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    The answer is an absolute maybe!!!
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    F-4G from the USAF Tactical Air Warfare Center / Detachment 5
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    Last of the Sabre line...an F-86H of the 430th FBS, 312th FBW
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    And for all you A.N.G. fans, F-86H-5 Sabre, California ANG out of Van Nuys Airport
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    Playboy and Little Miss Mary, F-86H Sabres of the Maryland Air National Guard returning to base, job complete. And so is the "H" model Sabre....
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    Since I don't do real world skins that often... I hope you like these ones. I saw them searching for something else and thought that I must do them. Possible that somebody created them already. F-4K Phantom FG.1, 43rd Squadron RAF, 70 Years Anniversary skin without Spinestripe... ...and with it
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    Soviet wildlife conservation. Protecting Bears
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    Some little work on the camo sheme left, then redo all the stencils....
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    Sometimes it's nice to see technicolor effects in reshade
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    A single tile walled town, somewhere over New Dhimar. Almost 8 hours of work to tod one tile but I would like to add a couple more versions.
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    F-86H-1 had six .50 cal machine guns, -5 and -10 had 4 20mm cannon. Mandatory Pic.......U.S. Navy QF-86H Sabre, China Lake
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    Here are some pics from a conflict that as far as I remember I haven't seen any related mods about it: On October 1981 during Western Sahara War, Polisario fought against Moroccan forces to take control of the small town of Guelta Zemmur. Moroccan Air Force Mirage F1CH supported ground forces. Polisario had acquired heavy armament including 2K12 Kub (SA-6) air defense system. Polisario forces placed a single SA-6 battery in the area to protect rebels from Mooccan aircrafts. On the afternoon the SA-6 radar, 1S91 Surn acquired a Mirage F1CH that was approaching the area and started tracking it. Launch! Pilot tried to evade the missile deploying chaff... but it was not enough
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    F-4G from the 561st TFS / 57th Operation Group
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    Just Fiddling with Max... 60% done on the 3D model...
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    Ok Pappy - I'll have to clean the dust of my F-86H Sabre 'HOG' book and refresh my cobwebs. Looking good Brother - outstanding work! Glad to see this member of the Sabre family finding it's way into SF series. Mandatory pic: "Fictional rendition of a late F-80C"
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    was: now: most of the dark blue parts are unchanged...(nozzles and wings were processed also) the rest (colorful) is tinkered...one way or another. And I am not even a big fan of F-22. Reason and motivation is behind one person - his dedication to the project is remarkable. It was a great pleasure to work with him on this. It was not just demands and requests - waiting for the final product. It was full cooperation in all aspects. If ever you need to work on something - go with Menrva.
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    ErikGen's old AMD_SM_B2 Super Mystere B2 with new lines, rivets, paint, etc. WIP. For France. A sliver one for Israel... ...and a camo version.
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    Does this count as making Ace in a day?
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    Solved the problem with this entry: [AircraftData] . . . OnGroundPitchAngle=0.00
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    As the existing aircraft wore out or rotted (Mosquito), new aircraft were sent from France. In this case "almost" new Spitfire Mk.IXs. When the crated Spitfire Mk. IXs arrived from France, replacing the worn out ex-IJAAF & IJN aircraft they were assembled somewhat piecemeal. "C" fuselages were given "E" wings and vice versa, and both models served with the same squadrons. Since the game engine does not allow for mixed aircraft units, C & E winged Spits will all be seperate. Each of the units rotated through French Indochina, and those dates are listed on the texture set ini, and the displayed name, as below: Spit9C: GC II/7 "Nice" (<3/46) GC I/7 "Provence" (<3/46) GC II/2 "Cigones" <7/46 GC I/4 "Dauphine" (<6/47) GC I/6 "Corse" (<4/50-51) Spit 9E GC II/4 "La Fayette" (<6/47) GC II/3 "Champagne" (<12/48) ----------------------------------------------------- Aircraft shown below are: GC II/2 Cigones GC II/4 Lafayette Next Up: Airacobras
