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    The RAF Harriers GR.3 that operated in the Falklands conflict had major issues with getting thier Inertial Navigation Systems to align and as a result their navigation and attack systems would not function correctly. More often than not they had to fly their missions by compass, stopwatch and a map. And just the back up manual aiming system displayed on the HUD. They called it the revisionary sight and it is fixed but the horizontal arm of the cross could be manually depressed. This information can be found in books written by RAF GR.3 pilots about the conflict. I have recreated that here from my research on what it looked like. It makes using the GR.3 in the game much more challenging as without the CCIP on the HUD you have to manually dive bomb with the fixed revisionary sight. I have set it up so the horizontal arm of the cross will depress automatically based on the selected weapon. The position is based on the tactical dive bomb profile that needs to be used. There is also no moving map without the Nav/ Attack system. HUD Nav mode: Basic flight data and no navigation/ waypoint/ heading information. HUD Air-to-Air mode: De-cluttered with fixed revisionary sight only. HUD Air-to-Ground mode: Basic flight data and fixed revisionary sight only with horizontal arm adjusted based on selected weapon. No moving map at all.
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    Avia S-199P - 2nd Fighter Regiment, Parani Air Force, 1948
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    no me convenció ese ultimo tono tostado del A4C
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    Started working on the M-84AS
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    With Music...............heads will roll.... yeah yeah yeahs - heads will roll (a-trak remix) ( slowed + reverb ) https://youtu. be/m9k7WgIPK14 [ Lockheed RF-104G Starfighter 1.0.0By paulopanz...........]
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    Dhimari Air Force, 11th squadron on patrol following Spinners
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    Supermarine Spitfire Vb - No.602 Squadron, RAF Fighter Command, 1942
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    trying to complete the UVW
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    A space station would be cool, I have released the Moon and Mars terrains a while ago...
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    Took the Sea Harrier up for a spin..
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    Update 4.604 Dear Friends, We’re glad to inform you that a new update is released - 4.604! In addition to the new SPAD VII.C1 180 h.p. for Flying Circus Vol II, this update brings many improvements in different areas. There is a whole section of changes related to aircraft armament, including the much-discussed M2 .50 Browning machine gun rounds. We also worked on the improvement of everything connected with aircraft collisions with the ground - improved graphic effects, damage model of the airframe and pilot from collisions. The pilot's physiological model has undergone a new revision as well. A whole section of upgrades is devoted to improvements to previously released aircraft, and another to player controllable vehicles. And some AI objects developed as part of the Battle of Normandy have been introduced into the project. Our team continues to work on improving the IL-2 universe in every possible way. Stay tuned for more updates this year! 4.604 Main Features 1. Late Spad VII.C1 modification with a 180 hp engine is now available to all customers who pre-ordered Flying Circus Vol.II; 2. LCI(L), Landing Craft Infantry (Large), developed for Battle of Normandy was added to the sim (no visible crew yet); 3. The nationality of the player's aircraft in the Quick Mission now depends on which paint scheme was selected before the mission was generated (which in turn determines the voiceover, crew, and tactical numbers); 4. Spad 7 instruments improved by Oyster_Kai; 5. Several additional textures improved by Oyster_Kai for multiple aircraft such as Bf 109 series, P-51D-15, P-47D-28 and Ju 88 A-4; Changes to Armaments 6. Instead of having two sizes of tracers ("MGs" and "cannons"), they now depend on the projectile caliber and the tracer length reduces as the projectile speed decreases (important when viewed from the side). Visible tracers of machine guns and small-caliber cannons became significantly smaller, and the size of tank and artillery tracers increased as the result; 7. Smoke traces from tracer bullets and shells became less dense; 8. Graphic effects of armor-piercing 7...15 mm bullets hitting an aircraft were reworked to look more realistic; 9. US Armor Piercing .50 bullets mass and ballistics corrected. Muzzle velocity of 36-inch M2 .50 MG changed to 864 m/s; 10. M2. 