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  1. 3 minutes ago, Wrench said:

    yes, it should.


    back up the skin folder just in case (cover your ass). Which is odd, as the VNAF is a stock skin for B-57B, so it shouldn't even HAVE a seperate skin folder, but pulls all from the cat.

    Of course, as stated in the opening post, it's from the VN mod pack (would be nice to know exactly which one, eh?). I know for sure it's several years out of date. So, don't be surprised when there's others that are fucked up.

    And, as an extra added bonus, I"d suggest spending some time in the SF1 & SF2 Knowledge Bases; all the "how do I do...." questions are answered there. Like, in the SF1/Wo* "how to use the cat extractor" tutorial

    Ah sorry about that, Its the Air & Ground War Expansion, I just call it Gold for short.

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  2. 10 minutes ago, RustyKurnass said:

    You need a Cat extractor to extract the ini files,I use the TW one. When you launch the extractor,hit the browse button and go on the folder where SF2 is installed for me:



    Anyway if you need the B-57B_Data this is the file,drag in your B-57B folder and let to overwrite



    Thanks a bunch! do you know where to get the cat extractor by the way? the others in the thread say I need the original decal.ini as well

  3. 12 hours ago, RustyKurnass said:

    I had the same problem less than a month ago;are old Data.ini,using an Extractor ( I use the TW one) go in the ObjectData009 and extract the B-57B_Data.ini and replace the old one in your modded folder

    Here my same problem

    I appreciate it!, but where do I find the ObjectData009? and by extractor, do you mean just pull out the Data.ini from there and override the modded one?

  4. 2 hours ago, Wrench said:

    you've got an old data ini in the aircraft's folder. If you rename it (xA-7E_Data.ini, for example), the issue will disappear. IF you need the data ini for things like player controlled canopy or folding wings or whatever, you'll have to extract a new one from the Cat files, make the changes to match, and then leave the NEW one replacing the defective one in the aircraft's folder.

    This is a VERY common problem on older mods

    Oh wow, I really appreciate it! it worked immediatly, and I wasn't even aware there was things like player controlled canopys or folding wings, strange thing is that me and my friend both installed the same pack around the same time, his stuff worked perfectly yet mine had the broken tanks!


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