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    Still in development, expected release date: May 2020 (subject to change). Strike Fighters 2 Win10 Edition is the latest version of Strike Fighters 2, a jet air-combat game set in the 1960's, updated to run on Windows 10 PC! Player flyable aircraft include some of the most legendary fighters from the early jet age, including F-100 Super Sabre, F-105 Thunderchief, A-4 Skyhawk, F-4 Phantom II, and F-8 Crusader. Campaigns feature 1960's high-flying combat action over fictional Middle Eastern sands. Join the United States Air Force, Navy, Marines, or a special operations Mercenary unit, and engage in blood-draining, G-pulling, action-packed dogfights against the enemy MiGs! Additional aircraft, maps, and campaigns will be available as DLC in-app purchases. Owners of Strike Fighters 2 Complete Edition will receive the Win10 Edition and its DLCs for FREE as they become available. https://store.thirdwire.com/project_sf2_w10.htm
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    AeroNavale upgrades! To replace the Dauntless' before they became completely unflyable, SB2C Helldivers were acquired (ok, bought). They were -5s, but the only major difference from the -4 we have is the lack of the full "blown one-piece" canopy for the pilot. Flying from the 3 carriers (Aerromanches, Bois Belleau and La Fayette) and sometimes land bases. Here we have Helldivers from Flotille 3 Flottille 9
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    Getting back little by little. But, I ran into an issue I didn't have before . Now all the B-24s (Pasko) are sitting on their butts. Any fixes?
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    The Hunt For Red October (1990) Ryan - 'Next time Jack, write a goddamn memo!' SH-3 Pilot -'We're approaching no return. Dallas probably didnt get the message. - We have to turn back' Ryan - 'Give it a couple more minutes. You've got a reserve fuel tank.' SH-3 Pilot - 'I've got a ten minute reserve. I can't invade that except in time of war.' Ryan - 'If you don't get me on that sub, that's what you'll have. If you've got ten minutes of fuel, we stay here ten minutes.' SH-3 Crew-Chief - 'I've got a submarine at three o'clock About two miles.' SH-3 Pilot - 'Okay, hook him up.' SH-3 Crew-Chief - 'I'll be lowering you down to the sub.' SH-3 Pilot - 'Let's hope this thing runs on fumes.' SH-3 Crew-Chief - 'If I've got to bring you back up, I'll shake the wire. I'll give you a thumbs up. Remember to cross your arms. Okay, out you go.' SH-3 Crew Chief - 'He's halfway down. You're drifting forward.' SH-3 Pilot - 'This is never going to work. Reel him back in' USS Dallas - 'Man overboard! Send out the swimmer!' SH-3 Pilot - 'Dallas, we are history.'
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    Su-27M "86" flight test...
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    After the withdrawal of French forces, the partition of FIC into North and South Vietnam (and the other places), the newly formed Republic of Viet Nam Air Force carried on with the aircraft the French left behind (in truth, training of the pilots and ground crew started before the Battle of Dien Bein Phu) Here we have Bearcats from the 1st Fighter Squadron, in their original dark gloss Navy blue, and post-1960 natural metal. and an RVNAF Criquet (Bearcats by me, MS-500 from Paulo's Mod Pack) These aircraft would (could) be used on the stock VietnamSEA map, with a small text edit to the terrains main ini, to give it a start date of 1956.
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    There is one way that I know of if you want a second sortie without ending the mission. Go to your Controls folder. There should be an .ini file in there that lists all the key controls, such as "Default.ini". Open that up, and look for the [ControlSet001] column. At the end, paste in the following: REARM_WEAPONS=ALT+W RELOAD_GUN=ALT+G UNJAM_GUN=ALT+J After you land, press Alt+W and then Alt+G to re-arm your weapons and replenish gun ammo. Taxi back around and take off. (You can change the key presses to anything else you want, of course.) Thanks to WhiteBoySamurai for his post and the CA community.
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    While still waiting for replt to loads of emails to Virtavia.... KA-32T Rokaf.. KA-27 PL (Helix-D) Ukraine and Indian Navy KA-27 PS (Helix-D) Sov Navy,\Russian Navy Vietnamese Navy and Yugoslav AF
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    Flying top cover for the strike force
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    Would love an updated Afghanistan map and a up to date Su-25, the one we have is showing his age.


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