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  1. This new video is a compilation of several previous ones that show many of the aircrafts flown by the FAA. The authors wish to dedicate this work to the men and women working in the FAA making it "The first option. Always". Download here
  2. A Pucara video made by Docfer

    Docfer, a fellow member of the virtual squadron I belong to (http://www.ecv56condor.com.ar) made a video with images of Pucara aircrafts. The images were taken when the IA-58s were stationed at the VI Brigada Aéra (VI Air Brigade) in Tandil, Buenos Aires, as part of the forces assigned to protect the IV Summit of the Americas in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires. The normal place of the Pucaras is the III Brigada Aérea (III Air Brigade) at Reconquista, Santa Fe (about 900 km away from Buenos Aires). In the video you can see glimpses of some parked Mirages assigned to the VI Brigada Aérea that were also used in the protection of the Summit. Link to the video.
  3. what am I doing now?

    Scary and Dante, whenever you are planning to release a video you can certainly ask the ECV 56 Cóndor webmasters to help you setting a mirror for the file. I have some "influences" there since I'm a former webmaster and I can convince them to mirror a video of this sim. Anyway, you can allways use sites like Rapidshare and similars. Regards.
  4. what am I doing now?

    Me too
  5. Audio from Argentine pilots during mission in 1982

    I forgot to mention that I don't think that the audio file belongs to only one mission; I'm not sure, but maybe it is a set of different mission recordings joined in a big file; beside that, the part that clearly identifies the Coventry mission is real, as Carballo said during the conference.
  6. Audio from Argentine pilots during mission in 1982

    It is no fake, two weeks ago I was in a conference given by Pablo Marcos Carballo, one of the pilots that was on that mission and told us that the recording is real.
  7. The links below correspond to three short videos taken by Hernán "Cruz" Casciani during the "Ceibo 2005" joint exercise. The first two, show 4 FMA IA-58 Pucará on the Take off run, the other shows two Mirage also taking off. Man, I love the sound of the Pucaras' engines :) Pucaras taking off Another pair of Pucaras taking off Deltas taking off These videos were published on the ECV 56 Cóndor site. Enjoy. As an added bonus, this link corresponds to a video of an uruguayan T-37 taxiing. More info on the "Ceibo 2005" here (Sorry, Spanish and Portuguese only)
  8. what am I doing now?

    Glad to see that you solved the preliminary bugs
  9. MOVIES about this conflict

    Dante, the correct URL is http://www.iluminadosporelfuego.com Regards.
  10. Mirage V Sea Harrier

    That would be "With bravery and a little more"
  11. Fuse Arming

    I don't think that we/them are refusing to talk about it; it is more likely that we don't have the accurate information like you. This have been a long discussed topic in many of the forums I visited (including Argentine forums) trying to find the answer.

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