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    High losses of F-105's and no extra capacity for F-4 production, the USAF looked for an "off the shelf" aircraft to quickly fill in for strike missions, with additional air-to-air capability. Saab's Viggen was chosen and a version was immediately ordered and delivered to Vietnam.
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    Something happened moving an old section around. We'll get it figured out shortly.
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    I don't remember where I got it, but the credits have some names I recognize ... OsoJuancho is one of the leaders (?) of the Spanish language FB group and this Wilches guy is infamous from all over the web This needs to be released to the General Populace (tm) with additonal skins for the original users, not just Argentina. what do you all think: (and wilches -- will need the template if you still have it)
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    Had to do a bolter, coming around for another chance at a trap.
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    Until Erik and I can get the download categories sorted out, PLEASE don't upload any new content. We'll let you know when it's all good to go! thanks in advance! WRench
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    I saw schemes of F-18E, F-18F and F-14 of Top Gun Maverick, but not the bandit one... Well this one will be out soon :)
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    You can print these out. It helped me when I started. One of my favorite things was having enough trust with jets to get a decent climb rate. I was always stalling in the vertical in WWI and WWII games.
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    I've let Erik know. Hopefully, all will be back to normal soon.
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    some of the work i did in the past year , just a small update F-104G Twin Store Carriage Rack Orpheus IV recce pod used at the Dutch F-104G , F-16 and Belgium F-16 Orpheus IV used by the Italian Air Force Matra 116 rocket pod Matra-116MA used at the Harrier GR1 , Vautour and Canberra SUU-42A flare dispenser LUU-2B flare for SUU-42A , 2 flares per tube 2.75i nch FFAR launcher used on many aircrafts like F-86 , F-84 and Fiat G-91 triple assembly of 2.75 inch FFAR launcher more to come
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    No No... The aircraft model is one object, the cockpit is another object. They do not intersect in any way in the flight model. As for the aircraft's center of gravity. You set the center of gravity in the aircraft model and it is included in the LOD file. It is set by the person who makes the model itself. in the polygons. Often, the aircraft is made by a team of 3 or more people. The flight model is made by another person. Well, for example. He takes the number purely guided by some kind of internal sensations, often from numbers generated in his mind under beer. He writes a flight model and sees if the plane flies well or not. The texture is drawn by a third person. Then someone finds the mistakes. Rewrites all scripts for himself. After someone repacks and uploads again. This is why planes often behave unpredictably. Everything is configured individually. Often a situation arises that it is impossible to fix the model only by digging ini files, and the person who made the model in polygons has already died several centuries ago. So we have what we have
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    As to me I almost always change these settings. This is because the missile hit marker is usually either above or below the missile's actual explosion point. ALL NUMBERS JUSY EXAMPLE!!!! Not correct value. to work for lead computing mode. in DATA ini setting ironsight [FlightControl] GunBoresightAngle=-2 RocketBoresightAngle=-3 a smaller number is lower than the sight, for example -7 is lower than -3 but it is the missiles themselves that will also move behind the sight. how to fix the sight separately from missiles, see below for AI Rockets [RocketAttackAI] AimPitchOffset=-3.3 Gun [StrafeAI] AimPitchOffset=-1.6 less number of undershoots more number of overshoots -3 will cause the missiles to explode closer than -1 and +1 may even overshoot the target. And this is in Avionics ini LESS NUMBER LOWER SIGHT if the missiles fall below the sight, reduce the number. -0.7 is lower than -0.2 [HUD] HUDMaterial=HUDMaterial HUDColor=0.0,1.0,0.0,0.7 BoresightOffset=0.0,0.0 ViewportTopLeft=-0.125,-0.155 ViewportBottomRight=0.125,0.135 GunBoresightAngle=0.0 RocketBoresightAngle=-2 ...... Without computing ironsight [CockpitSeat001] .... ViewAngles=0.0,-0.2,0.0 Less number of sight together with the cockpit tilts lower more sight higher
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    Very helpful. Thanks to you all ! Regards,Scott
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    Can you add the AGM-88G AARGM-ER to the list please?
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    Even reservists need to practice low-level flying
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    First modern western jet delivered to the Ukraine.
