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    Just for fun as I am well aware that the real NAF23 proposal was a major change to the prototype design....
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    Version 1.0.0


    July 2021 =============== Royal Netherlands Air Force NF-5A Freedom Fighter Volume II VERSION 1.0 ------------------------------------------------------------ We are proud to present the NF-5A RNLAF, the Canadair variant of the Northrop F-5a, one of the most enduring American military aircraft designs ever produced during the Cold War period. The Canadair NF-5A was essentially similar to the Canadian AF CF-5 but introduced several modifications, the most important being the more powerful J-85Can-15 engines, Doppler radar navigation system, arrestor hook, two large split air intake doors aft of the main wing trailing edge on both sides of the fuselage to provide extra air to the engines (later also used for F-5E type), and provision to carry the larger 275 gallon under-wing fuel tanks. The aircraft also featured maneuvering leading edge flaps, a strengthened windscreen, and was the only F-5a to operate a two position nose gear. It has been our goal to provide to the simmer a highly detailed model and texture base which preserve the beautiful lines of this aircraft; and to engineer flight model files and a cockpit/gauge file-set that are authentic and add to the immersion of the flying experience within the Strike Fighters 2 series. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: -------------------------- 1. Copy the contents of the "To Mods Folder(s)" to your SF2 Mod directory. Allow directory merging and overwrites, provided the overwrites pertain to "fake pilot" entries, as well as weapons made by ravenclaw_007, which are included in this and many other releases. 2. Add the entries of "ADD_TO_SOUNDLIST.txt" to your SOUNDLIST.INI (located in the "user\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Flight" folder).If one does not exist, then you will need to extract it using the 3rdWire CAT extract utility. You are simply required to substitute the "XXX"s with the next sequential number in the sound file section of the file. NOTE 1: ------------ Both Regular and Higher resolution cockpit textures are included in their own distinct folders in the package. The user may alternate between the two by "commenting out" the relevant line in the NF-5A_COCKPIT.INI [CockpitData] Directory=cockpit <---This is the default //Directory=cockpit_Lo-Fi In order to "activate" the higher resolution textures you would decomment the previous line and comment out the next line, thus: [CockpitData] //Directory=cockpit Directory=cockpit_Lo-Fi <---This is now Low-Res NOTE 2: ------------ Another frame-rate friendly option for those with older hardware is to use the Next level of Detail Model as the primary external model. This simply involves changing the first line in the F-5A_HAF.ini from this.. [LOD001] Filename=NF-5a.LOD to this.. [LOD001] Filename=NF-5a_002.LOD Much effort was made to provide those with lower end systems an alternative lower poly-model to be able to enjoy the F-5a, so please take advantage of this _002.LOD model should you experience frame-rate issues. While not as "rounded" as the Higher poly version, it is nonetheless just as detailed and extensive. NOTE 3: ------------ For those who may find loading times excessive, the .jpg files in the texture folders can be reduced to 50% of their size without sacrificing too much surface detail. Keys: ------- SHIFT+0 -> canopy open -/= (Default thrust vector Keys) -> elevator trim CREDITS: Sophocles - 3D Model, Cockpit, textures Ravenclaw_007 - Project "God-Father" 3D Modeling, Animations, Weapons, Research, Beta testing Baffmeister - Flight model, weapons edits, Avionics, Beta testing Soulfreak - Decals, Research, 2 F-16 Camo scheme skins and 2 NATO scheme skins Crusader - Avionics and data tweaks, Beta testing Guuruu -Sounds and Afterburner effects, Beta testing Guest contributors: Gkabs - pilot figure Logan4 - Avionics tweaks, radar ranging gunsight. Cliff7600 -Avionics tweaks, functioning horizontal trim indicator Special Thanks to the staff and members of Combatace.com whose passion and efforts have enabled this game to endure, and to provide so much fun and excitement! Additionally, many thanks to the following Combat-Ace Modders, who either actively contributed to the project over the years, or who invested their time either providing much needed hints and help, or researching various aspects of the model. Brain-32 - Modeling advice, initial cockpit.cfg + more NeverEnough - Initial work on the Flight model Russouk2004 - Always answering questions when I needed help..Cheers!! Derk - Many, many references!!! Blade - Excellent mini-tutorial on damage textures Finally, thanks to TK and Thirdwire for creating such a fantastic game. **************************************************************** FEATURES: * A highly detailed external 3d model, including all features specific to the NF-5A including "F-5E" type Nose gear, animated auxiliary engine doors, arrestor hook, underside air intakes for the more powerful engines, external chaff and flare dispensers, and 275 gallon external wing tanks. * Specular color and Normal (bump) maps. * Seven Level of Detail models (LODs), providing an almost seamless transition from distance to distance; and perhaps more importantly, ensuring that the frame-rate "impact" of the aircraft is as low as possible. * Two sets of highly detailed external Fuel Tanks by ravenclaw_007; both the 150 gallon Factory tanks and the 