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    Not directly related to SF2, but tought this one was way too cool to not post it here, loved the scheme. All credits to Dizzyfugu:
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    Curtiss-Wright F14C-3 - VF3, US Navy, 1942
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    Gloster Meteor F.8 - 26th Fighter Wing, Republic of China Air Force, 1953
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    It's what the Voodoo was looking for. It's all part of a new sequel to the movie "The Final Countdown" called "The Really Final Countdown."
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    Gentlemen, the NF-5A Volume is nearing completion. The cockpit has received a complete overhaul- this time all consoles, and not just the main instrument panel, reflect the NF-5A as in use by the RNLAF. Ravenclaw007, Crusader, and Baffmeister have all workd hard to bring this aircraft to its current state; and Soulfreak has contributed some outstanding f-16 Camo schemes (who knows there may be more..) Last but not least, Cliff7600 and Logan4 have also contributed their skills to the aircraft's avionics. Two weeks to release.. maybe a little less
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    Kinda tempted to try and make this now.
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    i'm just wondering how the ww2 german scout car fits in ...
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    There has been some musing from the pres that the US will try to assist the Astan from afar.............and afar really does seem to mean that. Maybe they will stay in touch with MS Teams or Zoom! https://choice.npr.org/index.html?origin=https://www.npr.org/2021/05/17/997494815/the-u-s-looks-to-support-the-afghan-military-from-over-the-horizon Glad I saved this from 2014:
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    Armstrong-Whitworth Atlas C.1 - No.47 Squadron, RAF Transport Command, 1963
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    Awesomeee modder awesomee modd! Thank you for the mod and support. It took me a hard time to read and understand the readme as non-native speaker. But that’s my problem alone. Thank you again !!
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    Great new skins... that last albatros looks like a shark!
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    Is that thing hanging from the right wing some sort of decoy dispenser? Because it kind of looks like an AIR-2, which would be a sick, but a bit excessive of a replacement for an illumination flare
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    Version 1.0.0


    Another Greek Noratlas, at the request of my friend Tiopilotos.
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    Sandbagger has hosted/posted version 3 of User skins and Alternatives. Pack 3 has 193 new skins/all the older skins have had an image quality upgrade and some rework. Some misplaced skins were removed from Pack 1 to Alternatives or deleted. So now there are 279 in there and 149 in Pack 2 and 124 in Alternatives. There are skins for Kest 1 and 3/some Fokker DVII {Alb) with five color wings and fuselages and t here are skins to fill in the BH&H2 gaps in Jastas 4/5/10 15 and 18. I made some early Pfalz DIII factory camouflage crates for Jasta 10 and put some in Kest One, just for Fun (poem). Pictures are posted here and on Combat Ace Forum.
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    Thank you! I solved it! Looking forward to releasing the mod in a while! Have a good hunting!
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    109s over London. The City was hit.
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    The new Moon and Mars terrains are ideal for taking the UFOs out for a spin..
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    Avia S-199 - No.1 Fighter Squadron, Irish Air Corps, 1949
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    Lots of improvements to the model...........again..
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    You mean like this..?
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    Supermarine Spitfire IXC - Advanced Fighter Training Group, Imperial Iranian Air Force, 1947 When Iran ordered Hawker Hurricanes from the UK in 1940 there was never any real hope of the order being immediately fulfilled due to the urgent wartime demands of the Royal Air Force although 10 war weary Hurricanes were transferred from RAF Middle East Command stocks during 1943. When hostilities ceased the Iranian government asked the UK government for more advanced fighters and this was agreed leading to the transfer of 20 Supermarine Spitfire IXC's from RAF Mediterranean and Middle East Command. All 20 Spitfires were delivered to the Advanced Fighter Training Group of the Flying Training School at Doshan Teppeh during 1946.
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    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Once again the standard by which an all inclusive campaign should be held to has increased. I've played the Third Wire games for something close to fifteen years on and off now, and the Operation Desert Storm campaigns have always been among my favorite. This edition, released in commemoration of the thirtieth anniversary of Operation Desert Storm is incredibly detailed and includes many new aircraft and details. The new campaign featuring the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait is a fun challenge, one I don't expect my pilot to survive! I had been toying with the idea of returning to playing SF2 for a few months now, and this mod has made me feel like I did in 2006 the first time I picked up Wings Over Europe. To the Operation Desert Storm mod team and CombatAce staff, I thank you. Be proud of your amazing work!
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