50, M2 .30, Browning .303, Hispano Mk.II, Hispano Mk.V, Vickers Class S, M4 machine guns and cannons installed on aircraft (including turreted weapons) have their dispersion corrected according to newly found reference data; 11. Soviet guns dispersion data was adjusted based on a more critical approach to the choice of reference data options (gunnery test reports of obviously defective units were discarded) and using a different method of calculating the parameter of the dispersion function. In general, the dispersion spread either decreased slightly or remained almost the same; 12. The machine gun overheating of German aircraft turrets when firing long bursts was adjusted according to the same approach for all other aircraft (there was a discrepancy before); 13. Inadequate dispersion of turreted machine guns on Flying Circus aircraft was adjusted to match dispersion of these weapons installed on over-wing mounts; Changes to Aircraft Damage Model 14. Improved aircraft damage model: tangential ground impacts at high speed are more likely to cause an explosion, impacts at medium speed cause more damage to the aircraft and fuel tanks are more likely to catch fire on impact; 15. The excessive likelihood of control wiring damage on all Flying Circus aircraft has been corrected; 16. If control wiring is damaged on Airco D.H.4, Halberstadt CL.II, Bristol Fighter, Albatros D.Va and S.E.5a, Fokker DR.I, Fokker D.VII, Fokker D.VIIF, Fokker D.VIII the corresponding rudders will "dangle" along the air stream (other aircraft will be updated in the next update); Changes to Pilot Physiological Model 17. Impact and excessive overload injuries model has been adjusted for aircraft and vehicle crews. Collisions with the ground have become more traumatic for pilots; 18. The accumulation of pilot fatigue from overload during long maneuvers has been reduced. This will allow for somewhat longer aerobatics and combat maneuvering. There is inadequate information on the fatigue accumulation under the influence of prolonged small overloads in the publicly available scientific articles, the rare data is very contradictory and therefore the model in this part was adjusted based on the collected opinion of surveyed pilots. Throughout the year we received feedback from experienced pilots and it became generally clear that fatigue was somewhat overestimated. This was corrected; 19. Pilot's backrest angle was adjusted on Pe-2, He-111, Ju-88, and B-25 (it is taken into account in the G-force tolerance model); 20. P-47D-22 pilot no longer has G-suit due to the timeframe of the war this aircraft was designed for; 21. The maximum value of overload that can be displayed on the instrument panel (HUD) has been expanded; Changes to Graphics 22. Graphical artifacts "thin white stripes in the distance near the coastline" on maps with sea have been removed; 23. Graphics artifacts "white dots along the edge of the sight reflector and some other glass facets when the pilot is wounded or at night when using MSAA and the maximum graphics preset" have been removed; 24. Fixed ships reflections jumping whenl looked at from the shore; 25. Fixed local troubles with sea "climbing at shoreline rocks" on Kuban map; 26. The delay between a high-speed ground impact of an aircraft and the resulting explosion has been minimized; 27. Graphics effects of aircraft falling and exploding when hitting the ground or water or suffering an air collision were improved. A fire now burns for a while at the crash site; 28. The effect of PTAB bursts landing far off the target has been restored; 29. Shadows rendering on tank's hull while quickly turning in 1st person view were corrected; 30. Turret and gun barrel shadows cast by player's tank on the ground during 1st person view were corrected; 31. There are no "holes" in the shadow cast by the Sd.Kfz.184 on the ground in 1st-person view anymore; 32. Airco D.H.4 detailed cockpit model correctly shows in all camera positions inside it; 33. Strong stuttering near Mill airfield on the Rheinland map has been fixed; 34. The visual disappearance of cockpit windows of a damaged Yak-9 at a close distance has been fixed; Changes to Aircraft 35. Restored the cloud cover target obscuring for AI fighter pilots; 36. AI fighter pilots shouldn't fire at a target if there is an allied aircraft in the line of fire; 37. AI fighter pilots will correctly attack a locomotive instead as the last car; 38. Cockpit won't sometimes open by itself at the end of a mission and gunners won't try to bail out; 39. Crews will bail out slightly faster from multi-crew aircraft; 40. Pilots and gunners that were killed while leaving the plane will have correct poses; 41. Fixed roll trimming of Typhoon Mk.Ib; 42. Fixed (reduced) Typhoon airframe resistance to aerodynamic loads (destructive overload decreased); 43. Typhoon constant tail loose on ditching fixed; 44. C-47A can carry British paratroopers too; 45. Added a paragraph about automatic dive operation to Pe-2 aircraft descriptions (both of them); 46. Fixed the appearance of turn indicator on Yak-7 and Yak-9 aircraft; 47. Fixed an error in the RPK-10 instrument model on the Yak-1b; 48. The guest player occupying the position of the lower He 111 H-16 gunner will correctly see his collimator gunsight; 49. Airco D.H.4: mixed up graphic animation of fuel tank leaks and fires has been fixed; 50. Airco D.H.4: a graphical artifact in the gunner's cockpit when looking at it with the photo camera mounted has been fixed; 51. Airco D.H.4: an issue where damaged landing gear disappeared at a distance has been fixed; 52. Airco D.H.4: the front cockpit instrument glass won't be visible through the rear cockpit windshield; 53. Airco D.H.4: bomb racks won't visibly appear at a distance when there are no bombs; 54. SPAD VII.C1 150h.p.: "broken glare" issue