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    Douglas B-24B Mixmaster - 1 Grupo de Bombardeo, Fuerza Aérea Argentina, 1955 At the end of the Korean war the United States Air Force declared the B-42 Mixmaster to be obsolete and surplus to requirements. Despite the tense relations between the USA and Argentina during WW2 and throughout the Perón years the US Department of Defence authorised the sale of 30 B-42B's to Argentina which were delivered in two batches during early 1954 where they replaced the Fuerza Aérea Argentina's remaining Avro Lancasters and supplemented the Avro Lincoln in Fuerza Aérea Argentina service. On June 16th, 1955 two B-42B aircraft from 1 Grupo de Bombardeo operated alongside a mixed force of aircraft from the Comando de la Aviación Naval Argentina in the tragic bombing of the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires where approximately 400 civilians were killed in the largest ever aerial bombing on the Argentine mainland. The type was subsequently used by both the government and rebel forces during the 'Revolución Libertadora' coup which eventually saw Juan Perón being deposed. As late as June 1966, the B-42B's remained in operational use with a force of ten B-42B's taking part in a flypast during the official inauguration of Juan Carlos Onganía as President of Argentina following the 'Revolución Argentina' coup d'état.
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    Yes, they are. This is what I just completed three one with closed doors, one with the back and front doors are opened and the last one with only the front one open. and you can have the jet parked inside the last two.
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    I didn't upload seating troops yet? well if I will find some time coming months, will look into it. I have it somewhere, for some helos...(obviously for Sea Stallion too). not paratroopers...but the idea is similar.
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    This is a satellite image from the top that show the construction of the base expansion to accommodate the Eurofighter. April 2018 Rendered 3d model of the Air Base I will try to use this image as a reference to start my work soon. If anyone is interested in creating a recolor skin for this bird please let me know.
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    1980's Air defense grey....
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    I have achieved this with the SAS ground object, sorry but I do not know who the creator is, my apologies and I appreciate their work, I only use it for personal use, but they come out on my back, well you can live with it, Thank's
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    forgot to post here lol
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    jack33, It's been a while since I've adjusted angles but I believe you must adjust your 'AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0' to adjust the paratroopers sitting position. Someone gave me this information years ago: First Number Set = ?? Center Number Set = Raises/Lowers Front-to-Back in Degrees Last Number Set = Raises/Lowers Side-to-Side in Degrees IE: AttachmentAngles=0.0,2.5,0.0 would raise the missile front for 2,5° Hope this helps.
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    Version 1


    Skin of BF109E-3 W.Nr0820 of 4./JG77 Uffz.Ludwig Froba Oct.1940 Norway drop folders into your BF109E-3 folder in your WW2 mod or appropriate mod of your choice main folder,allow to overwrite,or backup first if you want to change back later. I wont be responsible for anything you may lose. all items required supplied in rar for decals.prop effects(3blade tga)
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    For the last 3 months, I was out of town working quite far from home so was not able to work on my main projects. But i had my crappy laptop with me...and evenings were quite productive. As you may know (or may not) i was working on a few ground objects.. and even the first batch (S-125 SAM) system was uploaded. I am currently working on new S-75 and S-200 SAMs . And of course many others. (generally trying to cover all east cold war SAMs). Also, some other big projects came up..and I am in the middle of something. So those ground objects will find a way to be on the virtual frontline one day. But back to the topic. I have made a few (and few more to come) replacements for stock TW objects from the red side. The list is not long so far. Idea was....and still is in my mind to create objects and edit targets.ini and types.ini so airfields for example in East Germany or Czechoslovakia will have specific national background objects etc. But I am generally lazy to do ini work (which is bloody important - but I am prioritizing models for now. Also, I think we disused this already ( but i can not find that thread) I am interested in making 'era' ground objects appearance. So for example old Zil-157 wil not appear as fuel truck let say in 1995 anymore. And in 1954 it place will be taken by some older soviet truck etc, etc. Someone said