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    Poor Québeconians.. no cash left for seats
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    1958... Lockheed F-98A Hellfire !
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    Yeah, they were not included... now they bought them :)
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    At the moment i'm working on the ground battles. I found some bugs. Here a funny one: The british Hovertank.
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    nice Frenchie! more Lockheed heavy metal, awaiting approval. inspiration by budget cuts and Kurt Cobain
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    And someone who had a bad day at the office :
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    Happy New Year Im celebrating with new gear Giga RTX2060 super 8gb 10 gen i7 and giga gaming mobo 16gb ddr4 also spare Asus 1660 super gaming 6gbddr6 gfx card,bought for my sf2 pc...
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    In the year 2032, the Province de Québec separated from Canada and became an independant country. The following year, a newly form army known as the ''Forces Armées Indépendantes du Québec'' was born with only 2 branches, Aviation and Army, for a beginning. The RCAF remained in the province after an agreement to defend the northern part of Canada but Québec bought a dozen of the latest Rafale variant after an agreement to build them at Montréal at the Bombardier plant. In 2034, the 1ère Escadre was formed and received it's fighters under the ''Harfand des Neiges'' designation.
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    Happy New Year! In Germany private fireworks is not allowed this year. Thatswhy i make this this virtual firework for you. May the health be with you!
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    Haynes-H6136-page-3_0.jpg (1932×1162) (d32ptomnhiuevv.cloudfront.net)
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    B707-328 any good ? http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/isaac_gershman/b.707-328_103_4x-jyw/
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    Version 1.0.0


    C-5 Big MAC Attack: Military Airlift Command Lifters in the 80s This mod is a redux of my earlier C-5 upgrade. It features historical serials and camo patterns, as well as my usual tga camo sets to mix up the patterns within the same skin. in this case, its the darker green on the B models, vs the dark nose but lighter green on the A models Installation unzip folders, put contents of "TO THE MOD FOLDER" in your mod folder, allow overwrites, enjoy Credits veltro2k: original model daddyairplanes: new skin and tga work Daddyairplanes: data.ini edit, Euro 1 skin variants, decals, vehicle cargo loadouts KillerBee331: weapons pack that most cargo items are derived from TK: original game, files that M-60(D) cargo item is derived from I hope you enjoy this mod Kevin Unruh aka daddyairplanes
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    Animals, even the seemingly smallest and simplest, are far more intelligent, sentient and self-aware than we give them credit for. And/or conversely, humans (at least the average ones) are far less intelligent, sentient and self-aware than we give ourselves credit for.
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    USN "Razbam Raiders", Korea, 1951 (WIPing Razbam Skyraiders. New lines, rivets, paint, etc. So far not too happy with the results but at least the numbered decals work.)
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    I swear! i swear! i was just researching on how the retraction of the landing gear worked and one thing lead to another, i am innocent!!! Please pardon the mess, this is just a Franken Flanker, ALL IS A WIP... I want also to point out that in no way i am not a 3D modeller in no way, all i do is get planes from free sites (i have the links where i got them) and adapt everything (hence fore this is a Franken Flanker) where i think it´s close to the real plane, all i do is a few things as pylons, afterburners and all small stuff... All of this is the result of constant asking to @logan4 about modelling tips and techniques (and why not, some self learned tips too). Hope the results will be of benefit to all of us. Merry Christmas and let´s hope the coming year will be filled with health and some cute models!!!
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    Good job... we need enhancements like this in order to bring the game one step closer to realism/light sim level.
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    Hello everybody, Many of you ask us how is the development of the recently announced mobile AAA is going. The physical model of a wheeled vehicle is nearly complete while the visual model of the Soviet GAZ-MM with 72-K AA gun being developed by our partners at Digital Forms has made good progress. You can see the attention to detail on these screenshots, it's really a labor of love: You may wonder how fast the German half-track chassis can be developed since it is partly wheeled and partly tracked, but in our engine, the player controllable vehicles have a sophisticated module structure where a combination of various propulsion types is possible. We plan to start the implementation of the German AAA half truck soon. On the other hand, the AA gunsights are a new thing, but we hope to make them as functional as Tank Crew artillery sights. Meanwhile, we're working on updating all the existing aircraft in the sim with the new visual models of the crew. All the fighters were given the new pilot models where it was possible to do in a universal way previously, and now we're adding the new models to the planes where unique adjustments are required. In the coming update, you'll get the new pilot model for P-39L-1. More detailed pilot appearance aside, this also means that an American or British pilot will be displayed if a P-39 is set to one of the countries in the mission file. Also, our friend Martin =ICDP= Catney have created an additional RAF skin for this airplane. Another of the many questions we got recently after showing the video of the new terrain effect on the vehicles, is how the new detailed terrain roughness will affect the aircraft outside the prepared airfields when making an emergency landing for instance or taking off from a field (which is an even more difficult task naturally). We think the best answer would be another short video: Enjoy! The Sturmovik Team
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    talking about South American planes
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    If you know the game, you know how it ends...
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    Version v2.1


    Mirage F-1C early models. This mod is dedicated to BPAO, nothing would have been possible without him. This add-on shows the first 70 Mirage F-1C for the French Armée de l'Air. Specificities : - Radar Cyrano IV. - No RWR. Covered units : EC 1/5 Vendée. EC 2/5 Ile de France. EC 1/12 Cambrésis. EC 2/30 Normandie-Niemen. EC 3/30 Lorraine. Centre d'Expériences Aériennes Militaires. A big thank to all on Combatace and C6 forums that helped us solving issues we encountered. Any omission in credits is totally unwanted, if I forgot somebody, let me know, I will correct this. This addon is and will in all cases remain freeware. Released under CombatAce Fair-Use terms. Enjoy The Mirage F-1 Team
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    Version 1.0.0


    Not another Sea Harrier FA2 I hear you say.........well...yes. Original Mirage Factory max file extensively rebuilt by me, too many modifications to mention, same goes for the pit. Backup any other versions you may have as unlike a lot of mods posted on here nowadays I'm not telling you to dump other folks hard work because mine is better.....you decide for yourselves (rant mode off). You WILL need Thrust Vectoring set up in your controls to fly this thing. Please read the ReadME......without it this thing would not of got released.. Mirage Factory product. Have fun.
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    I know the admins might put on their butt kicking boots for this but any chance to pass the complete installer along? Also im sorry about the heart thing. Any chance of recovery/transplant?


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