275 gallon variants; the NF-5A being the only F-5a variant to carry them. *Functioning AN/ALE-40 Chaff and Flare dispensers exclusive to the RNLAF NF-5A * Extensively fine-tuned flight parameters in the aircraft data configuration files, emphasizing the NF-5A's agile and highly maneuverable characteristics - courtesy of Baffmeister. * Functioning maneuvering flaps deployable up to 450 knots, which allow for tighter sustained turns .. also credited to Baffmeister. * 5 high resolution texture sets; thoroughly researched historic depictions of the Aircraft fielded by many RNLAF Squadrons. * Quality sound-set included. Base sounds, by Guuruu, were sourced from existing recordings of various aircraft at air-shows and were modified to match the prominent characteristics of the F-5A General Electric turbojets, the "buzz" of the M39 Pontiac 20mm machinegun, and the flap/Air-brake, undercarriage deployment and retraction sequences of the Freedom Fighter. * Super detailed dedicated NF-5A 'Virtual Cockpit' with animated throttle control, rudder pedals, control stick, landing gear lever, canopy, canopy lever, drag-chute lever, weapons selectors and weapon station arming flick switches, ..and more. *Accurate and functional representation of the Saab RGS2 lead computing gun sight, with accurate aiming mark (Mechanics by Crusader and Logan4). * A full complement of highly (or should I say "insanely" detailed weapons carried by the RNLAF NF-5A, all by ravenclaw_007. * Comprehensive RNLAF Loadouts representing the weapons carriage evolution of the NF-5A in Dutch service from 1972 to the 1991 by ravenclaw_007. * Complex animation of canopy opening mechanism, and animated Turbine blades; both thanks to ravenclaw_007. * GKAB's superb highly detailed crew figure with authentically modeled oxygen mask and flight helmet. * All new afterburner, emitter, and engine smoke effects by Guuruu. * Saab RGS2 lead computing gun sight with both Air to Air and Air to Ground modes. * Functioning elevator trim controls and gauge, using the Thrust Vector Controls; courtesy of Cliff7600. ****************************************************** PILOT NOTES ----------- NF-5A Limit and Reference Speeds. [Indicated Airspeeds] FLAPS (FULL DEFLECTION): 300kts for both leading and trailing edge. FLAPS (MANOUEVERING): 450kts for both leading and trailing edge NOTE: The F-5A uses full flaps for take off but due to a game bug you must manually select full flaps for take off when player flown. The AI will use full flaps although you can hear the flap sound cycling between flap 1 and flap 2. LANDING GEAR: 240kts DRAG CHUTE: 165kts CANOPY: 50kts NOSE WHEEL STEERING: 65kts MAXIMUM INDICATED AIRSPEED: 710kts [redline] MAXIMUM MACH: 1.72 Mach design limit but thrust/drag limited to about mach 1.50 in a 60deg dive from 50,000ft. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TAKE OFF ROTATION SPEEDS 13500lbs: 155kts [full internal fuel and two sidewinders] 20500lbs: 195kts [about the maximum weight possible with included stores] NOTE: Use full flaps for take off! Adding 6kts for every 1000lbs above 13500lbs should give good aft stick/rotation speeds. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLIMB SPEEDS Military Power 13500lbs: 375kts with a transition to mach 0.89 20500lbs: 310kts with a transition to mach 0.74 Maximum Power 13500lbs: 595kts with a transition to mach 0.93 20500lbs: 480kts with a transition to mach 0.85 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL APPROACH SPEEDS With 500lbs fuel remaining and some empty racks use 160kts. Add 5kts for every additional 500lbs of fuel. NOTE: Target touch down speed is 20kts less than final approach speed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RGS2 Gunsight -------------------------------------------------------- We have simulated the two main modes of the sight, one for Air to Ground, and one for Air to Air. The Air to Ground reticle assumes 3 different levels of depression according to the air to ground ordnance selected; bombs, rockets or guns. Due to game limitations, the Air to Air aiming mark is set up for lead computing of a target at 213meters (or 700 feet). We have included another gun sight option, whereby lead is calculated for targets all the way out to 4000ft. This has involved adding a ranging radar (which the NF-5A didn't have) but this solution allows lead computing for targets further out than 700 feet - something the RGS2 was capable of. The radar ranging option is the default but the user can copy the files from the "Standard" subfolder of the Avionics_Alt folder (located in the Aircraft folder) and switch out the ini files. If you're unhappy with either of the two options you can simply copy paste the files from the folder you prefer. ************************************************************* Agreement _________ THIS AIRCRAFT MOD OR ANY PART OF IT ARE TO BE EXCLUSIVELY HOSTED BY COMBATACE.COM AND MUST NOT BE HOSTED OR POSTED FOR DOWNLOAD ON ANY OTHER WEB SITE. THIS PACKAGE AND ANY PARTS HEREIN MAY NOT BE UPLOADED AS PART OF ANOTHER MOD NOR MUST THEY BE SOLD OR OFFERED FOR SALE EITHER IN PART OR AS A WHOLE WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION. ************************************************************* Sophocles July 2021
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    Connecticut has a completely different tail design; and were all in NMF/ADC gray (serials are placeholders)
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    Due to holiday and pandemic situation , the progress to the last skin went slow, but it's coming along just fine as you can see.