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    Pursuit over the South Downs
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    Heinkel He 343 'Donnerkämpfer' - Jagdgeschwader 7, Luftwaffe, 1946
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    some of my models that cannot be missing here A4 Q A4B-(P) A4C A4AR
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    For the rolling radius of the wheel it should be the number issued of the 3D model. It needs to be calculated from the coordinates of the wheel. But the ShockStroke value will affect the visual result if the shock animation (if used) has a more little displacement on the 3D model. As far as I know it won't solve poor behaviours on ground. But it needs to be set. I experimented lately that the CG value can improve the handling when taxiing, by increasing the weight on the wheel, as you said. But it won't solve the bounces. And Yakarov is right, at least moving the CG values will change the cockpit position. You'll have to adjust it to have it back where it was, like an offset setting of the cockpit. (And there's also a "Cockpit set CG position" or something like that...) First, the wheels must be symmetrical between left and right. It's a 3D model matter, and if the model has this issue you can stop trying to fix it by ini (or maybe creating fake wheels by ini only ?) Then there's many parts involved : EmptyMass, MassFraction, Reference values, Min/MaxExtentPosition, ShockStroke / SpringFactor / DampingFactor for each wheel, center of the 3D model (3D related), CGposition as you did, and some lift values of components if not set as they should (TW flight models are not optimised for taxiing, just take-off and landing runs), fuel tanks position and weight, and probably other things I forget. As an ini guy the worst for me is the 3D model because I cannot move it. And most of the time there's some Min/MaxExtentPosition values that are correct for the 3D model but makes the ini model touches the ground because of the angle of rotation or the stance on the ground. If the box made from the Min/MaxExtentPosition values touches the ground it can produce bounces. So I would say, check all structural entries using the famous Mue's LOD viewer and then all the FM values that has an effect on the ground (at 0 speed there shouldn't be any lift or drag but that will affects the FM - take-off / landing / stalling / departing / maneuvring and TW's FMs are not optimised for being realistic when not flying) I mentioned TW FM's because they should be taken as a model for third party aircraft, as a starting point at least. In the end, you have no certitude of solving the problem, but that's the deal ^^
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    Hi all, i've decided to use what free time I have available to start a DID pilot. I'll be posting whenever I'm able and hopefully will stay alive long enough for it to be an interesting adventure............. May I introduce Oberflugmeister Edward 'David' Reimann. Edward was born in Manchester in 1894 to an English father and a German mother. His father ran a cotton mill, however he died when Edward was just two. His mother then took the young Edward to Otterndorf on the mouth of the Elbe to live with her family. Given the proximity to the sea, and his maternal grandfather being a low ranking officer in the Kaiserliche Marine, young Edward loved all things nautical. Following his education, Edward joined the German navy at the age of 17. At the start of the war, Edward was serving on the SMS Seydlitz, a large and newly built warship, operating in the North Sea. Edward was commended for his actions during the Battle of Dogger Bank in early 1915, when the Seydlitz was seriously damaged and spent much of the remaining time that year in dry dock. Edward was assigned to shore duty in Hamburg and grew increasingly frustrated over the next 12 months. He eventually decides to apply to join the German Naval Air Service and is accepted in mid 1916. He completes his training and is assigned to Marine-Landfliegerabteilung II in mid December 1916. This is his story........
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    I look at the pack with historical skin and false pilot that I created for these tock models
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    "I am Mig, pass by, pass by, comrades"
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    Hi guys! I've been tampering with something, and although I haven't been around here as much as I used to, I'm pretty sure this wasn't covered before. To finally get to the point and spare you the drama about me having less free time and yadda,yadda,yadda...you know how you have loadouts sorted into: RECON, AirToAir, Strike,SEAD etc? Of course you do, well now thx to the mission editor you can add more like this: 1. First of course you edit your "beloved" loadout.ini for example just adding this: [Custom01] Loadout[01].WeaponType= Loadout[01].Quantity=1 Loadout[16].WeaponType=AIM-120A Loadout[16].Quantity=1 Loadout[17].WeaponType=AIM-120A Loadout[17].Quantity=1 Loadout[18].WeaponType=AIM-120A Loadout[18].Quantity=1 Loadout[19].WeaponType=AIM-120A Loadout[19].Quantity=1 Loadout[24].WeaponType=AIM-120A Loadout[24].Quantity=1 Loadout[25].WeaponType=AIM-120A Loadout[25].Quantity=1 Save it and go off into the game, now don't just set a quick mission and fly messing again with your loadouts but enter mission editor and check this out dudes: It's there And it sure works I quad-checked it and as you can see you can add many of them, so if you have more than one favorite loadout it's now very easy to use it in-game. So there you go, if you already knew this then...why didn't anybody told me?!!!


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