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    My Junkers J-1 is here! All new files and FM by Von S (it flies thanks to him). I did the skins and some other mods. Please, read the text inside for credits and important details. Beware it´s for FE2 only! Sorry!! Place your impressions here please!! https://easyupload.io/e5kyye password - j1new
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    Funny. Screenshots: A british airfield during bomb raid.
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    Visiting RAF Boscombe Down
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    Back in time for some S@!t on a shingle LOL
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    I just played around with this last night. I had two WoV installs: 1. 080306 patch level and YAP2 installed. 2. 2008b patch level. The first one was unstable. The second one worked so well, I suspect I can get multiplayer working since Windows 10 does support DirectPlay at this point and I have that option enabled in my optional Windows Features. I was able to start a multiplayer session and fly around. I just need to install it on a 2nd PC so I can verify that the session can be seen and used by another Windows 10 PC.
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    the difference is just in the data.ini - H_67 and J_67 have countermeasures, whereas H and J don't.
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    Decided to add more details as I just found good photos.
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    Thanks Menrva - yes I agree. I'm away from my desktop for a while, when I get back to it I'm sure this will run fine. Something to look forward to!
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    View File A-1H VNAF Trâu nước điên VNAF A-1 Skyraiders Also known as "The Crazy Water Buffalo" Hi Rez skins To be used on the stock 3W SF2 A-1H Skyraiders My next set and final set for the A-1H/J Skyraiders, is the one I just KNOW you have been waiting for in breathles anticipation !! Oh you giddy young things !! Yes these are the VNAF versions of the Skyraider. The contents are as follows :- 83 SOG 514 FS 516 FS 518 FS The 514 skins are just a rework of KULBIT80's skin and decal set, I have just updated the skins , the other 3 Squadrons are all new decal sets, and reworked skins, 514's skins are overall grey, 516 & 518 are pretty much standard USAF 3 tone over grey schemes with the usual over the top Vietnamese markings, SOOOOO TACTICAL !! The lack of tail markings on the 516th airframes is correct they just didnt 'ave 'em so there !! I have done the 518th skins as slightly earlier ones so I could do the snazzy white super tactical and camo friendly cowling bands, I have put anti glare panels on these skins even though in reality they didnt have them, but I thought the looked a bit odd like that so anti glare are us deal with it !! harharharhar finally the 83 SOG scheme.....I mean WOW...Really !! hyper tactical or what !! they do look we snazzy though eh chaps !! these aircraft carried no national markings except for the fin flashes, I know the reasons elude me too . Anyhow as with the previous skins I have done everything is all inclusive AT NO EXTRA CHARGE mind you !! All the usual shout outs to all and sundry, youre all groovy froods and you rock !! Now what are you waiting for, get into your Spad and go kick some Commie bottom !!! and of course, as always ENJOY !!! Submitter trotski00 Submitted 05/24/2019 Category A-1  
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    That's much clearer. Really appreciate your help. Thank you again
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    Why wait? Subscribe! https://combatace.com/store/
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    eburger68 included it in SF2V Air & Ground War Expansion Pack v2.0 Gold
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    No problem. Always willing to help new members. ;-) Check this out: you need to download all 3 parts.
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    I guess he didn't have an actual Hornet pilot recommend the HUD symbology like we did. Oh well. If another game is a reference then...
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    for the VTail I use a box,clone edges .bridge,cap and at the end apply a Mesh smooth
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    I have some problems with the campaign. The RAF is fought down. No resistance in the air anymore. But the ground forces does not make the last step, to conquer the british home base, to win the campaign. So i'm working on finetuning and testing. Again and again. Its boring.