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    so, loaded for a quick photo op mission, wound up going thru the whole thing the locals seemed upset that i was there but the brass really wanted pics of that new trailer verrückte verdammte Engländer more pissed locals its sad that SF2 wont let you count manuevering kills well they did get a piece of me...... that time i ventured above 100 ft AGL
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    Gents, she's just been uploaded .. should be up soon. Kudos to the team, Ravenclaw_007, Baffmeister, Soulfreak, Crusader, and Guuruu who all put in stellar efforts and have worked hard to get this as accurate as the game engine would allow. Here is the NF-5A manual for you to read while you wait. NF-5a_RNLAF_Manual.pdf
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    "All right boys, close it up. There's a giant monkey climbing all over the building in the city."
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    All hail Mue, for his target editor. I cannot imagine, in a million years, doing this by hand.
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    Hi folks, fellow lunatics! It finally happened! What was planned for ages, came to bloom last week! Here in The southern part of The Netherlands, me and The Dude were enjoying our 'summer' holidays. Part of it was planning to go visit the National Military Museum in Soesterberg, together with my brother and my niece. We also planned to meet up with world famous Derk, known here at CA of course! It was a meeting we both tried to plan earlier, but it never happened until this week. After knowing each other here on CA and on FB for 10+ years it would be our first face to face meeting! So we drove of from our home town to Soesterberg, the location which has been the former home of USAF 32nd TFS Wolfhounds and the Camp Royal airbase. We parked the car, walked to the entrance and Derk was there to welcome us and offer us a private tour around the museum. Since he's a volunteer guide there, we had front row seats! It was a warm welcome and a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Derk also connected with The Dude, my brother and my niece and the mood of the day was set! Private (=sneaky) entrance to parts which were officially closed... entering vehicles which were 'officially' off-limits... and Derk had lots and lots of stories to tell and anecdotes to share. We also talked about a lot of stuff... small stuff and big stuff... and because of my own military history I also had the chance to visit 'my own' army ambulance which is on display at the exhibit. He appreciated the input of me and my brother, and expressed his gratitude, as me and my brother shared our history as military veterans from the botched UNPROFOR mission in Bosnia. We spent the day in a positive atmosphere. We talked, we sat down for coffee and soda, we laughed and we felt great! Derk grabbed the attention, of both the kids and us. He also gave me a book as a present, which I am reading now. All of this is just a small portion of that big day. A big day which is also made possible because of this... this site... this forum... this fabulous and awesome and crazy community which I am part of. Therefore... I want to say thanks! Thank you Derk! Thank you for the NMM day! But also thank you for everybody here I know. Thank you all, thank you for your friendships! Hope to see you one day, somewhere!
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    All Hali Mue the Merciless. All files shall fall before him!!!
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    Your work is Superb! Precision at its best!
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    Exquisite quality, thank you to everyone involved.
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    Exquisite , hopefully sophocles will complete the family......
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    Only real F-5 can be better .
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    Impressive Cockpit model ! More than great work, congratulations !
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    Great work mate! Proud to be a part of this great one!
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    Great work! Glad to see you are still working on the F-5 series for SF2.
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    Wonderful, genius, great level of detail
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    damn, gonna have me break out my Century Series book tonight. that looks more like a Connecticut ANG tail than NY.... but i will go slow and look for the answer
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    It was a pleasure and an honour to have you two combat veterans and your kids around. Visits like this are highlights in my volunteer job in the museum because of the variation and the human contact, emotions and interaction they bring . I know a little bit about what you and your brother had to endure and I am very glad that I could do a tiny bit in return !! Thanks for what you did for our country , thanks for your visit and thanks for your friendship over so many years !!!!!!
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    I have a bit more information somewhere, I think based on U.S. tests, but might take awhile to find it. From memory, I think the type had lots of trans sonic issues but as Gepard mentioned, could be very good in the subsonic area with probably 7+ sustained G capability at combat weights. Pakistan seemed very pleased with their Chinese versions. This is one of the ThirdWire FM's I would like to take a closer look at but don't have enough info to do anything with it at this point.
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    Been working a bit, the last days, still learning... New Su-15TM
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    VorpX is what keeps changing. Now I can use Starry's Strike Fighters 2 DirectX 10 profile that I uploaded to the VorpX Cloud profiles without any issues again. OpenXR/Windows Mixed Reality was recently added so that I can now use my Reverb G2 natively (as in no longer needing SteamVR). I have the graphics set to unlimited at 4K resolution and it looks fantastic in VR with framerates locked at 90 fps (native frame rate for my G2). There are some limitations with this setup, but overall it looks and works great. I have installed SF2 Vietnam Air & Ground War and SF2 Wings Over Korea. If only it had multiplayer functionality comparable to DCS World, though I would settle for the original multiplayer in SFP1/WoX.
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    Stalking the bomber stream.. Target for tonight.. The RAF have nightfighters up here too.. Another Luftwaffe nightfighter climbs to join the battle...
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    Two more skins are ready, here they are. There are just two more to go, a special one from an airshow and a request for Paran forces (yeah, you are welcome). Thank you for your patient, you'll see, it will be worth it ;)


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