won't happen at a medium detail level; 55. SPAD VII.C1 150h.p.: the installed Lewis over-wing MG will correctly cause drag; 56. SPAD VII.C1 150h.p. and SPAD XIII.C1 excessive batting amplitude has been reduced; 57. P-39 "Prototype" paint scheme no longer has the insignia; 58. All Spitfires: an excessive haze of the windshield armored glass has been removed; 59. Both Yak-9s cockpit glass won't visibly disappear at a distance when damaged; Changes to Player-Controlled Tanks and Trucks 60. New flame effects from exhaust pipes were added to all Tank Crew tanks (it appears when the engine is damaged and when gasoline engines are outgassed); 61. New powder gases effects were added to all Tank Crew tanks (flashing out of the gun breech when the bolt is opened after the shot is fired); 62. On all player controllable tanks the shading from the sun in a dark area affects gunsights; 63. Wound effects correctly function in all commander' viewports and visors; 64. Hatches won't sometimes open by themselves at the end of a mission and the crewmen won't try to bail out; 65. Poses of unconscious tank crewmen were corrected; 66. The crew leaving sequences of player controllable tanks and anti-aircraft guns were improved; 67. The voiceovers of ammunition type in commander's commands to suppress point and attack target when selecting sub-caliber rounds and machine gun were restored; 68. Single shots of M2 .50 and MG-34 machine guns on player controllable tanks won't create multiple shot sounds; 69. AI drivers of player controllable tanks would correctly close the visor armor shield at the start of combat; 70. Player controllable KV-1s and SU-152 have an additional paint scheme based on historical one but compatible with custom tactical numbers; 71. It is now possible to fold the armored glass block on KV-1s and SU-152 (N key); 72. Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M and Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G driver's front and side armor flap opening controls are now separate (LWin+C for the front one as it was before, N key for the side one); 73. GAZ-MM driver's side window and windshield flap controls are now separate (LWin+C for the front one as it was before, N key for the side one); 74. Reflections in GAZ-MM windows are improved; 75. Sd.Kfz.10/5 driver's visor opening is now audible; 76. Sd.Kfz. 10/5 single-player scenarios were updated; 77. Sd.Kfz.10/5 notes now contain the info on how to use the searchlight; 78. The missing voiceovers of the commander's orders to fire machine gun on target and suppressing fire were restored; 79. All Steel Birds campaign scenarios were optimized for better performance; You can discuss the update n this thread.
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    Nice reference. But your values about armor is not detailed enough. The thickness of armour is very different at a tank. For instance the british Chieftain MBT. The hull has a frontal armour plate of 120 mm, with an angle of 72°, what make a penetration distance of 388 mm. The upper hull side armour is only 50 mm and has an angle of 30°, what makes a penetration distance of 57 mm. The lower hull side armour is 38° thick. The stern hull armour is 35mm thick. The turret front is 195 mm with an angle of 60°, what makes a penetration way of 390 mm. The turret side is between 120 and 195 mm thick. The angle is between 20 and 35°, what makes a maximum penetration way of around 220 mm. The turret stern is only 45 mm thick.
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    Dear Friends, In today’s DD we want to show you some screens featuring our new cloud technology and renderer. We have been working on new clouds for a few months and we now have some WIP results we can show you. As you can see, they look more natural and have more variety and are larger than our previous clouds. They also have localized rain showers and react well with the lighting creating a beautiful scene. While other teams out there have more resources than we do to make amazing clouds, our new clouds are the work of just two motivated people on the Sturmovik Team (Sergey and Isay). And soon we’ll be working with community member and friend rowdyb00t who has previously made some cool cloud mods with our current technology. This new cloud technology has great potential and of course it will take some artistic talent to make it look it’s best. They should also offer better visuals with no loss of performance over the current technology, at least that’s what we see in early testing. We think you’ll like these new clouds and we’ll work to get these to you as soon as we can. The technology is being perfected as we speak and we will begin work on making the new cloud content shortly. Then they will go into testing with release hopefully in a few months. Enjoy! The Sturmovik Team
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    I was looking up slogan and came across this post on We are the Mighty. I got a chuckle out of it and thought I'd share it here.
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    I will be taking my last business trip for my company on the 4th of Oct to 18th of Oct. This will be a month before going to my long awaited retirement after 30 years of service with the company. New chapter will start after retirement full of happy and fruitful day's I hope.