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    Appreciate it Russ but after a certain Big Stink a while ago, ill start from scratch
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    [muffled early 2000s trance in the distance]
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    Included below is the final/polished ver. of the FM (data ini) for the Junkers J.I - flight characteristics similar as in the previous data ini, but with a few important changes, indicated below: - alt. table data nos. have now been re-tweaked, with a more subtle power drop as alt. increases above 1000 m; over-compressed throttle is now at about 82-3% throttle and above - slightly improved alpha/lift nos. for top and bottom wings; also included lift nos. for left/right stabs since they were missing for those entries - reduced damping/bouncing effect nos. for the tailskid and left/right wheels, so that the Junkers sits more effectively on the ground (with no negative Gs popping up at times with engine off) - top speed near SL at about 80% throttle now around 175 kph (with full over-compressed throttle around 176-7 kph - negligible difference) - top speed at full throttle around 2000 m alt. is now around 156-7 kph (close to historical) - good climbs now possible as low as about 120 kph (previously would stall/sink if speeds dropped below about 135 kph) - stalls now happen below about 90 kph at normal throttle, and below about 80 kph at full over-compressed throttle (more realistic considering the thick airfoils); stalls are now also slightly more mushy and manageable - wing vibrations still present when approaching stall speed, also in high-speed dives/maneuvers; otherwise not noticeable in normal flight envelope - top practical ceiling is now around 2800 m alt. (800 m increase over previous data ini), with top speeds at that alt. in the 110s kph at best (have therefore pegged the max. theoretical ceiling at 3000 m alt. now; I am now convinced that the 4000 m alt. number sometimes recorded for this Junkers was largely "projected performance") - use over-compressed (full) throttle for quicker take-offs, then drop throttle back down to about 80% - take-offs are good around 130 kph; landings are good at around 110-120 kph; for landings, come in with engine at idle, and prepare beforehand since the Junkers has lots of momentum and takes a while to slow down - loops only to be attempted at higher/safer alts.; there is a small risk of stalling and beginning to drop inverted, at the top of loops, so give yourself enough alt. to drop the nose and gain speed again - feel free to use full over-compressed throttle at alts. above about 1500 m (below that it's largely useless for top speed, although it helps somewhat with steeper climbs at lower alts.) Von S EDIT: FM data ini file now removed. See the relevant Breguet and Junkers packages near the top of page 26 of this thread.
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    Version 1.0.0


    The Ilyushin Il-76 (NATO reporting name: Candid) is a multi-purpose four-engine turbofan strategic airlifter designed by the Soviet Union's Ilyushin design bureau. It was first planned as a commercial freighter in 1967, as a replacement for the Antonov An-12. It was designed to deliver heavy machinery to remote, poorly served areas. Military versions of the Il-76 have been widely used in Europe, Asia and Africa. WHAT'S IN: - an upgraded Il-76 model - 28 new skins (4 VVS, 4 Aeroflot, 1 Atlant-Sojuz, 1 FAPLA, 4 IAF, 2 IrAF, 1 SyAF 1 IrAL, 2 LARAF, 1 NKPAF, 2 PLAAF, 1 QJJ, 1 UkAF, 1 UzAF, 2 UN) - data.ini tweaked (smoke etc.) - historical serials - special planes - paratroopers CREDITS: - Veltro2k: Plane - Wrench: original templates - paulopanz: skins, decals, tweaks OPERATIONS: - Key = 10 door open Enjoy @paulopanz
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    30 years, and here you are. Captain. Why is that? Its one of lifes mysteries sir.
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    Canada remain on the Central Front
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    Thanks to all! The skins are not 100% done in the shots but now is completed. Just waiting on VonS corrections on some small FM flaws present. Reminding that this plane was designed for trench busting and artillery spotting, so no ordnance were ever carried. For the trench strafing task , the initial design included a pair of downward machine guns. The plan was to fly at very low altitude along with the trench strafing everything below. An unique feature by the way!
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    Not a frelling clue ... but, if he's enjoying it, who am I to interfere!!
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    This is to all the modders of First Eagles. TK gave us the basis of a WW1 sim. There wasn't much to it when I bought it, all those years ago, for TK is was a change up, I guess, something different from jet sims. Then, the modders here stepped up to the plate and knocked that slow pitch out of the park. As we used to say in my Babe Ruth league, "That one's in the weeds, you ain't gonna find it." Yesterday, I flew my Halberstadt Cl.II over the lines and took out some Schneider CA 1s. This sim is amazing today, and it's all due to the work of the modders. My thanks to you all.
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    first off, theres a seperate thread for that. second, whats the navy got against my girls? oh wait, i named the specifcstationcode Eddie, since the Sea Service calls that basket the Iron Maiden........
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    Added some USN tanking capability to my ODS install...
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    British Aerospace Sea Hawk FRS.51 - 300 Indian Naval Air Squadron
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    1986, a busy MedCruise for the USS Coral Sea Wing : Prairie Fire 1 & 2, El Dorado Canyon. Routine ops like AEW CAPping AAR And then, remember to Libya that "line of Death" will be a two ways mean... Job done,time to return on board and finally... ...some quite
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    D E G ...German ,Hungarian,and Romanian AF
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    In 1974 F-8J Crusaders of VF-24 deployed to Nellis AFB for DACM exercises against F-4Es and F-105s. The aim of the exercise was to study the weapons and tactics used over Vietnam to see what worked and what didn't, as well as to help to codify the features wanted for the next generation of combat jets.. The Checkertails' Crusaders fared pretty well..


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