it is possible to edit this...but i do not remember how..or I am doing something wrong. Anyway, my priority is models..hope someone will solve this ini issue for me. So far i've made the following objects: ATZ-4-131 and ATZ-157 - or simply Soviet Fuel truck. Also, have pre-1958 ATZ-3-151 - but ZIS-151 is not painted yet....so. not for showing yet. Standard trucks for different era and situations (also some more specific eyecandish for few countries ) GAZ-66, Zil-157, Ural 375D, IFA W50L, (Praga and Star - wips) Some command truck replacements...these are actually radios but It gives nice touch now. R-140M on Zil-131 and Zil-157 and few other models that are in wip stage still (R-160 on Zil-131, R-142 on GAZ-66) And there are also other ground objects, mean fighting machines. BTR-60PB (plus maybe 2-3 variants in future) BRDM-2 and few variants based on that chassis. 9P122 Malyutka-M and 9P133 Malyutka-P and new 9M14 Malyutka to add to the weapon folder and Strela-1 9K31 with new 9M31 Strela-1 venerable ZU-23-2 also mounted on some trucks and APCs BMP-1 BMP-2 BTR-50PK and its Czechoslovakian copy OT-62 TOPAS with few variants and some middle eastern mods for use with specific terrains. and Czechoslovakian- Polish OT-64 SKOT also, new PT-76 found its way here... More to come. I have more than 20 wips in this project. some East Germany and Czechoslovakian builds too. More soviet tanks (54,55,62,72,) APCs, some heavy haulers and FROGs. Of course, this still needs a lot of work. lIke double-checking data, adjusting hitboxes, userlist, and generally ini-ini mambo jumbo. So one day hope it will be ready. Definitely not two weeks. Regards. J.
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    View File Sukhoi Su-17/20/22 (Fitter B-C-D-F) The Sukhoi Su-17 (NATO reporting name: Fitter) is a Soviet variable-sweep wing fighter-bomber developed from the Sukhoi Su-7. It enjoyed a long career in Soviet, later Russian, service and was widely exported to Eastern Bloc, Arab air forces, Angola and Peru as the Su-20 and Su-22. It is the first variable-sweep wing of Soviet origin. These are earlier models. What's In: 7 Flyable planes Su-17 Su-17K Su-17M Su-17M2 Su-20 Su-20R Su=22 New Skins, Decals Weapons, pilots, sounds Credits: - original model: Amokfloo - first SF-2 pack: Eburger68 - new templates, skins, decats, tweaks etc: Paulopanz Install: - delete any previous version - all in your mod folder Note: I started working on this plane many years ago. As the model was good I asked only for deleting dorsal antenna. All things stopped when someone told me a bigger project was started about ALL Sukhois family. In fact I saw a lot of fantastic pictures about it, but years went by and no Sukhoi was realised. So I lost any hope about it and decided to finish up my very ancient skinpack using Y. Gordon book. This plane has the same dorsal antenna I wanted to delete, but I think is quite good, now in a far better dressing than original one and this is the only one Sukhoi we have to fit in all comunity scenarios. I hope you like! @paulopanz Submitter paulopanz Submitted 09/10/2020 Category Su-17  
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    Thanks for the info. I will hold back on the repaint until further clear solid paint camo One order of fresh concrete comming soon 🔜
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    "414" pic above shows a photoshopped (officially from EF website) UK jet. Eight KAF EF are on the assembly line.. non in the air yet. More concrete please
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    Beautiful!!!! Also,like the offwhite apparence of the markings
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    i had some hard days , my 3ds max computer broke down , now i have that computer working again took a lot of money , time and new parts and since there are no longer updates for windows 7 i just have the basic windows 7 ultimate 64 bit instalation and no net ( is not really needed anyway ) here is the Matra Type 116MA , Matra type 116M is next
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    Version 1.0.0


    During the 1970s, the Shackleton was replaced in the maritime patrol role by the jet-powered Hawker Siddeley Nimrod. During its later life, a small number of the RAF's existing Shackletons received extensive modifications in order to adapt them to perform the airborne early warning (AEW) role. The type continued to be used in this support capacity until 1991, when it was replaced by the Boeing E-3 Sentry AEW aircraft. These were the last examples of the type remaining in active service. What's In: - a plane - 3 skins (1 fixed and 2 new) - decals (nose arts included) Credits: - model: Veltro2k - original templates, original serial numbers and screens: Wrench - original decals (squadron band): Spinners - skins, decals tweaks, etc: Paulopanz Install: - all in your mod folder Note: This is realy a great add-on and a most needed AEW plane. I'ld like to take care of ALL other Shackleton variants too, if Veltro'll like it. @paulopanz
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