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    BTR-60PB APC (Russia) Crew: 2+14 Configuration: 8x8 Armament: 1 x 14.5mm MG (main), 1 x 7.62mm Ammunition: 500 x 14.5mm, 2,000 x 7.62mm Length: 7.56m Width: 2.835m Height: 2.31m Weight, combat: 10,300kg Engine: 2 x GAZ-49B 6-cylinder in-line water-cooled petrol developing 90hp at 3,400rpm each Maximum road speed: 80km/hr Maximum water speed: 10km/hr Maximum road range: 500km Fuel capacity: 290lit Armor: 7mm Armor type: Steel NBC system: Yes Night vision equipment: Yes (infra-red for commander and driver)
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    Maybe more soon, but here's a couple showing revised scenery and a tweaked Spitfire.
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    ........training.....with 401 and 402 in France......
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    Yeah, I think that did the trick. AVG appears to have fixed the issue as I'm on the site with Firefox no problems. I cleaned the cache a bit and cookies and it seemed to have fixed the problem.
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    Dive bombing Corsair style!
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    Same here lol, if I show you, my model's directory you will go craze as I have a lot that I want to do from all kinds of things from ants to a space station
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    For giggles delete all the combatace.com cookies and cached pages, restart you browser, and see if that fixes it.
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    Version 1.1.0


    Hello and thank you for downloading my work. https://gkabs.net What's included: M-84 Yugoslav MBT model All my files should include the Strike Fighters 2 Series game file (.LOD) and the texture required. (tested and work only for SF2) Installation: Copy files to their proper folder //Please change the XXX with the correct number from your //Soundlist: [SoundList] SoundFileXXX=PKT762 SoundFileXXX=TankEngine SoundFileXXX=TankTrack SoundFileXXX=grenade [PKT762] Priority=NORMAL Looped=TRUE NumBuffers=4 3DSound=TRUE DopplerEffect=FALSE MaxDist=1000.000000 MinDist=50.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 ConeOutsideVolume=100 [TankEngine] Priority=LOW 3DSound=TRUE DopplerEffect=TRUE Looped=TRUE NumBuffers=2 MaxDist=250.000000 MinDist=10.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 ConeOutsideVolume=100 [TankTrack] Priority=NORMAL 3DSound=TRUE DopplerEffect=FALSE Looped=TRUE NumBuffers=4 MaxDist=500.000000 MinDist=50.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 ConeOutsideVolume=100 [grenade] Priority=NORMAL Looped=TRUE NumBuffers=4 3DSound=TRUE DopplerEffect=FALSE MaxDist=1000.000000 MinDist=50.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 ConeOutsideVolume=100 If you need any further help please read the Knowledge Base at: https://combatace.com/forums/forum/268-thirdwire-strike-fighters-2-series-knowledge-base/ 1.0.0 LICENSE: You are allowed to use this model and everything included with it for personal non-profit use for Strike fighters 1 and 2. For use outside of this scope, you need to contact me for permission. gkabs@gkabs.net Credit goes to the following: Third Wire for making this outstanding game. Nightshade/PR for searching information for the tank blueprint. AleksejFonGrozni as I have used his 3d model as a blueprint (I have taken a screenshot to make the model) https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/m-84-main-battle-tank-a6839bb9b0d7403aa80951c31d76fe18 3Dimitrije as I have used his 3d model as a blueprint (I have taken a screenshot to make the model) https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/1984-uro-akovic-m-84-141ef5a5934742329b7d618c2e004f92 Credit goes to https://www.textures.com as I use a lot of their photos to create the skins. Google for some photos and information. And finally not to forget the wonderful site of https://combatace.com and all the nice members and their dedicated support for this game. Software used: 3d Max 2009 UVLayout v2 Pro Substance Painter Adobe Photoshop If you need any assistance please contact me at gkabs@gkabs.net
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    In addition to it's long service in fleet US Navy and Marine squadrons as well as export customers, the F/A-201 Kestrel was also flown by the US Navy's aggressor squadrons. Latterly this has been of increased value as the Kestrel has been used as a visual analogue of the Chinese J-10... Here we see the US Navy's latest F/A-24 Shadowcat and F/A-27 Talon fighters in training against aggressor Kestrels from the famed NFWS 'Top Gun' and the USMC's VMFT-401 'Snipers' adversary squadron...
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    Reggiane Re.2000 Falco - 1st Fighter Regiment, Parani Army Air Force, 1942


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