go looking for the problem. I poked around in the aircraft's DATA.INI & found the pylon mass values were identical in both file versions, left mass 100 & right mass 20. I then checked the new version's SkyShadow & BOZ-101 mass values in their DATA.INI files, & they're both the same, this would explain the left roll of the newer version but not the right roll of the original version I was using. So I set both of the pylon mass values to 100, flew with an empty loadout & it now stays straight & level. I see the gun fix made it in too, that saves me a download. I added the new sounds, they appear to work however there's still an issue with the RAF chatter file, after it's first loop, it then plays at double speed for the rest of the flight.
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    It's question of mass difference between Sky Shadow and BOZ. Real Tonka is flybywire so computer can easy autotrim plane, but not in SF2 world ;-) Use this version beta of v.1.5) I've changed pylons mass to reduce this effect. It's not ideal, but much better. Check also soundlist. Sounds are reworked in this version. https://we.tl/t-rPm7CBuKyX
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    Hello to All.... how about ..page ...from a book......? or not .. ? Greece for 2 weeks ...almost... everything is closed and we must stay at home....and until now died only people...more than 4 person's .... 65-95 y old...with medical health problem's... 65 patients are hospitalized, 9 of them are intubated hospitals ICU in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras. 51 of the cases have no identified source of contamination. or video .....? ? ? ?
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    Hi there, here in Andalucia, south Spain. Our situation is of total lockdown in the whole country, only determined jobs can still continue functioning and we are confined in our homes, being able to go out only for supplies, work (in case you can not telework), etc. The major infection clusters are in Madrid, and other northern cities, however, Madrid is the worst place in Spain right now. Before the State of Emergency and the possibility of being put into quarentine, lots of people also flee from this cities to the South where I live hahaha. As well as other countries supermarkets were completely out of stock (mostly of toilet paper as you may know hahaha). Now we are hoping that with the lockdown and the emergency state the growth of the virus will slowly decrease, and we are watching very closely how is going to our neighbours in Italy. The goverment have also screwed up a little, having done nothing to avoid massive crowds like the 8th of March where there was a massive feminist march all over the country, now even the most feminists are criticising the goverment for not doing anything, and in fact, a lot of female polititians are giving positive in coronavirus tests... At least, now the goverment have starting preparing economic aid to help the population and the bussinesses to cope with the situation, the Emergency Unit of the Army have been deployed to critical cities as well as other branches of the Armed Forces. They are "medicalizing" Hotels in the capital city to host the non-critical patients, and most of the population have finally realised that the situation here is serious... (needless to say that when schools and universities closed, a lot of people took it as a vacation... we never learn...) As for me, my situation down here is calm, however I am mostly concern about my parents with who I live this year, because my mother had gone through chemotherapy last year (everything ended up well and "that" problem was solved properly) however that may mean she is still a little bit inmunosuppressed (I don't know if I wrote that correctly). We are more concern about my cousing who lives in a city not in the countryside, and she is actually having chemotherapy right now. However, she is clever, strong and her boyfriend is there helping her not getting exposed. And indeed, I have been also preparing for this all my life, at least I can stay in my home without people judging me!! muahahahahahah I am also a little bit concern about the situation in UK ans US, i hope goverments take a response soon, and I wish all of you the best luck and a good confinement! Coronoavirus will die, nobody messes around with humanity!
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    Balto in France, local area "haut-rhin" near germany and switzerland Here in France, my local area is what we call a "foyer d'infection", i think in english you call it an epidemic cluster. The emergency hospital is full. There is a lack of material and beds. hospital staff is worn out. We expect many many death especially among old people and apeople who have others deases. It is said that youngs can not die but a few of them are already in reanimation. If things continue as they are hospital staff will soon start the "war" sort as they are short of oxygen devices, but today it is not yet the case. Yesterday evening our president told us we can now only move from home to go to work, help people, buy food, buy medecine and walk around our blocks to make some sports alone. Youngs can not go visit grand pa and grand ma.Restaurants,theaters are closed. Schools are closed too. Personly i have some immunodepresive medecine (following a lunge transplant) so i have to avoid the virus. My sister living 25 minutes frm me will buy me some food and the medecine i need.I am lucky as my company gave me a laptop so i can work at home and thus i can take care of my little girls. they do homework given by school. My sister will buy me food and the medecine i need and will also do it my mother (84 year old). Wrench and Joseffk i find really cool that you started this topic and that you have a thought to everybody even foreigners in europe. You are good guys
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    It's an overkill. Try a collision: you barely scratch the Tonka's painting
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    BK-27 soundfile ;-) Just copy to sounds .. ofc ;-) BK-27.7z
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    Thanks, I installed the file. No sounds but got the cannon back. I'm also attaching the mission I used to test for reference purposes. Helps when I had MiG-21s jump me... which didn't happen in the real Desert Storm but gave me a thrilling dogfight. With that, some screenshots: Tornado GR.1 DESERT STORM (guuruu) Close Air Support 1.MSN
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    Oh, true ;-) My fault. I was working on GR1A DS and probably removed this folder ;-) Unpack and copy to objects... Guns.7z
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    you. sorry that was a question above...missed "?"
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    you are missing gun folder BK-27
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    All the French aircraft (those that are available) are all done. See the Thread in the Missions/Campaigns Forum. Yes, originally, it was for 48-54 only, but things tend to grow disproportionitly
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    soooo went on a recon/test mission this afternoon..... and had to wonder why none of these tankers were flying flags or had names on the hulls.....
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    My total plan is to complete work on those two terrains (one for the First Indochina War, the other for the Vietnam War); it's already a huge amount of work, so do not expect that I'll be making complete campaign packages. My plan is to release them as standalone terrain packages. Wrench will worry about creating a package with all aircraft and objects for the First indochina War. Maybe, just maybe, I'll provide reworked .ini files for the campaigns contained in the SF2V expansion mod package.
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    SAAF Two seaters in combat.
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    In all his dickness around SF2 he still knows how to do money..... guessing later it will go back to old prices before that complete edition...claiming that it is W10 game... Crap. Or I do not know. Decency?
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    Version 1.0.0


    The 18 Forrest Sherman-class destroyers were the first US post-war destroyers (DD-927 to DD-930 were completed as destroyer leader configurations). Commissioned beginning in 1955, these ships served until the late 1980s. Their weaponry underwent considerable modification during their years of service. Four were converted to guided missile destroyers. This class also served as the basis for the Charles F. Adams-class guided missile destroyer. Two ships of the class have become museum ships, nine have been sunk in training exercises, and the others have been scrapped or are scheduled to be scrapped. CREDITS: - this is a SFP1 YAP ship, ported to SFP2 due Piecemeal interest (thank you mate!) so you need YAP (*) to run tihis mod, all credits to Yankee Air Pirate! INSTALL: (sorry some work to do) - extract the zip - take TurnerJoy.LOD in GroundObject/ForrestSherman folder from your Yap WoV install - make a copy calling it TurnerJoyColl.LOD - put them inside GroundObject/ForrestSherman extracted folder - put all in your main mod folder Enjoy! @paulopanz


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